Densial Edmonds

I started roleplaying in high school, right around the time the dinosaurs died out. I had a few bouts afterwards, notably while at university (which meant I failed nearly everything) and then more recently with Craig and Fergus.

I've tried every role playing game I could get my hands on. I've played mostly AD&D 2nd Ed and Rolemaster, done a fair stint with Runescape and dabbled in maybe a dozen other game systems. Rolemaster is probably my favorite for it's vast array of classes and customizability, Runescape a close second for it's total lack of levels and wicked advancement system, then Dungeons and Dragons, king of durability.

My characters tend to be annoying little buggers outspoken and bossy natural leaders.

Fergus: I enjoy Densial's DMing. He has many signature moves such as dropping the party into an extremely dangerous position and after describing it to us he says, "Have a happy day!" He tends to like facing the party with puzzles and battles. The classic Densial move is to put a door in front of us with no obvious way of getting through it… He has little tunes he starts humming at times like when the party is about to set out on a walk between towns etc…

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