Sigil comes from a poor gnome family with a mottled background. His mother (an Illusionist) met his father (a Thief) while adventuring as young adults. Later, their firstborn came into the world. His mother won the naming battle, but both parents' genes run true in Sigil - he has taken well to both professions.

Sigil had barely turned 20 - not even a teenager by human standards - when his community was besieged by goblins. The clan suffered many losses, Sigil's mother being one of them. Sigil's father was left to raise the young boy and his toddling sister alone. Times turned tough, and despite the help of the clan the family struggled to make ends meet. Sigil's father turned to farming to support his family and clan, growing wheat, potatoes and hops. Sigil helped out as soon as he was able, but neither of them would say it was their first love.

Sigil is fond of potatoes; he has even been known to sternly tell off moles and badgers for upsetting the family's potato patch. Sigil is a reasonable cook - he's no Gordon Ramsay, but he does make a mean boiled potato and parsley flan.

Sigil's father taught him from an early age how to be stealthy. His uncle Dreegur trained him in the use of the short bow, but Sigil is not wealthy enough to possess one of his own… or even a set of lockpicks. However, neither of these mentors could do much to foster Sigil's growing fascination with the deception that illusory magic could produce. Sigil's father enlisted the help of his wife's Illusionist brother who took Sigil under his wing and began to hone the boy's obvious aptitude for the art. At the end of Sigil's training, his father gave him a graduation present of poignant value - his mother's brown leatherbound spellbook.

But that was not enough for Sigil. He succumbed to temptation and attempted to steal one of his uncle's few spellbooks - an abhorrent act that shamed Sigil and his family by association. Sigil found himself unable to come to terms with the clan's subtle rejection and ran away, heading for the strange human settlement known as Thrace.

Sigil has been surviving in Thrace, and has managed to put away small sums of money that he surreptitiously leaves close to his home for his family to find.

Sigil exhibits typical gnomish characteristics: a curious nature, a love of festivals, ale and good company, a not-so-healthy affection for fire and a love of diamonds to name a few. He loves books and language; he is often caught using words far longer than is strictly necessary. Sigil believes very firmly in an individual's right to master his own destiny but this is tempered by strong but conflicted loyalty to family and clan. He retains the happy-go-lucky temperament so typical of gnomes, but intuitive observers may notice an undercurrent of melancholy. He keenly feels the separation between himself and his family, particularly his young sister, 15 years his junior.

Sigil would never again consider stealing from another gnome, but all other races are more or less fair game.

Character Sheets

Sigil is built using the standard AD&D 2nd Edition system.

Illusionist/Thief Level 1/1
Illusionist/Thief Level 1/2

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