Chapter 23:

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Session Number: 23
Date: Sunday 9th August 2015
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Besheeba Wlk3 (Alain - remote) (kills: none)
Connor Brd3 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Johnny Rog3 (Craig) (kills: none)
Nicolai Clr3 (Fergus - remote) (kills: none)
Oskar Mnk3 (Ash) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

Time for a better map!


Connor evades detection but the four guards are on alert. He slits the canvas of the tent to the northeast and considers flinging a lit torch inside, but is aware that the added time and noise make it very risky. He returns to Johnny's position near the horses.

"I'm back," Connor whispers. Johnny turns at the noise. "I can't get into the tents," Connor continues. "And I really want to. I reckon I've got two options: make a hole in the canvas with my dagger, or put a torch to it and burn it down."

Johnny snorts - quietly. "I love you, Connor. I love how your two favourite solutions to problems are blades and fire. You could try loosening the tent pegs, y'know."

"What with?"

"Here, try this." Johnny offers a piton.

Connor, still invisible, takes the piton and sneaks to the closest tent to the west. He pulls up two tent pegs and, lying on the ground, peers under.

"There's someone there!" one of the sentries yells. "I saw something!" Four sentries converge upon Connor's position, who scarcely gets to his feet in time to stalk away towards the horses. Johnny hears the commotion and peeks over the horses. The sentries poke around, but cannot find the source.

"Wake up!" one of the guards yells. "There's someone here! Probably invisible! Fan out!"

Someone rolled a 20…

Immediately, people start spilling out of the tents with weapons in hand. They start moving outwards, intent on finding their prey by sight or touch. A man walks around the horses, almost catching Johnny unawares. The rogue manages to slink away in the darkness. Connor moves to the horses, as do a number of the bandits. It looks like he might not get away.

Besheeba hears the sounds of alarm and moves out of the others' hiding place. She creeps forwards for a better view.

Connor cuts a horse free and slaps its rump, looking for a diversion. The horse bolts, scattering the bandits. Some dash right towards Besheeba. The warlock nouths a spell and disappears. She places her rat amongst the grass and asks it to head towards the tents.

Two bandits pass within reaching distance of Besheeba. Too close! Besheeba whispers an incantation that Teleports her a short distance to the west. The bandits hear, and swing their weapons in the area of noise. They find nothing.

The cat and mouse game continues for a while. It becomes evident that the amount of attention they have drawn means the party will have no opportunity to investigate the camp. They withdraw.


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