Chapter 29:

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Session Number: 29
Date: Sunday 4th October 2015
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Besheeba Wlk3 (Alain - remote?) (kills: 2 mushrooms)
Connor Brd3 (Yeran) (kills: )
Johnny Rog3 (Craig absent) (kills: none)
Nicolai Clr3 (Fergus absent) (kills: none)
Oskar Mnk3 (Ash) (kills: )

XP Awarded: TBA

(From Johnny's perspective after the session)

You awake in a cold sweat, your body wracked with pain, nearly blind, your clothes soaked from sweat. As your blurry eyes focus you see bright light stabbing the darkness around you, motes dancing in the air. Below you is the hard gravelly feel of the ground, above a rough blanket of branches shielding you from the sun.

You reach up and brush the branches aside, lifting yourself from the makeshift grave, but as you stand a stab of pain shoots through your body and you collapse, barely stifling the scream that tries to escape your lips. You lie, sobbing from pain as the red mist clears.

Then there's a a lifting sensation, you can feel yourself floating, up into the sky. You're being taken by the Gods, you know it. You knew it would happen. A soft and gentle voice whispers calming messages into you ear, soothing.

Then gravity hits you and the pain in your leg bursts forth again, and you know it's not the Gods. You turn and your blurred vision spies Conner lifting you by your shoulder, you look down and see a swollen and crippled right foot.

Not good, but it appears the Gods have not called you yet.

You hobble for what seems hours before you stumble into a hide holding Oscar and Besheeba. You lie down, thankful for the rest, only to be lifted again in protest. You must leave, move away from the danger. You travel in muffled silence, pain with every jolt, before being allowed to rest on the rough cold ground. You could sleep for a decade…

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