Chapter 02: Imposters

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Session Number: 4
Date: Sunday 23 October 2017
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Grolg Wiz1 (Tom absent) (kills: none)
Lanthus Rog1 (Ash) (kills: none)
Orgie Drd1 (Max absent) (kills: none)
Trinn Rog1 (Craig) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: 40 each

Orgie unwell, goes to infirmary.

Meet with Galdren at the Fancy Dragon, another seedy inn. Its sign hangs drunkenly loose, one of its chains broken and neglected. Galdren pays 3gp for the last job (1 each). Told to lay low for a couple of days.

Go fishing. Unsuccessfully. At the end of the day, see a girl playing with bones. Tilly. Galdren wants to see us.

Meet back at the abattoir. On the night of Lady Ellisha's disappearance, a horsedrawn carriage bearing the Stavross insignia was seen in the vicinity of the City Library. The Stavross family are known to keep extensive records of all of their assets, including carriage movements. Galdren would like to see the record for this carriage.

Galdren has identified that the records are maintained by the head of the Stavross household servants, Mr. Vermon, who keeps them in his study somewhere on the ground floor of the Stavross manor east wing. Usually, as evidenced by the party's recent adventure, the Stavross holdings are under close guard. However, tonight there is a party at the manor, thrown by Elphaba, a niece of the Stavross family. The increased traffic should offer more favourable opportunities to get inside and find the transport records.

Galdren has also intercepted a sealed envelope addressed to Mr. Vermon. He has not read its contents, but believes it to be of an urgent nature. Trinn and Lanthus' cover story for being at the manor is to personally deliver the waylaid envelope to Mr. Vermon. Galdren has the aid of an ally and party guest, Lady Balloway - a tall, thin, elderly lady with a reputation for eccentricity and skill with the arcane. While at the party, Lady Balloway will be covertly keeping Mr. Vermon busy to give Trinn and Lanthus time to complete their mission. Lady Balloway will arrive at the Stavross manor at 7:30pm. Galdren instructs Trinn and Lanthus to be there at 8pm, in two hours time. The service entrance is on the west side of the manor. Lady Balloway's efforts should give the pair something like an hour to complete the task.

Trinn asks to redeem her favour in the form of a set of thieves tools. Galdren offers his own, saying that they are very fine quality and will make the job easier - but he wants them back.

"Does that still use up my favour?" Trinn asks.


"That's not a great deal…"

Galdren thinks about it. "OK. If you are successful, you may keep the tools."

"That's a better deal."

In order to look the part of message couriers to a well-to-do party, Galdren offers Trinn and Lanthus 5gp each to buy appropriate garb. He mentions the name of three local clothing merchants who should have suitable apparel - one specialising in male clothing, two in female clothing.

Trinn buys soap. They both wash in the river then set out for the shops.

Lanthus: goes to the male clothing shop. Says he has 4gp. Ends up buying an outfit for 3.5gp that he thinks will do. His skill in disguise helps.

Trinn: goes into the first shop she passes and hands over the whole 5gp. She is offered a dress for fitting and starts disrobing in the middle of the shop. The assistant hastily shuffles her off to a more discreet place to change. The dress mostly fits; Trinn checks her movement. She can at least raise her arms above her head. She negotiates a pair of shoes as part of the deal, then asks if the woman can help with her hair. A man comes out and very flamboyantly proceeds to do what he can with the twenty minutes Trin gives him.

"Take this," the man says. "It will save your life."

"What is it?" Trinn asks, taking the item.

"A comb. If you fail to use it to keep this hair in some semblance of order, I will kill you!"

Trinn and Lanthus walk towards each other in the street. Lanthus recognises Trinn, largely because of her obvious discomfort and expletives, but Trinn does not recognise Lanthus. As they walk together, they both notice that people's behaviour towards them has changed: the crowd makes way for them.

Perfume merchant offers Trinn a free sample. Shows her how to apply, something she is plainly unskilled at. Lanthus is impressed with the perfume. Apparently Trinn is an autumn.

Deliver old clothes to Orgie at the infirmary to look after. Also deliver Orgie's gold piece.

The siblings review their cover story. They are a message delivery service ordered by the original message writer after it was discovered that the original message had not been delivered in a timely fashion. They have both been tasked to hand-deliver the envelope to Mr. Vermon. They do not know who the message comes from.

Go to party. Challenged at the door. The guard extends a hand to take the note. Explain. Their story gets them inside.

Start telling their story to the guard at the servants' entrance. He doesn't even wait for them to finish and just opens the door.

Woman sitting at desk inside. Two chairs either side of entrance. Two doors left and right. Explain. Woman asks for message. Explain that is not their instructions. "Mr. Vermon is very busy!" Trinn intimates that the woman might get in trouble if she was discovered as the reason why the message was delayed.

"It's not my fault! Alright, I'll see if I can find him." The woman leaves through the right-hand door. Leave through the left-hand door.

Room with curtain and door. Peak around curtain: corridor with curtains. Trinn wants to go through curtain, thinking it is the more likely route to the opposide side of the building. Go through curtain. The sounds of a party through the curtains on the other side of the corridor. Servant carrying a platter of food. Challenged. "You can't be here." Return.

Quickly check door: corridor with doors. Servants quarters.

Peek around curtain again. Coast clear. Pass through and head left, following corridor around a right turn. Double doors to the left, curtain to the right. Go through doors. Kitchen. Challenged. Say that we are looking for Mr. Vermon. Chef not convinced. Trinn again threatens that it would be unwise to delay this message. "It's not my fault!" Go through door to east.

Stairs down into courtyard with shrubs, herbs etc. Steps up opposite, wide stairs up to the right. Party-goers mingling. Walk on as a servant on a mission would. Lanthus is convincing, Trinn less so but Lanthus covers. Go up and through opposite door.

Room with three long bench tables laden with food. Door opposite on the east wall, two doors to the right in the south wall. A flustered servant bearing an empty tray enters through the right-hand door to the south. He places it on the table, picks up a full tray and moves to exit. He looks about to say something to the pair, then checks himself… Perhaps he is simply too busy.

Try the door opposite. Corridor turning to the south with multiple doors, each leading to small quarters each with a single bed.

Back to room with benches, try the other door in the south wall. Study with articles identifying the occupier as Mr. Vermon. Find the wanted ledger sitting on the desk.

Work out that the carriage movement would have been two nights ago. Look for activity on that date. In the ledger, the names, dates and times of guards signing in and out for carriage movements is recorded. On the night in question, a line was erased and overwritten with different details.

Primary plan: take a pencil rubbing of the page and see if that reveals the original entry. Fallback plan: steal the entire ledger.

Primary plan works: the rubbing reveals both the original and the overwritten details.

Leave. Challenged by a servant: "What are you doing?"

"You do your job and we'll do ours," Lanthus says with authority (and a natural 20 on a disguise check - Inspiration awarded).

A similar challenge from the chef. Say that they couldn't find Mr. Vermon in that part of the building and that they are returning. The chef looks flustered and confused, but does not interfere.

Get back to waiting room. Ten minutes later the woman returns, alongside Mr. Vermon. Lanthus introduces them and hands over the envelope. Mr. Vermon confirms that he has been waiting for it and hands over a copper piece. Leave.


Head to infirmary to collect regular clothes. It is closed. Lanthus quietly proposes two options, in Thieves Cant: bribe their way in, or pay for lodgings for the night. Trinn suggests that they might be about the same cost, but the latter option sounds the safest.

Go to a modest inn (palatial in their eyes). Lanthus pays for a single room with two beds. Dinner? In the morning, Lanthus wakes up to Trinn sleeping on the floor.

Go to infirmary and change. Go to alleyway. Tilly is there. "How did you go?" she asks.

"We got what we went in for," Trinn replies.

"You shouldn't be telling me."

Go in. Meet Galdren. Ask if Lady Ellisha has turned up yet: no. Show Galdren the pencil rubbing. Galdren shows great interest and congratulates the pair on a job well done. Gives them 35 silver each, and another favour. Leave.

"How did you go?" Tilly asks. Trinn shrugs. "Fast learner," Tilly comments, smiling.

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