Chapter 05: Getting Things Going Again

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Session Number: 5
Date: Sunday 18 March 2018
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Braxit Rgr2 (Tom) (kills: )
Cospri Magus2 (Ash) (kills: )
Costa Ftr2 (Costa) (kills: )
Gillian Clr1/Wiz1 (Densial) (kills: )
Mouse Rog2 (Craig) (kills: )

XP Awarded: TBA

Braxit: factions on ship? Be careful what we say. The more the party think about it though, any divisions amongst the ship complement would have become fairly obvious during the six weeks they spent together aboard the Peregrine.

Go to shore. Ramona - second colony leader. Asks for report. She is interested in how viable the original colony is, including its buildings and crops. The party speak truthfully about everything they found and did.

Ramona mentions that the Peregrine is currently stuck at sea, as if anchored, and cannot make the dock. Sailors have swum under the hull but have found no explanation why the ship will not move, despite the fresh breeze.

Cospri has a theory: Echeneis (small, colourful arcane fish that have the odd ability to steal a ship's momentum).

Row out to the Peregrine. Costa stays on the rowboat while the other four party members dive into the sea and swim to the Peregrine's port side. Take deep breaths (except Gill) then duck under, swimming to the starboard side looking for colourful fish. Mouse finds two near the bow. They seem oblivious or unconcerned. He surfaces on the other side and sees Braxit but not Gill or Cospri. They eventually climb up ropes and spot the other two swimming around the port side of the ship. "Why didn't you go to the other side?" "Who ever said that was the plan?" says Gill.

Board ship and devise a plan. Tie ropes along the sides of a 15' square net. Drop the net ahead of the Peregrine's bow and drag it under the ship. Pull the ropes tight at bow and sides to trap the fish and stab them in the brain. Costa suggests the crew throw ropes overboard as a precaution.

Braxit and Mouse drag the net under the ship. This time, the fish are concerned - one tailslaps Mouse. The pair keep hold of the net, surface and get the crew to pull it tight but it is too late - the fish have darted away. Gill uses his Wand of Colour Spray and dazzles the fish senseless for the others to finish off. They grab the fish and bring them aboard.

Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!


As Braxit swings his leg over the railing, he spies a grindylow low in the water, watching the ship. It appears to notice the scrutiny and immediately swims away, in the direction of some caves.

Despite the win, the mood on Peregrine is dour. Many believe the journey is doomed and want to head back (despite there not being enough provisions to do so). There appear to be four people leading this challenge: Antona Sedgewick (human female soldier), Faedwyr Trundlebun (human male farmer), Harcourt Carolbee (human male aristocrat) and Peril Baes (human female historian). The party approach each in turn.

Sedgewick has a crush on Ramona that was rebuffed; now she simply wants the leader to fail. Despite their best efforts, Sedgewick cannot be persuaded otherwise.

Trundlebun is simply scared of a spooky deserted camp. The party convince them that their previous deeds prove there is nothing to worry about.

Carolbee's motivations are less obvious, but the party's pitch that he is the only aristocrat in the group and therefore is well-placed to be a person of substance in these new lands is well-received.

Baes appears to fear the unknown. The party recount their deeds and perform a few sword flourishes and she too comes around.

With the Peregrine again able to move and the mutinous whispers largely silenced, tensions are now much lessened. The ship's complement go about getting the Peregrine docked and its passengers and necessary cargo unloaded before nightfall.

Ramona points out the caves and asks the party to investigate them.

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