Chapter 09: Covert Ops: Save the Faithful

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Session Number: 9
Date: Sunday 1st March 2015
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Balassar Brb1 (Tammi absent) (kills: none)
Besheeba Wlk2 (Alain) (kills: 2 lizards, 1 kobold)
Connor Brd2 (Yeran) (kills: 2 kobolds)
Johnny Rog2 (Craig) (kills: 2 humans, 3 kobolds)
Nicolai Clr2 (Fergus - remote) (kills: none)
Oskar Mnk2 (Ash) (kills: 1 kobold)

XP Awarded: 85

Johnny 15
Connor 14
Nicolai 11
Besheeba 9
Oskar 5

Johnny Perception Check 21: the remaining human shouts something and points in the party's general direction. "Right boys, stick to the plan and move southeast!" He shoots at the human: AC14 hits for 7 damage, killing him, then hides and moves 15 feet through the trees to the southeast. Connor shoots at a lizard (disadvantage): AC15+ hits for 6 damage. He then heads to the southeast, in sight of Johnny and Nicolai. The cleric targets a lizard with Sacred Flame: 7 damage; it survives. He then moves southeast, seeing further enemies to the east. He warns Johnny. A lizard leaps over the fence and moves south towards the treeline, closing with Oskar and Besheeba. It sniffs the air and howls. Besheeba moves southeast away from the creature, which snaps at her but misses. She Eldritch Blasts the lizard through Oskar (disadvantage): ACnat1 misses. She moves 5' away to the south. Oskar puts his crossbow away and punches the lizard next to him: AC8 misses, AC8 misses. He moves southeast away from the lizard: kobold OA AC14 hits for 6 damage. Oskar complete his move. A kobold jumps the fence and closes, noticing Nicolai, adjusts his track and attacks: AC16 misses. More enemies - humans, kobolds and lizards - jump the fence to the north and close from the southeast.

Johnny shoots a human from a hidden position: AC13 hits for 8 damage, nearly killing him. He then hides and carefully moves to the south and southeast. Connor fires an arrow at a kobold: AC15 hits for 6 damage, killing it. He can see no more targets or allies, and moves to the southeast. He spies an enemy at the treeline 10 feet to the east. He stows his shortbow. Nicolai casts Sacred Flame on a lizard to the northwest, doing 5 damage. He then moves to the southeast. A lizard runs towards Oskar, howls and bites him: AC15 hits for 2 damage. Besheeba Eldritch Blasts the lizard: ACnat20 crits for 19 damage, killing it. She then runs to the southeast deeper into the woods. A kobolds attacks Oskar: AC15 hits for a further 3 damage. Another kobold closes, spots Nicolai and diverts to attack him: AClow misses. Oskar punches the kobold once: AC13 hits for 6 damage, pushing its snout back into its brain and killing it. He then runs to the southeast, staying in the woods. A kobold to the southeast disappears into the woods further to the southeast… The wounded human attacks Nicolai with his sword: AC19 hits for 3 damage. "Ouch," says Nicolai. The human moves to the south, yelling "Over this way! Over here, they're over here!" Another one attacks Nicolai: AC13 misses.

Kobolds and lizards hear the cry and close from the northwest. Johnny takes a shot at the wounded human beside Nicolai: AC12 hits for 12 damage, killing him. He hides and sneaks slowly to the southeast, hunting for the missing kobold. He spots it as he gets within ten feet, and backs away. Connor attacks the adjacent lizard with his rapier: ACnat1 misses. He moves north, approaching the treeline but remaining withing the woods. A kobold runs down the treeline, sees Connor and stops beside him. Nicolai has four targets nearby, and chooses to Sacred Flame the lizard to the north. The creature steps aside gracefully and avoids injury. He moves away, incurring 3 OAs. All hit his AC18: lizard does 3 damage, kobold does 3 damage, kobold does 4 damage. Nicolai survives and continues to move. "Bug out!" he says. Besheeba sees Oskar engaged with something and has heard the strange lizard howl somewhere close to the east. She moves south then east out of sight, then climbs a tree. "Oskar!" she whispers. "I am up here. Scream! They'll come, I'll shoot them!" A kobold encounters Connor and attacks with its short sword: AC18 hits for 5 damage. It continues on and Connor gets an OA with his rapier: AC14 hits for 5 damage, killing it. Oskar sees a kobold through the cover of the woods, unslings his crossbow and takes the shot (disadvantage): AC<11 misses; the bolt lodges in a nearby tree. He climbs the tree next to him.

A human closes with Connor: AC21 hits (Lucky point spent but the new roll is also AC21) for 3 damage, dropping the bard. He moves towards Nicolai, passing very close to Johnny. A lizard beside Connor breaks off and sniffs at the trunk of the Oskar's tree; it howls. Johnny quietly moves towards a kobold at the treeline, shoots an arrow: AC15 hits for 6 damage, dropping it. He then hides and sneaks to the northwest, in Connor's general direction. Connor fails his first death save. Nicolai Sacred Flames the only enemy he can see: a kobold, which dodges the flame. Besheeba's Eldritch Blasts the lizard: ACnat20 for 22 damage. The lizard explodes. Oskar sees a kobold bend over Connor's form. He shoots (disadvantage): AC14 hits for 4 damage, it survives. A kobold swings at Nicolai from behind: AC15 misses. Another approaches from the northwest and dashes up to Nicolai.

Johnny shoots at one of the kobolds near Nicolai: AC20 hits for 10 damage, killing it. He then hides and moves to the northwest. Connor makes his next death save. Another kobold bends over Connor's motionless form. Nicolai attempts to purify the kobold to his west with the application of holy flame. The kobold dances nimbly away. He stays put. Besheeba gets down from the tree and moves to the east. When she is adjacent to Oskar's tree she sees a kobold, the same one that Oskar shot previously, and Eldritch Blasts it: AC16 hits for 5 damage, killing it. She then retreats back to Oskar's tree. Oskar sees Connor's body on the ground and drops out of the tree. He moves closer and sees a kobold nearby Connor. He moves closer still and fires his crossbow: AC19 hits for 4 damage. It survives also! Oskar backs up into the woods. The kobold next to Nicolai swings at him: AC17 misses. It then runs away.

Johnny sees a kobold to the northeast through the trees. He moves to a better vantage point and shoots: AC14 hits for enough damage to kill. He sees Connor on the ground, stripped naked. He cannot see any enemies. He moves to Connor and attempts to stabilise him, failing.


(Out of Initiative.)

"Man down!" Johnny hisses.

"Where?" asks Nicolai.

"Where I am!"

Connor continues to bleed out as Nicolai comes over. The cleric casts Spare the Dying and stabilises Connor.

"To me!" says Johnny. "We've got this fella down, somebody look after him, I wanna see if there's anybody else out there." Johnny moves north to the treeline and looks out towards the church. He cannot see any enemies alive; the ground is littered with dead kobolds, humans and lizards. He returns. "One got away," he says. "The game's up, we gotta get these guys out!"

"I think we need to bug out," Nicolai replies.

"This might be our last chance to save those people," Johnny says. "They know we're 'ere, they're comin'."

Besheeba heads to the church wall and looks out at the church. She sees no one alive, and leaps over the fence. Oskar starts searching the kobolds near Connor. Nicolai retrieves the party's last healing draught and gives it to Connor. The bard wakes up. "What the..?" he says groggily.

"As far as we know we have killed all the kobolds in the local area," Nicolai says.

"All but one," says Johnny. "One got away."

Oskar hands Connor his clothes and equipment; Connor starts bashfully dressing.

"C'mon, guys, let's go," says Johnny. "If we're gonna do this, we gotta go NOW!" Johnny joins Besheeba at the fence and they both leap over, heading towards the church's southern door. Nicolai is not far behind.

"Open the door!" Besheeba says. "We are sent by Governor Nighthill to save you!"

A face appears between cracks in the door's timbers. "How do we know you are who you say?"

"It's alright," Johnny says. "Castellan and Nighthill sent us."

"The kobolds are dead!" Besheeba adds, gesturing with an arm towards the plethora of bodies on the ground. "If you want, I'll come in… Or my friend who is human."

There is some mumbling from behind the door about dead kobolds, then the door opens. A face pokes out with a dagger.

"It's alright," Johnny says. "Well, it's alright as it can be…"

"Quick! Get in here before they come back!"

"You're not safe 'ere," Johnny says. "Look! All around the door, they've been piling up stuff to burn the place down for all the goods you've got in 'ere. You've gotta go!"

"Well, what do we do?"

"The keep! We've got a way to get you in the keep."

"Well, let's go then! What are you doing standing there?"

"How many are ya?"

"I don't know, dozens!"

"Let's go!"

The villagers start streaming out of the keep, around 35 in total. Johnny takes point, with Connor, Oskar and Besheeba on the flanks and Nicolai to the rear. Johnny leads them to the southwest, past both abandoned farmhouses and across the river to the concealed gate. There is no sign of the dragon they saw earlier. Johnny covers them while the party lead the villagers inside and to the safety of the keep. The rogue then enters the tunnel, locks the gate and melds with the wall, keeping watch in case they have been discovered.


The villagers disperse around the keep, some heading towards the infirmary for medical attention, some searching out missing loved ones. Nicolai and Oskar search for Castellan. On the battlements they notice scorch marks.

Castellan is on the battlements. "We managed to get the people from the church out," Nicolai says. "About 35 souls."

"Thank you."

"My companions told me there was a dragon attack up here?"

"Yes, there was. The dragon that first attacked returned."

"Many people injured?"

"We lost about forty people."


"We were unable to turn it back; it just wreaked havoc."

"Why did it leave?"

"I guess it wasn't hungry any more. Eventually we lost so many people that we had to abandon the battlements and it left."

"That's terrible."

"It has weakened our force significantly. Not just the men, but their weapons and armour too. Utterly destroyed." He looks out over the town. "I do not think we will be able to hold the keep."

"Are you looking to evacuate?"

"Plans are being considered."

"Keep us updated. I know it is a lot to ask but several of our party members were injured… How are your stocks of healing potions?"

"We are completely out. Some of the people wounded by the dragon have been stabilised with some of the medicines that we have left but we don't have nearly enough to cope."

"I am sorry to hear that. We will manage."

"I appreciate you going out and saving our people. But it is a very sombre time."

"May Sehanine herself guide them to a good place."

"Thank you."

Nicolai and Oskar leave the battlements; Nicolai to the infirmary and Oskar to find the others. Nicolai notes that many of the newly wounded suffer serious burns, but not like any he has seen before; they do not seem to have been inflicted by fire or acid. No one alive is capable of speaking to him.

After 10 minutes with no sign of pursuit, Johnny heads inside the keep. He finds the others and they all head to the infirmary. Johnny notices an increase in the number of casualties. Nicolai explains what has happened. Besheeba crouches in a corner and attempts to rest.

The Governor visits the infirmary and advises the party to get some rest while they can. They find some spare beds and settle down to the pleasing melody of the bard singing. It is after midnight.

An hour later (short rest - some healing), the party are woken by a soldier. "The Governor has asked for you to be informed of any change in events. It looks like the enemy are leaving. Would you like to come and see the state of the town?"

Johnny, Oskar, Connor and Besheeba decide to venture out. Nicolai chooses to continue resting.

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