Chapter 01: There's This Ledger...


Session Number: 1
Date: Sunday 27 August 2017
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Grolg Wiz1 (Tom) (kills: none)
Lanthus Rog1 (Ash) (kills: none)
Orgie Drd1 (Max) (kills: none)
Trinn Rog1 (Craig) (kills: 1 feral cat)
Vincenzo Mnk1 (Matt) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: Deferred

Each of the characters are approached in turn by Galdren, a gnome handler who works for the Thieves' Guild in Korvosa. There is a job if they want it: go to a certain alley at a certain time if you are interested.

Vincenzo is the first to arrive. In the alley is a girl playing a game by herself with some small bones. As Vincenzo walks down the alley the girl challenges him, telling him to 'bugger off, this is my alley!' After Vincenzo mentions Galdren's name, the girl points at a door, telling Vincenzo to go inside.

Inside are two tables with rows of chairs. At the end of the room is a long table, behind which sits Galdren. Behind Galdren is a screen, blocking the view to the rear wall. Vincenzo tries to bluff his way near to see what is behind. "Your services are no longer required," Galdren says, dismissing him. Vincenzo leaves. He loiters outside.

The other characters receive the same greeting from the girl in the alley. Trinn recognises the girl… She doesn't know her name, but knows she is well-connected in the Guild.

Finally the others are gathered inside. Galdren tells them all to sit down.

"Got any food?" Trinn asks.


Vincenzo sneaks back in and sits beside Trinn. "You can call me 'V'," he says. "What's your name?" Trinn wrinkles her nose in distaste and noisily shuffles her chair closer to her brother.

Galdren continues writing on parchment, occasionally glancing up at the people assembled. He says nothing. Forty minutes pass.

Eventually, Galdren puts down his quill. "You have some intelligence and some patience, which will serve you in good stead. Here is what I want you to do."

Galdren produces a red-bound book, a ledger of accounts. He wants the group to find a similar ledger for the past year of Kothil Thunder's lighting business, and swap it with this ledger without anyone knowing.

Kothil Thunder is a human, single with no dependants. His business is located at 14A Trouy, in the city's West Side, where he employs two people. At night, a guard dog protects the property. Thunder's residence is at 2.4 Syth St.

Galdren refers to the girl outside as Tilly. He makes to leave, offering the room to the group to discuss planning.

Trinn is keen to leave, she doesn't trust talking here. She convinces the group to leave, and takes them to the back entrance of a restaurant she knows. They discuss plans. Pose as beggars? Grolg's 'powerful spells'? Vincenzo offers up a plan and Trinn shoots him down. "You're a moron. With a 'V'. You're a Voron."

Walk by house. Fairly busy residential street. The address is on the corner; an alley leads down the left side of the house. There are no beggars on the street. There is a door on the right hand side of the alley that enters the same block as Thunder's address.

Abandon the beggar idea. Instead, all five pretend to be youths playing in the alley while Trinn tries to open the door. She struggles. A couple notice them all with a worried expression on their faces and quickly move off. They are made; they all leave the area.

An hour later they try a new plan. Grolg will keep lookout, periodically walking up and down the street. Trinn and Lanthus hide in the alley until a sufficient opportunity presents itself to try the door again.

Grolg messages Trinn that the coast is relatively clear. Trinn picks the lock, telling Grolg to inform the others. Trinn and Lanthus are joined by Vincenzo and Orgie and they make their way inside. They close the door but do not lock it, in case they need to make a quick escape. Grolg continues to patrol outside.

Searching. First room is storage. Corridor. Three other rooms: front room with nice furniture, office with bookshelves, bedroom with chest.

Grolg notices two city guards approaching. They turn into the alleyway without slowing down. He messages Trinn. She races back to the office, where her brother is searching. "The door!" he says. Trinn races back to the alleyway door and manages to lock it just before the guards rattle the handle from the other side. "Locked," she hears, then the sound of retreating boots. Grolg confirms that the guards have moved on.

Searching. There are many books in the office, but no ledger. Vincenzo tries the chest in the bedroom but cannot open it. Trinn picks the lock. Inside are fine clothes and a box at the bottom, containing half a dozen war medals, each worth 5 or 6 gold - more money than the group have ever seen in their lives. Lanthus pockets them, but is talked down by Trinn. She puts them all back in the box in the right order, replaces everything back in the chest and locks it.

The group leave, Trinn locking the door behind them.

Next: Thunder's place of business. Best not to try during the day; the group all look too suspicious to undertake anything in plain sight. But the night… But what about the guard dog? Distract it with meat? How about a stray cat?

Go to the docks. They see a fat ginger cat. Vincenzo throws a dagger at it but misses. The cat disappears.

Go to a dump. Lots of feral cats. Lanthus tries to sneak to within dagger range but the cats notice and bolt. Trinn skulks close enough to chance a throw of her knife… A cat dies, knife to the brain. Trinn lobs the cat at Grolg.


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