Catria - 16 year old human ranger female. Chaotic/Good (unfortunately, sometimes chaotic/neutral, because……well……she just is okay!!)


Catria grew up travelling with her mother, older brother, grandmother and grandfather (who had left his home with the wood elves to be with the woman he loved). The band of gypsy's they lived with taught Catria many things - and from a young age, trained to be a ranger…like her grandfather.

The night her father left for good, Catria was 4 years old and her gypsy train was attacked. All she remembers is being left alone…in the pitch, black, darkness and all she could hear was the screams of friends and family being attacked. Suddenly from behind her a pair of large strong hands lifted her up from her hiding place…kicking and screaming, she managed to break free and ran into the woods and hid within the hollow of large willow tree. Thinking her father would come and find her, save her, she waited….waited….waited. She doesn't remember how long she stayed there, but when she awoke it was light and it was raining. Looking out of the tree stump, Catria saw a tall, shadowy figure walking towards her through the mist. Afraid to even breathe, she stayed very still and quiet. The figure came straight up to the tree, knelt down and spoke "Catria, it's safe now. You can come out" A hand reached into the willow, Catria opened her eyes and saw…..a small soft teddy bear. She took it, leaned out, and saw….it was her grandfather. He reached out to her and she leapt into his arms. Feeling safe now, she held on tight, until they returned to the gypsy train. All she saw was carnage…looking for her parents and brother, Catria spotted her mother leaning over a still form lying on the ground. Her grandfather led her away from there….she later learned their train had been attacked by orcs and they had killed her brother and her father had disappeared!

Catria vowed then, that she would hunt out every orc and kill them in revenge of her brother's death! But through her grandparents elven teachings, she became that skilled ranger, knowing that the path of darkness was not the way. She learned how to set traps/snares and catch her own food, she learned how to use a sword, daggers and long bow, she learnt how to sing like the wood elves that her grandfather lived with, how to ride a horse and track very well for such a young ranger.

One evening however, when Catria was 15, her grandfather took her aside. Her grandmother was sick, very sick. Her grandmother was dying. The only way that she could be saved was for him to take her to the land of the elves. The following morning - they were both gone. This left Catria's mother very distraught and she became quite distressed. Catria and her mother left the gypsies and after a year found the nearest elven village, of which after explaining their situation and who Catria's grandfather was, they took Catria's mother into their village to care for her. Catria felt quite uncomfortable within the elven community and missed the gypsy way of life….always on the move.

So at the age of 16, Catria took what little she had and left her mother in the care of the elves and in search of her father….least he know of her mothers state. As Catria left, the elves gifted her a special horse - Nhyvar. They said that should she ask of him - he would always take her home….to her mother.

nhyvar.jpg….Catria's Horse - Nhyvar.

Character Sheets

Ranger Level 1
Ranger Level 2

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