Tammi Blair

When I was little, I used to watch my older cousin do all the wicked drawings of dragons & mages & all things sci-fi. My Mum's family always read sci-fi book and my Mama used to tell me she was a "White" Witch (and did magic tricks for me - producing little books and ice-creams out of thin air…wow!!). So I've always been interested in anything sci-fi and magical. I'm a HUGE Harry Potter & dare I say it Twilight fan…and would just love to have grown in up these worlds…

…but alas, I was stuck in this mortal world until I was 'allured' into the magical realm of D&D by Craig, who taught me how to roll the dice and kick some major goblin butt! That giant leap with a double somersault over that wall, landing nicely while sliding my sword into that goblin's guts (he had a very surprised look on his face - when he saw my sword sticking out of him)…had to have been my best move ever!! And then - when I'd been unable to play for a few months, getting back into it and killing 3 enemies and saving the party from further destruction…well - that's pretty cool!! I've been playing for about 2 and a half years now…and I'm not looking back!!

My friends and family have laughed at me and told I'm "such a geek", but I've surprised and impressed a few fellow geek-boys who "don't think girls played games like this", or didn't think "I looked like someone who'd be into this". Haha!! I just laugh at anyone who doesn't understand - how much fun this is…and for those who make fun of me about it - I know full well they're just jealous they're not some Elvin Princess Warrior/Cleric, who'd kick their butt AND turn them into a frog just for looking at her the wrong way!! Hahaha!!

Emily Noreathen (Chaotic/Good (leaning more towards chaotic) Half-Elf ranger/warrior) & Blink the Pseudodragon shall prevail!!

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