Chapter 04: Completing Investigations

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Session Number: 4
Date: Sunday 11 March 2018
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Braxit Rgr1 (Tom) (kills: 1 ankheg, 1 boar?)
Cospri Magus1 (Ash) (kills: 1 boar?)
Costa Ftr1 (Costa absent) (kills: none)
Gillian Clr1 (Densial) (kills: none)
Mouse Rog1 (Craig) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

Costa appears to have finished off a fairly large proportion of the barrel of ale and is passed out, blind drunk. Again.

The party's tasks:
- Find out what happened at the landing site
- Report back at the second landing site, 6 hours walk to the north, within three days (this is their second day on site)

Mouse wonders whether there are any more of the little automaton creatures and asks where it was found. The others inform him that it was found leaving the town hall. Mouse is keen to investigate and heads in that direction. The others follow. Mouse has a good look around but sadly finds nothing further of interest.

New plan: Gill casts a spell on Braxit, rendering him undetectable by undead, who then investigates the body in the chapel where the poltergeist lurks.

Braxit enters the temple and quietly makes his way to the altar. There is quite the smell in this area. He finds a concealed door in the altar's right side and opens it. There is a decomposing body inside.

"Why did you kill me, Rayland?" the voice wails. Mouse tries to engage it in conversation from beyond the doorway. The creature gives its name as Silas and calls Rayland 'my friend', but won't be drawn out any more than that; it seems fixated on the answer to its repeated question.

Braxit notes that the body looks to have died as a result of stab wounds. On the floor nearby are two small book-shaped piles of ash and a burned cover with the title 'Parables of Erastil'. Braxit leaves.

Mouse figures there is more to learn here. He wanders in, talking to himself, hoping that his vaguely on-message ramblings will either calm the creature or draw it out. Suddenly Mouse hears whispers and is filled with an unnatural sense of dread. He gets out of there. Gill smirks and lets him know it was because of one of his spells.

After Mouse calms down, he looks at the buried note again and tries to organise the names into factions:

Faction 1:

Faction 2:

The party decide to investigate the holes to the north. Braxit takes position near a tree and covers with his bow; Gill stays close to the settlement; Cospri ventures into the field of holes with Mouse close by. Cospri finds a human skeleton in one of the holes, its bones bitten and etched by acid. They find a magical Ring of Protection +1. As Cospri is retrieving it, the side of the hole erupts and a creature emerges!

Braxit pins the creature with an arrow. Mouse circles behind and stabs the creature. The creature nips Cospri near in two and he falls. Mouse runs. "Shit." mutters Gill, who casts Obscuring Mist over the area and moves inside. Braxit shoots blindly into the misty area at the creature's last-known position. Mouse reverses and holds his dagger ready to throw. Gill drags Cospri out of the mist and heals him. He looks around, then drops the Obscuring Mist. The creature lies dead.

The party believe they have achieved their first goal. It is now time to rejoin The Peregrine at the secondary landing point. Mouse strikes one of the tents, figuring it could come in useful. The party rest for the night in one of the buildings.

In the morning, the party set off to the north. They are attacked en route in a clearing by two aggressive boars, but quickly put both of them down. Later on they come across a crossroads where the path left and right is covered in small tracks, almost like an insect mass-migration. Braxit thinks they were made by the little automatons… But thousands of them…

(The characters level up!)

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