Yeran Edmonds

Yeran is a mysterious being about whom rumours float like icebergs in a foggy sea. Stories of scandal and darkest dread follow where ever he darkens the threshold and few remain with any solid information about his origins.

Yeran wants to update his page but feels that Fergus has already done a swell job of updating it for him.

learned about gaming off dad and tried it at school down in hamilton. Back then i adopted using the "pick a finger" method (held up a hand or 2, each finger representing a different outcome dependent on what they chose) as die, books and paper were too clumsy out on the field. It became cool for a while, got a max of i think 7 or 8 people joining in, a couple of alternating dm, on a varied version of what dad taught me (now based around killing each other rather than killing npcs, and in a sci fi setting).

Dnd has become a fantastic Edmonds (and McKinley and O'Brien, but we Edmonds are slowly taking over) tradition that allows us to let the geek and sci-fi-ness out of our systems. Without it sunday nights would just be an excuse to worry about the following monday (except Fergus, as he reminds us periodically ;)) and so I've decided to update this page as testimony to the importance of dnd. Represent!

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