Chapter 02: What Happened Here?

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Session Number: 2
Date: Sunday 11 February 2018
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Braxit Rgr1 (Tom) (kills: 2 monkey goblins)
Cospri Magus1 (Ash) (kills: none?)
Costa Ftr1 (Costa) (kills: 1 monkey goblin?)
Gillian Clr1 (Densial) (kills: none)
Mouse Rog1 (Craig) (kills: 1 clockwork automaton - sort of)

XP Awarded: TBA

Afternoon. The colony appears to have been deserted for about a month. Go get Costa who is in the care of another of the ship's voyagers, a quiet, forgettable young man who seems to answer to "Mouse". The others ask what he can do. "I love machines and anything technical. I'm also pretty good at … getting to see them. I'm not very good at fighting, though… I do have this," he says, unsheathing and waving a dagger uncomfortably close to Braxit's neck, "but I'm not very good with it".

Talk to Mouse about spidery clockwork thing. He wants a look. He is enraptured by its exquisite mechanics. Says it must be worth a fortune!

Decide to go back to the temple of Erastil with the wailing invisible thing. Idea: get under dinghy? Canoe? A couple of doors? The latter.

Mouse talking at length about hinges.

Mouse deftly removes the hinge pins on the left door, caught by Braxit. Nothing from inside. Mouse works on the right-hand door. A wailing from inside: "Why did you kill me, Rayland?" Keep going. Costa not ready for the loose door. Mouse jumps aside. Pick up doors and form a wedge, go inside. A chair flies overhead. Mouse breaks right and hides. Others continue on. Braxit and Costa form a flanking pair as Cospri goes up the middle and grabs bow. More chairs, most bounce off the doors. The two doorbearers drop the doors and run, followed by Cospri. Mouse follows, hiding, but a chair arcs towards him and hits. He gets out. The poltergeist remains inside.

Gillian examines bow: +1 longbow with +2 Str pull, and holy symbol of xxx.

Examine ship's manifest. Rayland Arkland is listed as the colony leader.

Go finish off the poltergeist? "We could leave it alone," Mouse offers quietly. Agreement.

Go to last remaining unexplored building; L-shaped. Rectangular clay brick structure on the west side, adjoining open-air smithy on the east forms the return. Costa opens the door, sees three goblinoid creatures with shortspears. He charges. Cospri follows. Two-on-two combat inside, with flanking. A goblin dies.

Goblin exits through the south window. Mouse identifies it as a monkey goblin - chaotic and evil in temperament… He tries to head it off, brandishing his dagger. Bra it puts an arrow into its shoulder. It scampers towards Braxit, but misses on the counterattack. Mouse backtracks and covers the window. Braxit steps back and brings it down with a well-placed arrow.

Last remaining goblin tries to escape through the window, finds it blocked by Mouse. Mouse stabs and misses. Mouse backs off, dagger at the ready. Braxit covers the window. Goblin dives through, avoids Mouse's dagger but is pinned to the wall by Braxit's arrow.

Late in the day. Enter building. Gillian tells Mouse to have a look at the robot. "If I take it apart," says Mouse, "I don't know if I can put it back together again. But I can probably figure out how to turn it off."

Mouse tries. It starts beeping with increasing frequency, as if about to explode. "Everybody down!" Mouse cries, tossing it into the next room and hitting the floor. Boom. He gets up and has a look. There are bits of metal shrapnel embedded in the walls, floor and ceiling.

"That's not what we wanted you to do," Gillian says.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry…"


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