Chapter 03: Save the Children, Part 1

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Session Number: 5
Date: Sunday 19 November 2017
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Grolg Wiz1 (Tom) (kills: none)
Lanthus Rog1 (Ash) (kills: none)
Orgie Drd1 (Max) (kills: none)
Trinn Rog1 (Craig) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

Two weeks pass. Seek Galdren in the first place the team met him. Tilly is outside. She goes in briefly, then comes out and says Galdren will see them.

Galdren was about to send for the group. He has two jobs. "Because you came looking for me, you can choose which one you want," he says.

First option: personal favour to Galdren. Children missing. Mayor xxx (female human) of xxx has sent Galdren a letter asking for his assistance. xxx is two days (west?) of Korvosa. Galdren describes the mayor as 'level-headed'. Grorg mistakes this for having a flat head. Reward: Galdren's favour?

Second option: goblins have been causing trouble in the (northeast? sector of the) city. Ordinarily not Guild business, but if they are stealing, then it is. Investigate. Reward: commensurate with how valuable the party's actions are to the guild.

Galdren excuses himself for a few minutes. The party discuss the options, deciding on the personal favour wilderness job. Galdren returns. He mentions that all their expenses will be paid, including a carriage to and from xxx. Town was taken over by a demon cult. Erected fortifications to keep out the king's guard. When the goblin wars erupted 70 years ago the fortifications served them well, many other places did not survive. Eventually the cult was overthrown from within and the cultists hanged, hence the town's name. Told to go to a certain place the following morning, the carriage will be waiting.

Trinn spends some of the rest of the day fishing. She catches nothing.

The next morning the group begin to gather at the rendezvous point. Grorg is first. He notices Tilly approaching a carriage driver and delivering a sizeable bag of coin. "Pa says take care of them", he overhears Tilly say.

The remainder arrive shortly thereafter. Breakfast is inside the carriage: pies and small cakes. Trinn shares some with the driver. Off they go.

Lunchtime, stop at an inn. Lunch paid for. Move on.

Dinnertime, stop at an inn. Dinner and lodgings paid for. Pleasant place, friendly. Grorg indulges in beer. Lanthus plays some hands of cards and wins more silver than he loses. Trinn and Lanthus wish to share a room. Arrangements made.

Morning comes. Trinn, Orgie and Lanthus come down first. Grorg then shows up, looking none the worse for wear. Breakfast: oats(?) and water with lemon slices in it. Trinn thinks it tastes weird. Move on.

Lunchtime, stop at an inn. Lunch paid for. Move on.

Dinnertime, arrive at xxx. Mayor's office closed. Go to xxx inn. Ask if mayor takes visitors at this time. No. Where does she live? "If the mayor wanted to see you after sundown," the innkeeper says, "she would have told you where she lives."

Eat and sleep.

Morning. Quick breakfast. Go to mayor's office. A woman asks their business. Wish to see the mayor. "Do you have an appointment?" "A what?" "Is the mayor expecting you?" "Yes," says Trinn, "tell her that we are friends of Galdren."

See the mayor. She has noticed the disappearance of six youths, and believes she is currently the only one that has. One has disappeared in each of the six days prior:

1. xxx
2. xxx
3. xxx
4. xxx
5. xxx
6. xxx

Sensitive issue; she and her enforcement personnel cannot be seen asking questions, hence her letter to Galdren, who she refers to as xxx. She describes them as being party members long ago. She believes Galdren to now be of high standing in Korvosa's king's guard, and therefore, the group to be similarly accredited. When Trinn flatly states they are not, xxx plays along. "Oh, I see… Of course, of course…"

xxx gives the group a piece of parchment. The words indicate that the group are acting on the mayor's orders. "The people here are very untrusting of outsiders," she says. "Don't expect people to talk just because you wave this under their noses, but if you do find your investigation gets you into trouble, this should keep you out of jail."

The town has rules that the mayor stresses the group must keep to. In particular, overt religious practices are not allowed.

Discuss how to proceed. Decide to go to the inn that xxx worked at and xxx was staying in: try to figure out if there were any others in this cohort, and if so, talk to them.

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