Chapter 34:

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Session Number: 34
Date: Sunday 29th November 2015
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Ascalon Ftr1/Pal2 (Alain - remote) (kills: none)
Connor Brd3 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Gita Clr3 (Fergus absent) (kills: none)
Johnny Rog3 (Craig) (kills: none)
Kurt Ftr3 (Ash) (kills: 1 doglike lizard)

XP Awarded: TBA

The newcomer appears above the cave entrance. Words are spoken, along the lines of "who are you?" They reach an impasse, then the stranger retreats out of sight.

The party search the stopped cart. The boot inside, with a foot inside, is that of Besheeba. Do they stay and bury the remains? Besheeba wouldn't want that. Johnny thinks to rescue the surviving horse. Connor calms the animal and unshackles it from the cart.

The four adventurers take off after the escaping carts. At the horseshoe range's mouth, Johnny is pretty sure he can see cart tracks heading northwest. They follow at double time. Connor takes off ahead on the horse but quickly gets disoriented. He manages to make his way back.

Three quarters of an hour later, there is no sign of the carts even though the party figure they should have caught up. Ascalon asks if Johnny can see any signs of blood, remembering the wounds they inflicted back at the camp. Johnny can see none, and starts to doubt they are on the right track.

Everyone backtracks to the mouth of the range the bandits made camp in. Johnny finds splatters of blood amidst footprints that follow the cart tracks the party were pursuing. They double back.

Twenty minutes later, the blood and the footprints disappear. Johnny puts two and two together; the footmen must have mounted the carts.

The pursuit continues. Some time later, they see the same stranger they met atop the cave mouth, running towards them. "They're coming!" he yells.


"Bandit scouts." He rounds the party and continues to the southeast.

"Then we meet them here!" Ascalon says.

"Right, then," agrees Johnny, loosing his bow. Connor turns his horse around and trots after the stranger. "Where the bloody 'ell are you goin'?" Johnny curses.

Connor rides up to the stranger. "Can you shoot?"


Connor flicks him a gold piece. "Fight them."

"I want another."

"Another when the job's done."

Both of them turn back. "We can trust him," Connor says.

"How the bloody 'ell do you figure that?" Johnny asks.

"I know what motivates him."

"What's your name?" Johnny asks.


Four figures crest the shallow hill ahead: two humanoids and two doglike lizards. The humanoids spot the party and unleash the lizards, who leap forwards, eating up the distance between. Johnny shoots an arrow and marks one. Gita casts Spiritual Weapon and backs up Ascalon. Kurt fires an arrow that finishes off one of the lizards. One of the humanoids literally disappears; Kurt sees the figure sprinkle something on his head just prior. Johnny drops his bow, draws his long sword and closes with the remaining lizard. The blow is true but light, only marking the creature.


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