"This world isn't fair. Get over it… And kick it in the nuts when you can!"

Trinn is a young human girl from the worst of circumstances… Parentless, homeless, jobless, penniless. She and her elder brother Lanthus have barely managed to scrape by on the streets of Korvosa. Trinn trusts Lanthus, and pretty much no one else.

Trinn speaks her mind freely. Oftentimes too freely; her lack of a verbal filter can be a little hard to take and has been known to get her into trouble. She often comes across as a contemptuous, rebellious, spontaneous hothead. But that's only because that's what she is.

Trinn prefers the shadows. Bright light kind of freaks her out.

Character Sheets

Trinn is built using the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons ruleset.

Trinn - Character Level: 1
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