Violet-Dimple of Willowmist Burrow

Name: Violet-Dimple
Class & Level: Druid 12
Race: Gnome
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: Ehlonna
Size: Small
Age: 82
Gender: Female
Height: 3'2"
Weight: 41 lb
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Green
Skin: Bronze

Str: 13 (+1)
Dex: 13 (+1)
Con: 18 (+4)
Int: 17 (+3)
Wis: 20 (+5)
Cha: 13 (+1)

HP: 118

Initiative Modifier: +1 (roll twice and take the better result)

Concentration: 10 (6 + 4)
Craft (Pan Pipes): 6 (3 + 3)
Handle Animal: 8 (7 + 1)
Heal: 20 (15 + 5)
Knowledge (Nature): 18 (15 + 3)
Profession (Herbalist): 20 (15 + 5)
Spot: 11 (4 + 5 + 2)
Survival: 12 (7 + 5)
Listen: 14 (7 + 5 + 2)

Brew Potion
Augment Summoning
Craft Wand
Ash Hound
Natural Spell

Special Abilities:
Animal Companion
Natural Sense
Wild Empathy
Woodland Stride
Trackless Step
Resist Nature's Lure
Wild Shape (4/day, plus large, tiny and plant)
Venom Immunity


Healer's Kit
Silk Rope, 50'
Water Skin
Holly, Mistletoe, Acorns, Berries
10-pouch magic belt
Flying Carpet
Ring of the Beast
Pan Pipes
Ring of Anticipation
Wand of Cure Critical Wounds (x charges)
Wand of Cure Serious Wounds (x charges)
Wand of Produce Flame (x charges)
Wand of Control Water (x charges)
Wand of Repel Vermin (x charges)
Wand of Summon Nature's Ally V (x charges)
Wand of Light (x charges)
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
Potion of Neutralise Poison
Potion of Remove Disease
Potion of Delay Poison
Potion of Cure Light Wounds
Potion of Stone Tell
Potion of Water Breathing
Potion of Fire Seeds

Typical Spells:

Level 0 (6):
Create Water
Cure Minor Wounds
Detect Poison
Know Direction

Level 1 (7):
Endure Elements
Magic Stone
Pass Without Trace
Speak with Animals
Detect Snares & Pits

Level 2 (5):
Bear's Endurance
Delay Poison
Flaming Sphere
Spider Climb
Wood Shape

Level 3 (5):
Cure Moderate Wounds
Dominate Animal
Meld Into Stone
Neutralise Poison
Wind Wall

Level 4 (4):
Cure Serious Wounds
Freedom of Movement
Air Walk
Summon Nature's Ally

Level 5 (4):
Cure Critical Wounds
Death Ward
Commune with Nature

Level 6 (2):
Cure Light Wounds, Mass
Fire Seeds

Violet-Dimple Lollyspell Neb Whisper Pipsqueak Calladd Faera
(A gnome has many nicknames given to them over time - these are mine…so far)

I do not choose my path in this world. Fate and Destiny choose my path.

My parents (mother: Lilly-Spell and father: Neb Googily Faera) lived in a small burrowed community of Gnomes at the edge of a small forest called Edgewood Forest. Our burrow was named Willowmist Burrow. My parents were traders and often travelled back and forth between nearby towns to sell their wares. When I was young, everybody said I had my mother’s eyes…big, dark blue eyes and that I was brave like my father, (more like a little rascal who liked to get into places I wasn't meant to). I got to travel with my parents to these various little towns and villages and got to see some strange creatures that weren't gnomes. I later learnt they were called humans and there were also a few elves and on the very odd occasion, I did get to see one or two of those gruff, bawdy looking dwarves (they still scare me a little to this day).

On days when my parents weren't trading, I would venture into the woods with some of the other smaller gnome children and would play games and pretend to hunt animals, or that we all had our own grand burrows and invite our friends over for berry juice and grub cakes. Sometimes I would see a new creature I didn't know and I would try to follow it as far as I could - this often got me in trouble, as my parents would have to scout the woods with friends, to find me. I was never afraid in the woods - the trees and animals were my home. I would make my own little burrows and have secret little hiding places where I would hide my little treasures I'd find in the woods (different shaped rocks that were a variety of different colours, plants or leaves I liked, or one twisted little twig, that I could never find where the start or end were). Gnomes prefer to be underground and I was no different, but I also wanted to view the world from up high - like the hawks, eagles and owls that flew around our small forest. My parents knew I had something special in me and were going to look at sending me to school to learn about everything I wanted to when I was old enough. My mother taught me what she knew of local plants and animals and my father taught me how to play the wooden pipes and how to track animals, lay traps and cook the animals he caught in the traps he had laid out in the woods.

One day, after my parents had gone into one of the local villages, there were rumours that a plague had hit the area. It didn't take long, but my parents were struck with this horrible disease and I was kept away from them so as not to get ill myself. I was only 7 years old when they both died. I was distraught; I didn't know what to do, so I ran into the woods and just kept running and running…and running, as fast as my little legs could take me.

_It was nearing nightfall by the time I stopped, my face was wet with tears, my legs ached from not stopping and I had scratches all over me from carelessly running through the brush. I made myself a small hidden sleeping spot and cried myself to sleep. I don't know how long I had slept, but when I woke the woods were alive with the night creatures…not a very good place for a young gnome to be - alone.
I thought it would be best if I stayed hidden where I was - it would be safest, until someone came and found me. I scrounged around in the daylight hours for the next few days and found some plants and berries to eat and there was a tiny fresh water stream nearby - but by nightfall on the fifth night (I could count my fingers and toes), nobody had come looking for me. I cried myself to sleep again.

Late that night I woke with a start - I'd been dreaming of a white shadow in the woods, calling my name, gesturing for me to follow. I lay there and listened…I realized it was quiet…too quiet; and there it was. A soft voice…whispered my name. I froze – was I still dreaming? I heard a twig break and a bird chirp – then it went quiet again. I very slowly opened my eyes and turned my head slightly so I could peek outside my hidey-hole. Taking in the night-glow of the woods - I saw something move a short way ahead, I stopped and held my breath. It looked to me like the smaller trees had just moved aside to let something walk past. It was a pale glow and as it got closer I could see it was a…horse - a strange white looking horse that had a funny shaped horn between its eyes and it seemed to have a slight glow to it; and it was walking directly towards my hidey-hole! (By the grace of all things good, Ehlonna, please don't let this thing tread on me!!!!) As the horse neared the small shrubby area I was hiding in…It stopped and then, it just knelt down, right in front of me. It bowed its head and placed its horn on the small tree. I heard inside my head a whisper - "Do not be afraid child, I am Ehlonna, and I will not harm you." A calmness like I'd never felt before came over me. I closed my eyes for a moment and when I opened them again, the shrub I had made my into my sleeping place had parted and I was staring directly into the eyes of this strange white horse.

Now, I had seen horses before, but never one like this, especially one that spoke to you in your mind. I was fascinated and unafraid, as a child can be, and reached out to touch the horse. A shiver ran through me as my hand moved up the nose and briefly touched the strange horn. I felt a strange compulsion to sit on the back of this horse, so I carefully made my move and stepped out of my little shrubby area. I placed my hand on the neck of the horse and it turned its head and gestured to its back. So I climbed up and sat there, quite still for a short time. In my mind, Ehlonna whispered again, "Sleep now child, you are safe. All will be well when you wake". I tried to keep my eyes open, but as this magnificent beast rose, I leant forward and felt my eyelids droop and I slept. I'm not sure how long I was on the back of this white horse. Every now and then I would wake from my slumber and would feel us moving, but when I tried to open my eyes, all I saw was blurry images of green, so I closed my eyes again and slept.

_When I finally woke from my slumber, I lay still. I wasn't moving anymore, I felt like I was in a bed…under blankets? I peeked - I was in bed. Maybe it was all a dream, maybe I was home - but the smells and sounds were not that of home. I opened my eyes and looked around. I was in a room - there was a small round window on one side and small hearth on the other. I could hear noises coming from another room and could smell something that smelt very much like rabbit stew. My tummy grumbled - I was very hungry. I wasn't sure if I should get up or stay where I was…but my decision was made for me as an elderly female gnome shuffled into the room.
She smiled - a big welcoming smile and came and sat on the end of the bed. "Child, you had us worried, you've been sleeping for three days now. You must be hungry…come, let's get you fed and I will tell you a story".

While I was eating (the tastiest rabbit stew I've ever had)…this elderly gnome told me who she was, where I was and how I had got there. Her name: Carella Magstine Beestinger. I'd heard her name before - she was a myth, a legend amongst gnomes where I came from. She was an ancient druid, who supposedly lived in the Forest of Aldor under the Nadrak Mountains. She helped wayward travelers find their way when lost, (but that couldn't be right, the Nadrak Mountains were nowhere near my home - how could I have gotten here? I was about to find out). Carella told me she had been visited in the night by Ehlonna of the forests - the goddess of woodlands. She had visited her in the form of a unicorn - a magical sacred creature. There on her back was a very, very small child - me. Ehlonna asked Carella to care for me and teach me what she knew. Carella accepted and took me in. She was going to teach me the Druidic ways, how to be a healer, teach me goodness and kindness.

Over the next 25 years, Carella become like a grandmother to me. She always encouraged me to speak of and remember my parents, so I never forgot them. She taught me how to recognise plants and animals and how to do spells even. She taught me the way of the world and how different races act and treat each other. We also left the forest every now and then and ventured into the mountains and nearby lowlands - Carella taught me as we went. I learnt a lot from Grandmother Carella, she was good and kindly and helpful and taught me to be the same. She taught me how to speak with Ehlonna through prayers and small rituals, to get guidance and help when needed. I never saw the unicorn again and never physically saw Ehlonna again…but have had dealings with her on occasion when needed through my prayers and rituals. My favourite thing I learnt was how wild shape - how to become another animal. When I first became an owl…I was so free - I knew this was for me. I was a druid! There were other animals I learnt how to become and would only use them in dire situations or when an owl was not suitable. I built my own small burrow, not far from Grammy Carella’s…I was in heaven.

In time though, I knew I needed to leave the Forest of Aldor and find my own way. I needed to help more people who needed it. So, it was a sad day when I said goodbye to Grammy Carella, but she was proud of what I had learnt and knew I would do well in the world. I was still quite young (in gnomish terms) early 30’s, but felt confident in all I knew and wished Ehlonna's blessing be forever with Carella as I went forth into the big wide world.

Over the next 50 years I have travelled to different continents and places and it has not always been easy, but I have learned much and I have helped many. I have made friends and I have lost friends. I have not chosen where to travel, that path has always been chosen for me and I accept it graciously. I help those, who need it.
My last stop was an island city called Riva-Navir - I lived and worked with a fellow herbalist friend named Barak (a half-elf cleric) and I had stayed there for several years. On one occasion when I had taken to ship to venture to the mainland to pick up more supplies, pirates took over our ship and I was suddenly thrown into a world of slave traders and very mean men! I learnt very quickly how to behave around these pirates and they came to learn that I had healing skills, so was spared from most of the viciousness if I healed the wounded pirates after each of their excursions. I was with them for about a year and a half before we headed to a seaport called Pali and they sold me to a horse trader named Srinivasa. Over the next year and a half, Srinivasa (Sri), his wife Srilatha and their other slave Kunwar treated me kindly - I was taught how to speak the local Peruzyan language, fed well, clothed and given a clean, comfortable bed each night – and in exchange, I would tend to Sri's herd, ensuring they were all in excellent health for trading.

This dry desolate desert land was hot and lacking the lush green forest trees and animals I loved and called home. I was nearing the two year mark of being a ‘slave’ with Sri, even though I would call him a friend (as well as a friend as a master and slave could be), I felt it was nearing time for me to leave. I could of course, have left anytime I chose, but I was not well versed in this part of the world and needed to make sure I had my bearings before taking off. Sri was also a kindly man whom I did not mind helping at all…and besides, there were strange goings on in this part of the world and I wasn't sure if I was to be a part of them or not.

I had been making private plans to leave for a few days when Sri called me to ride with Srilatha, Kunwar and himself again. We headed out for the day and as we came over a small sandy hill, there before us was a very unusual looking group. Mixed races, one human woman who one was dainty and pretty, another was a tall, solidly built and wearing armour, person (they had their helmet on so I couldn’t tell what race it was). There were also two elves (male I believe, one was very handsome, the other looked like a guard of some sort) and one human male, who looked a bit ruff (haha…get it? Ruff, ruff). Something clicked inside my head - as if I was meant to meet with these people. I'm not sure why, but again, destiny chose my path - Sri sold me to the armoured woman, her name…Lady Rowaine. I am now a part of her group…travelling to the underworld to help a fallen comrade.

Where shall fate and destiny take me next?

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