Chapter 02: Second Storey Work

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Session Number: 2
Date: Sunday 3 September 2017
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Grolg Wiz1 (Tom) (kills: 1 dog [knocked out])
Lanthus Rog1 (Ash) (kills: none)
Orgie Drd1 (Max absent) (kills: none)
Trinn Rog1 (Craig) (kills: none)
Vincenzo Mnk1 (Matt) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: 60 each

Starts to rain just before dusk

Trinn climbs onto roof.

City Watch approach and notice at least one of the group loitering in the alley. Grolg: just looking for some shelter for the night. They are moved on.

Trinn decides to have a look around. Spots a chimney and climbs down.

Sitting room. Silver candlestick with gems. She leaves it.


Stairs leading down.


Search. Some business records here but they refer to a music teaching business. Second take: this level is completely separate!

A door slams. Footsteps on the stairs.

Trinn bolts back up the chimney. Half way up, someone enters the sitting room. Talks to a "Mr. Bigglesworth", who meows. Fetches food for the cat, then for herself. Trinn escapes and keeps a lookout over the street below.

The group return, from the other direction. Trinn climbs down but falls. Vincenzo breaks her fall somewhat.

Try double door down alleyway. Locked. Barking.

Trinn's plan: distract dog near streetfront entrance while she picks the alleyway door lock. Barking at streetfront. Trinn cannot open the lock. Neither can Lanthus.

Grolg's plan: put the dog at the front door to sleep then pick the lock. Casts Sleep: dog keels over. Trinn picks lock. Enter. They have a minute. Trinn tells Grolg to tie up and muzzle the dog.

Trinn looks over to the other corner of the room, expecting the door to be open. How else did the dog get from the back door to the front? But it is closed… Two dogs!

X cracks open the door. Dog almost breaks through. Close it again.

X tries again, this time with the dead cat in hand. Throws it at the dog who tears it to pieces. Angry dog. Attempts to calm it down not well-received. Attacks Lanthus.

Trinn drops an elbow on dog. Hits.

Lanthus punches dog. Hits.

Trinn hits again.

Grolg plants the butt end of his staff into the back of the dog's skull and it crumples.

Drag dog into the back. Shelves. It is dark. But this is a lighting store after all.

Plenty of lanterns. Trinn: look for the demonstration model: burnt wick, oil in base. Find one. No one has a means to light it. Trinn finds 15 sets of flint and steel under the counter and pockets one. Vincenzo notices and wants a set of his own; Trina promises the one she took.

Take the demo lantern and flint out the back, light lantern and close the door.

At end of shelving is an office space. Find a number of ledgers on a desk in date order. Find the one that is supposed to be replaced. Check: no obvious anti-tampering measures in place. Switch ledgers.

Other dog wakes up, can hear it struggling. Keep unconscious dog with bits of dead cat in the back (plausible excuse for wounded dog and the noise). Close door.

Loosen bonds on awake dog. Everyone else exits. Grolg notices a girl playing with bones across the street. He approaches. "This is my alley, bugger off." "Guards are coming, you need to leave."

Vincenzo finishes untying dog and bolts out the door, closing it behind him. Trinn locks it. The group calmly walk away. Trinn acknowledges the beggar. "Tilly. Alright?"

The next day, visit Galdren at the original meeting place. Hand over the stolen ledger and debrief. Job done to Galdren's satisfaction, if a little sloppily. Proven that they can be of use. Reward: Each party member gets 50 silver, and a single favour of Galdren to the tune of 75 gold worth of goods, services etc.

Galdren tells the group to find Tilly when they are ready for their next assignment.

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