"Hey there. Name's John, but my friends call me Johnny. You look like a nice chap. Sit down, have a beer. Where you from?"

John Smith is a very personable rapscallion. The dark clothing and hood, the twin swords at his belt and his close-cut hair may initially give one pause, but his infectious smile, twinkling eyes and friendly, lower-class accent soon win you over. He is a very easy person to be around.

John Smith is not his real name, but it's likely the only name you'll ever get from him. His real name is Adam Laribee. If he really trusts you, you might find out his first name. Maybe.

John Smith is a burglar.

At a young age Adam and his younger brother lost both their parents to war. They had no other family, so the militia unit their parents belonged to placed them both in a very strict orphanage run by a religious order in Athkatla. The orphanage was outwardly good and charitable, but unfortunately was a front for an operation that delivered their wards into slavery.

When Adam was in his early teens he awoke in the night to shrieks of terror as his brother was taken by masked men. He pounded on the nuns' dormitory door, screaming for them to do something, but was told that he was a silly boy and to forget about it, his brother was being placed with a very nice family.

Adam's shock and outrage scarred him deeply. He took it upon himself to find out what happened, horrified that reports of other children's "placements" may not have been all that they seemed. He snuck out and broke into one of the wealthy Athkatla homes where a girl was said to have been placed months before. The house had another unexpected occupant that night: a dwarven burglar from the Shadow Thieves that went by the assumed name Rune. He had already collected a sackful of silverware when Adam climbed through a window. The burglar kept watch from the shadows while the boy went about his business. Adam found no evidence of a child ever having lived there and left the way he came, with Rune tailing him back to the orphanage.

Having discovered his home's horrible secret, Adam devised a plan. One night he got all the children out, then burned the place to the ground. Many of the nuns died that night. "Serves them right," Adam would say.

Most of the children ended up on the street, as did Adam. He felt this was still a far better option than ending up in slavery.

Rune caught wind of the orphanage fire and kept a close eye on Adam. Eventually he approached him and offered him an apprenticeship with the Shadow Thieves: an offer that was plainly one he should think very carefully about refusing.

Adam shucked off his old identity and assumed the name John Smith. He worked as a guild burglar for many years, building a sound reputation as a man who could beat the odds and get the job done. He secretly gave most of his earnings to another local orphanage: one that he thoroughly checked out first. The donations began as anonymous bag drops which piqued the interest of the head missioner who eventually traced the furtive benefactor and arranged a meeting. They have a working relationship.

Johnny has been building up information on slaving operations in the area, trying to track down what might have happened to his brother. The Shadow Thieves do not engage in such activities, but know of some organisations that do. His best lead to date is to ask some careful questions in the docks of Baldur's Gate. Now a free agent with a good reputation with the Shadow Thieves, Johnny has set out to the north.

Johnny is distrustful of almost all organisations and the power they amass - even (especially) the guild he worked for. He is also distrustful of individuals - at least at first. Outwardly he is very friendly but astute parties will notice he doesn't give much away.

Things Johnny says:

  • "I ain't no hero."
  • "If there's one thing I hate, it's people who abuse power. And slavers. I hate those guys."

Character Sheets

Johnny is built using the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons ruleset.

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