Chapter 01: Greenest is Burning


Session Number: 1
Date: Sunday 7th December 2014
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Balassar Brb1 (Tammi) (kills: 4 kobolds, 1 winged kobold)
Besheeba Wlk1 (Alain) (kills: none)
Johnny Rog1 (Craig) (kills: 3 kobolds)
Nicolai Clr1 (Fergus) (kills: 1 kobold)
Oskar Mnk1 (Ash) (kills: 1 human leader)
Vincent Ftr1 (Yeran) (kills: 1 kobold)

XP Awarded: Variable

The group of neophyte adventurers have made the journey from Easting where they left the caravan they were travelling with to continue on to Iriabor on foot and are now coming upon Greenest. From there they intend to travel to Amn, then north to Baldur's Gate. Last decent stop was in Iriabor.

Come over a hill approaching a village called Greenest. Instead of the pleasant, welcoming town that they expect to see, the party see columns of black smoke from burning buildings. There are small running figures running in all directions in the semidarkness. A large, dark winged shape wheels across the sky. It appears that Greenest is under attack by a dragon.

"Bloody typical," says Johnny. "That's what this is." He turns to Balassar. "Oi, is that your cousin?"

Nicolai believes the dragon's hue to be blue. He walks forward.

The party cannot tell whether the figures running around are from the town or not. Nicolai starts jogging. "We have to help these people!"

"I agree," says Vincent, joining him.

"But it's not safe," Besheeba says.

"If we don't save them, who will?"

"What, from the dragon?" says John.

"We'll sort out the logistics when we get there!"

All start hustling towards the town and get to the eastern outskirts in ten minutes. They see a group of figures racing on a road heading south: a man and a woman ushering three small children. The man is hobbling. The woman stops and turns, holding a spear tightly as the man and children continue on. Following behind, chasing and harrassing, are half a dozen dragonoid creatures.

"Kobolds!" Nicolai yells. "Hey! Get behind us! We'll help you!"

Woman ??
Kobolds ??
Kobold ??
Oskar 19
Balassar 14
Vincent 11
Kobold ??
Man/Kids ??
Nicolai 8
Johnny 6
Besheeba 6

The woman swings her spear menacingly, fearing being mobbed but the lead kobolds ignore her and swarm either side heading towards the children. Oskar tries to intercept. Balassar yells a battle cry, closes and throws a javelin at the lead kobold, near the children: AC22 (disadvantage) hits for 9 damage, going through its chest and killing it.


Vincent dashes closer to the children. A kobold swings a blade at the woman, missing. The man urges the children away, limping, favouring some recent wounds. "Can you heal him?" Vincent asks. "Yes," Nicolai says, "but let's deal with these kobolds first!" He dashes up to a kobold. Johnny moves closer and draws and throws a dagger at the kobold next to Nicolai. AC16 (disadvantage) hits for 4 dmg. The creature is hurt, but lives. Besheeba notices she is now at the rear, with no one watching her. She unleashes a force effect against the winged kobold: AC19 hits for 6 dmg. It is thrown onto its back, blood spurting from its mouth, as if it had run into a solid object. It struggles to get back to its feet. Besheeba then moves directly behind Balassar the large dragonborn.

A kobold steps towards Nicolai with a dagger in its clawed hand: AC6 misses. Another dashes forwards towards the children. Another moves forwards 10 feet and swings at the woman, missing. Another joins the previous in melee against the woman, missing. She is not wearing armour. The winged kobold looks around, spies Nicolai, steps closer and swings at him: AC16 misses. The woman retaliates, missing, then falls back. A kobold steps away from Nicolai, provoking an OA: AC15 hits for 1 dmg. It was previously wounded from Johnny's dagger and dies. Oskar moves up to kobolds, attacks with a weapon and misses, follows up with a punch that also misses. "Protect the children!" yells Nicolai. "They must be our first priority!" Balassar trots closer and throws a javelin at a line of kobolds. (Kebab?) AC24 hits for 8 damage, skewering and killing it. There are five kobolds left. Vincent intercepts a kobold that is closing with the children, now beside Oskar. He swings his warhammer at an unhurt kobold. AC14 hits for 9 damage, crushing its skull and killing it. A kobold at the back runs towards Vincent and attacks with its stiletto dagger: AC19 hits for 4 dmg. The man corrals the children away. Nicolai attacks the winged kobold: AC7 misses. Then he moves 35' towards the man and children. The kobold attacks him as he leaves but misses. Nicolai ends up next to the children. "My name is Nicolai." "Help my children," the man says breathlessly. "I'll do my best!" Johnny draws his two swords and dashes closer. Besheeba dashes up to the man, who looks at the small girl and tries to usher her along with his children.

A kobold moves 25' and attacks the woman, hitting her and then continues on. The woman looks pretty beat up. Another kobold advances and attacks the woman, hitting and dropping her. The winged kobold backs off slowly and retreats (disengages), moving a distance away. Oskar moves 15' to a kobold and attacks it: AC17 hits for 4 damage (it survives). Oskar then moves a further 5' and attacks another: AC23 hits for 3 dmg (it too survives). Balassar gets out a third javelin and hurls it at the winged kobold: AC24 hits for 9 dmg, killing it with much gore. The dragonborn laughs heartily then closes with the surviving kobolds. They look worried. Vincent eyes the woman bleeding out, then engages a healthy kobold: AC18 hits for 4 damage. It survives. The kobold swings back: AC20 hits for 4 dmg, then steps away from him and Johnny. Johnny takes an OA: AC24 hits for 6 dmg, killing it. "That's alright," Johnny says to Vincent. "Save your strength." The man stops and waits for Besheeba, wanting the new young girl to go with the other children. Nicolai moves next to the woman and bellows "The grace of Sehanine!", casting Cure Wounds and healing 11 hit points. The woman gasps deeply. Johnny moves around his allies and sneakattacks a kobold with one shortsword: AC22 hits for 11 damage, killing it. He then stabs at the other kobold: AC14 hits for 1 damage. It was hurt, and is now very hurt! The man ushers the children forward - Besheeba goes too - and follows them, arms out protectively.

A kobold takes stock of the half dozen armed adventurers and disengages to the west. The woman gets up, looks around and moves towards her family. Oskar throws his sword at the last remaining, retreating kobold. Disadvantage: nat1 misses! He chases after his sword. Balassar steps over the dead kobold, gets out her last remaining javelin, closes to within 10' of the last kobold and throws: nat20 crits for 7 damage, killing it with inside bits coming outside.


Balassar and Oskar retrieve their weapons. Johnny pulls his dagger free of a kobold torso and catches Balassar's eye. "Oi you! Let's look where these little buggers came from."

"Alright, Johnny Boy."

"Just Johnny's fine."

"Johnny Boy."

"That's how it is, is it? I'll call you turtle if you call me boy!" Balassar grins. "Is that the way it's gonna be?" Johnny says. "Alright then… Turtle…"

The others rush over to the family. "Thank you for helping us," the man says. "We were being hounded by the monsters that came and attacked our town, stealing and pillaging. We are trying to get to the keep, it's the only place that is safe at the moment. The whole village is being overrun by monsters!"

"Maybe we should escort them there?" Besheeba says.

"Yep, let's take them to the keep," Vincent says in agreement.

"Hurry, for they will soon close the gate!" says the man.

Nicolai approaches the man. "Can I help you with your wound?"

"We need to get to the keep!"

"You'll be faster with a better leg."

"Please hurry! My children are in danger!"

Nicolai heals the man's injuries. He picks up two of his children and his wife picks up the third, then they head to the south. "To the keep, quickly! We must get behind the walls before we are overrun by dragons and monsters!"

Vincent uses his Second Wind to heal 3hp. The family head south.

"We should check for survivors," Nicolai says.

"Johnny and Balassar are to the north already," Vincent says. I'll check to the west."

"We'll keep heading south," Nicolai says.

"Go, go," Besheeba says. "I'll join you." She then turns back and runs towards the intersection and the dead kobold bodies. She thinks that maybe the winged one was the leader… Perhaps it carried orders? Its possessions might reveal much.

Way to split the party. But the PCs haven't learned about that yet.

Vincent continues along the path to the west, looking for villagers. Johnny and Balassar head north towards the next building. "Dragonborn…" Johnny mutters. "Nobody wanders around calling me f#&*@!% humanborn! What a stupid name!"

They both spot a reptilian creature poke its head outside the door of the building ahead. There is another behind it.

"What the f#&* are you doing here?" Balassar says in draconic. Their scaly heads turn in the direction of the noise, then turn back to their business; they don't seem overly worried.

Meanwhile, Vincent comes closer to a building to his left. Beside it are a cluster of reptilian creatures, six of them, the same as the ones they just dispatched. They notice him and turn towards him, drawing weapons.

The group heading south hear the bang of a door as five armed and armoured humans stride out of a house to the right. They see the group, raise their swords and charge.

Three separate simultaneous encounters!

Combat 1: Vincent


Kobolds: 20
Vincent: 3

A kobold engages and stabs at Vincent: AC21 hits for 4 dmg. Another does the same: AC16 misses. The third: AC9 misses. The fourth: AC11 misses. The fifth: AC21 hits for 4 damage. Vincent drops. The last kobold also joins the fray.

Combat 2: Johnny and Balassar

Two kobolds exit the building with armfuls of valuables: goblets, gold and silver necklaces and the like.


Johnny: 21
Balassar: 14
Kobolds: less than 14

"Right! Have at 'em, dragonborn!" yells Johnny. "Do your thing!" Balassar reaches for a javelin. "No no no!" Johnny yells. "Get up there! Go on, get into 'im! I'll back you up, don't worry!" Balassar readies two axes and charges in. When he is toe to toe with the pair, he sees at least two more still inside the building. Battleaxe AC21 hits for 5 damage, nearly separating head from body and it falls to the floor lifeless. Hand axe AC7 misses. Johnny moves up 10' and stabs: shortsword sneakattack AC12 hits for 7 damage, killing it. He then steps forward and stabs at another kobold inside: AC8 misses. The place inside looks ransacked and has a whole lot more kobolds rummaging around inside. The kobold that Johnny missed drops its armful of loot and stabs at him: AC20 hits for 4 damage. The other one misses. Two more close! One stabs at Johnny: AC18 hits AC10 misses.

That Johnny, he's so lucky.

Besheeba hears the combat to the north and potential hostiles closing with the others to the south. She runs south. As she passes the intersection she looks west and sees Vincent on the ground, surrounded by kobolds.

Save the children or save the character?

Besheeba stops short.

"That's it, I'm out," Johnny says to the dragonborn to his right. "I'm gone." Balassar is about to respond when he feels a tingling and hears a voice in his mind. "The children are under attack!" He shakes his head. "What? The children are under attack?"

"What?" Johnny says.

"The children are under attack!"

"How the #&^@ you know that?"

"We should go."

"I know. I just told you I was goin'!"

Balassar and Johnny disengage and move to the south. The creatures do not pursue.

"Cowards!" Balassar yells in their direction.

"Shut up!" yells Johnny. "Shut the f^@% up! Shut your trap!"

Combat 3: Nicolai and Oskar


Nicolai: 18
Oskar: 17
Human Leader: ??
Human Mooks: ??
Family: ??

Nicolai casts Shield of Faith on himself and moves in between the family and their antagonists. "Help us get these children to safety!" he bellows. Oskar waits… One of the humans, wearing chain mail armour and bears a warhammer and shield turns to the other four. "Take this one down," he says, then steps around and towards the children. Nicolai attacks the leader as he passes but misses. The leader engages Oskar: AC11 misses. One mook stabs at Nicolai with his shortsword: AC20 hits for 3 dmg. Another does the same: AChits for 3 dmg. Another: ACmiss. Another: AC18 misses. Oskar attacks back with weapon: AC16 hits for 3 dmg. Punch: AC22 hits for 6 dmg. The parents take their children around the outside to the south.

Besheeba enters the fray and looses a bolt of force at a warrior: AC10 misses. Nicolai casts Cure Wounds on himself, healing 8hp. "Think about what you're doing!" he says to the mooks. "Is this what you want to make of your lives, attacking innocent children? Turn your lives to good! Save the children!" The leader moves and attacks Oskar: AC13 misses. He takes another step forward. Oskar retaliates: weapon AC21 hits for 4 dmg, he dies. Oskar then moves to another assailant and punches: AC10 misses. The humans mob Nicolai: AC16 misses, AC15 misses, AC9 misses, AC12 misses.



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