Male half elven neutral-good druid ranger with the beast master kit.

Willow's mother (Aeoel Ilithia) is an elven druid, and his father (Granste Pakenson) is a human ranger. Granste, originally a kings man, worked with the elves to help patrol and cleans the outer regions of the forest closest to the mountains. His parents worked together and eventually romance blossomed, with Willow being the product of their union.

Willow Ilithia Pakenson was named in honor of his parents and the great willow tree. The roots of a willow tree are remarkable for their toughness, size, and tenacity of life. It is considered magical by many, and wands may be made from it's wood. Many common household items are also made from it's wood, and some weapons.

Aeoel and Granste, both still alive and serving nature in the forest, taught him many of the skills he has, however it was mother nature who bestowed his most precious gift, a magical bond with the animal kingdom.

Willow is quite pragmatic, he eats meat for nourishment and burns wood for warmth, but he also has a great respect for all flora and fauna. His aim in life is to make his parents, and mother nature, proud. He believes in doing right, by himself and others. He understands that not all lawful acts are good, and not all good acts are lawful, and is firmly grounded in his belief in right and wrong.

Willows most remarkable gift from the earth mother is his ability to telepathically communicate with animals in close proximity. This power manifested itself early and made willow a natural handler and trainer of animals, talents that have only grown over time. Living in the forest has also given him an exceptional level of skill in tracking and navigating in the forest.

Willow left home at an early age to make his own way in the world, but he continues to visit his parents and often (for someone with an elven life span) meets them on his travels. He continues to protect the forest, in his own small way, traveling from end to end as if it where his. He sees it as his to protect.

Willows natural leadership skills serve him well in most endeavors, many a human, elf or dwarf has followed his lead and asked his advice in dire and mundane circumstance.

the following is still under construction

I decided to help out a bit - hope that's OK. It still needs a bit of work, though… e.g.:

  • Race Abilities - Less Sleep? I think you mentioned this…
  • Ranger Abilities - don't seem to balance (should be 60 CP worth - some sort of Weap Spec / Hide in Shadows / Move Silently combination?)
  • Druid Abilities - don't seem to balance (should be 100 CP worth - do you have Shapechange?)
  • How is Willow getting around the Druid weapon restrictions?

- Craigo

Race: Half Elf Sex: M Alignment: NG Class: Druid/Ranger Level: 1/1
Height: 5' 5" Weight: 145lb Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Handedness: Right Age: 17
AC: 6 HP Max: 11
Str: 13 Sta: 14 (WtAllow 55) Mus: 12 (Press 140 / OD 7 / BBLG 4%)
Dex: 16 Aim: 14 Bal: 18 (Reaction +2 / AC -4)
Con: 14 Hlth: 12 (SS 80%) Fit: 16 (HP +2 / Res 96%)
Int: 11 Reas: 10 Knowl: 12 (Profs +3 )
Wis: 18 Intu: 18 (BonusSpells +2/+2/+1/+1) Will: 18 (MagicDef +4)
Cha: 17 Ldr: 18 (Loyalty +8 / Hench 15) App: 16 (ReactionAdj +5)
Saving Throws: Base Adjustments
Poison, Paralysis, Death Magic:
Rod, Staff, Wand:
Petrification, Polymorph:
Breath Weapon:

Kit: Beastmaster
Weapon Proficiencies: [CP]
Longsword [2]
Longbow [2]
Shortword [2]
Dagger [2]
Hand Axe [2]
NonWeapon Proficiencies: (Check) [CP]
Veterinary Healing
Modern Language - Elven
Special Abilities - Race: [CP]
Infravision 60'
Secret Doors [20]
Less Sleep [5]

Special Abilities - Class: [CP]
Access to standard druid spheres [60]
Identify plants, animals and clean water (@3rd) [5]
Immunity to natural diseases [10]
Pass without trace at normal movement (@3rd) [5]
Purify water (can purify food and drink once per day) [5]
Shapechange [10]

Climbing [10]
Empathy with Animals [10]
Followers [10]
Hide in Shadows [5]
Move Silently [5]
Priest Spells [10]
Special Enemy () [10]
Tracking Proficiency [5]
Two Weapon Style [5]
Weapon Specialisation [10]
Limited Armour (none) [-15]
Traits: [CP]
Allure [4]
Glibness [4]
Disadvantages: [CP]

Combat: Base THAC0: 20
Weapon Adjusted THAC0 Total Damage Attacks/Round
Long Sword
Long Bow
Short Sword
Dagger (Melee)
Dagger (Thrown) 1" / 2" / 3"
Hand Axe (Melee)
Hand Axe (Thrown) 1" / 2" / 3"
20 / 22 / 25
20 / 22 / 25
20 / 22 / 25
1d8 / 1d12
1d6 / 1d6
1d6 / 1d8
1d4 / 1d3
1d4 / 1d3
1d6 / 1d4
1d6 / 1d4
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