Jarl was born in the dread Kraken Islands where the sky is grey and the sea vengeful. Younger son of Ragnar Drakkengaard, head of the Drakkengaard clan, Jarl would have been a warrior like his father and older brothers if not for the sailing accident that crushed his right leg. The northern gods are cruel, uncompassionate and unforgiving and there was no divine healing for him. His prospects as a warrior had to be put aside and Jarl had become a useless mouth to feed. However, Gurnod, the clan skald convinced Ragnar that this turn of fate could, in the end, be useful to the clan. The Drakkengaard clan never had a runemaster before. To count one in its rank would be a great boon for so small a clan. Jarl was robust and intelligent for his age and had a small chance to survive the runemaster’s initiation and if not then so be it… Many favors owed to the Drakkengaard clan had to be called in so that Jarl could be considered for an apprenticeship to the Runemasters, Diviners and loremasters of the Clans.

On the shores of Sorgald Island, before his would-be tutor, young Jarl passed the test that would open his inner eye to the mysteries of the runemasters magic or left him as food for the fish. At dawn while the mists of morning was still heavy, Jarl had been tied up and taken waist deep into the cold sea by two acolytes. At the behest of the presiding runemaster the two men put Jarl’s head underwater until he drowned. When his body went limp, they took him back onto the beach and tried to bring him back to life. Jarl would awake as an apprentice or not at all.

It’s coughing and vomiting seawater that Jarl began his life as an apprentice of Northern mystics. He passed the next ten years studying hard to make himself a place of honor upon his return to his clan. Unfortunately that would not come to be. Three months before Jarl’s return, his clan was asked by the Kraken throne to foresworn its allegiance to the powerful but rebellious Stormgaard clan. The demand was rejected and the Kraken’s ire was swift and uncompromising. The Drakkengaard clan was destroyed, its members killed or taken as slaves. Only Jarl absence from Drakkenholm saved his life. Last scion of his clan, Jarl had no choice but to flee far enough so that the Kraken would not find him or care to pursue him. So there he is, in Scranton, this red-haired six foot tall, bear of a man, being the head of a clan that do not exist anymore. [To be developed]


Jarl is a grim and unsmiling man. He believes in honor and in keeping his word. He swore to himself that one day he would be powerful enough to rebuild his clan from the ashes of destruction. [To be developed]

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