Troll's history will often be dictated by the game.

Troll is about as intelligent as you can get, but has a distinct lack of wisdom. Smart enough to win at gambling, but not wise enough not to flaunt your winnings in the face of the losers.

Troll tends to blurt things out, he's flighty and has a low attention span and often gets into trouble with his lack of diplomacy. He tends to seek out fun and interesting tasks and his elven heritage tends to make him seek things that are wondrous.

While he can seem sharp at first, his natural charisma tends to make up for his disposition in the short term, and his natural brilliance can win through in the long term.

Being brought up in the monastery has made him fanatically loyal while still conflicted with his nature. By nature he is chaotic good, subconsciously he does not believe in rules or hierarchies, lists and orders, however during his upbringing he has had dwarven discipline drilled into him and this has produced a dual personality of sorts, one that enjoys its freedom while still being manageable by the party. This dual personality is mischievous and can be dangerous in its innocent need for excitement.

Almost childlike Troll can be quick to temper and slow to understand or forgive, he tends to get overly emotional and can quickly get caught up in surface aspects. However this can often be tempered into productivity by his towering intellect and his fanatical respect and love for the monastery and its inhabitants.

The most recent example of emotion winning over logic was when he discovered the body of his friend Enok, beheaded by an ogre clan. Blind rage took over and he immediately sought to find and kill any ogres in the vicinity without a thought for self preservation.

Since his run-in with the elves at the monastery he has become angered at all elves, seeing them in an almost blind hatred tempered only by the shame he feels for what his family has done. His hiding of his features is as much, if not more, a sign of that shame as a wish to distance him self from elven blood. While his face is hidden he won't be recognised and won't have to be confronted about his history. His constant suffix of "the dwarf" to his name is another sign of this internal conflict, a childishly satisfying thumbing of this nose at the elves whilst subconsciously distancing himself from his heritage.

During Episode 7 - Saving People & Things, Troll and the party discover the existence of Trina, and with it more of his family's history with regards to elves and the Royal/Roielle family.

During the adventure he became enamoured with Princess Ethalyn Roielle, second daughter of Queen Raewyn Roielle, ruling monarch of the elven kingdom.

He used the knowledge that he is the last known surviving Roulae and that usage of the towers is at risk and he therefore had an obligation to procreate as his public reasoning, but (aside from his personal feelings) it was the strength and loyalty attributes he attributed to the princess that was his primary driver. He instructed his hench-person, Shalélu Andosana, to initiate diplomatic talks with Queen Raewyn with a view to a marriage between himself and Princess Ethalyn.

The union was brokered and Troll gained a wife whom he trusted to run the towers in his absence, the towers gained some stability, and the elven kingdom gained minor influence over said towers.

Troll's feelings towards his new bride have grown, as has his attitude towards the elves. He has somewhat softened towards the elven kingdom as a whole, possibly due to his more recent involvement in its politics.

He has a newfound respect for elves, although he is still outwardly hostile (if mildly false) demeanor. He respects and fears the queen, holding her in higher regard than he lets on, the same with the rest of the Roielle family, mostly due to his wife's influence.

Most recently he has met and befriended the elf Verithna, a female druid who lives in isolation. He regards her highly and considers he owes her a debt.

In Made in Thy Image, Chapter 9 Troll learned the names of his parents - Ankella and Triella Roulae - after finally gaining entrance to their personal quarters in Elondel. What treasures lie therein, Troll has yet to fully understand.

"I have walked unafraid in the underdark, climbed the sides of the floating mountains and lived aboard the ancient city of Aquilla. I have helped free Fort Rannick and staved off the invading armies of the matre. I have flown through rocks and swum under cities. I have dined with one human prince, and been cast out by his brother. I have been ostracised by the elven race and married the elven queen's youngest daughter. I am a dwarf. I have battled with giants and bargained with demons. I command the Tree of Life and the Towers of Imithrium Power. I have helped save the elven kingdom from an inter-dimensional coup. Twice. I have access to almost limitless finances and resources and maintain multiple magically defended strongholds. My family has blood feuds spanning millennia and is hated and feared by whole races, including my own. I have met my future self, twice. My name is Etella Roulae. I was born over seven thousand years ago. You can call me Troll."

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