Fergus McKinlay
Fergus was seduced to the dark side of role playing by Craig and Densial.
He has never laughed as much doing anything else in his whole life except maybe for Theatre Sports!

DMing appeals to his supressed god complex…

My favourite ever character was Eolin, a half-elven, Chaotic Good, Cleric of the God of Competition.
He was a dumb as a brick, loved pies and arm wrestles (actually any contest of strength) and was more or less unable to look after himself. Fortunately Jesek his older sister was there for him.

He does not update the pages about what happened in a session very often but he is always first to update his character…

[Craigo] I absolutely loved Fergus' DMing debut (many years ago now). Instead of the typical "roll for wandering monsters, open door (a), kick monster butt, clear out loot and grant xp" type of campaign, he ran a "whodunnit" murder-mystery where we really had to use our heads and not our dice. In fact, it's quite possible we had full gaming sessions where not a single dice was rolled! Fergus really brought out the idea of D&D as a role-playing game, which is very cool.

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