Chapter 01: Barge

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Session Number: 13
Date: Sunday 23rd November 2014
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Kyra Clr2 (4633 xp) (Yeran absent) (kills: none)
Lem Brd2 (3283 xp) (Fergus - remote) (kills: none)
Merisiel Rog2 (4633 xp) (Ash absent) (kills: none)
Seelah Pal2 (4633 xp) (Alain) (kills: 1 undead)
Valeros Ftr2 (4478 xp) (Craig) (kills: 2 undead)

XP Awarded: 400


In the morning Kyra and Merisiel convince a local wizard to Identify Assa's chain mail and sword; they each bear a +1 enchantment. They take them to the others. Valeros claims the items, nursing a rather large hangover from the party last night. Kyra and Merisiel then explain that they will stay back in Kassen to research the amulets while the rest head to Tamran. They will catch up when they are able.

Valeros and Lem head to the docks. A human woman wearing shining mail stands beside a barge named the Black Mist.

"This'll be that paladin, wossname… Sarah?" Valeros says.

"Seelah," Lem corrects.

"Who gets on a boat wearing all that metal?"

"You're wearing yours."

"I won't be as soon as I set foot on that boat."

The woman sees the pair talking and approaches. "The local heroes. You're late."

"Yeah, well, us local heroes had a bit of a party last night, on account of being heroes 'n' all. I guess you weren't there." Valeros eyes the woman, not entirely appropriately. "I think I would've remembered you…"

"My patron has told me about your quest, and about your … festivities. Well done. I am curious though as to why you didn't find out more about the bandits in the crypt?" Seelah pauses, reflecting. "No, I understand. It was the heat of battle, you were distracted. You have not been trained…"

Valeros asks Seelah about this odd 'Pathfinder Society'. It seems they are a semi-secret organisation that fight for the preservation and protection of knowledge. Valeros is not entirely sure how he feels about that.

Seelah wants to go to Tamran and let it be known that they are there to find the bandits.

"That's a stupid idea," Valeros says.

"Well I should do the talking, at the very least," Seelah says.

"That's a stupid idea too."


"Can you keep it down? My head really hurts."

Dwarf Captain Walren says he's going, with or without them. The party board. Valeros immediately heads into the sleeping area, settles into a hammock and falls asleep. In his armour.

The barge departs and Captain Walren lets the current take it downstream. His second mate Ewem stations himself at the bow, calling out obstacles to the Captain at the wheel.

The day passes and evening approaches. The party set a four-hour watch: Valeros first, then Lem, then Seelah. Before he takes his station, Valeros heads to the stern, opens his refilled bottle of brandy, takes a swig and says a prayer.

Morning breaks. Seelah heads to the vessel's bow, kneel with her sword and pray. Valeros is unrousable.

A little later on Seelah hears a cry from the bow and sees Ewem fall overboard. She runs to the bow and sees both the first mate and a horrible creature with bloated skin and feral teeth dragging him beneath the surface. The creature bites deeply into Ewem's neck and he loses consciousness, surrounded by bloodstained water.

Lem runs over. "Do you have rope?" Seelah asks.

"Yes!" the halfling says, swinging his backpack around and pulling out his length of rope.

"Give me an end - quickly!"

Seelah grabs the end of rope in one hand, her sword in the other, then launches herself off the side of the barge directly at Ewem's assailant. Splash and stab! She cuts a long line down the creature's shoulder. Lem ties the other end of the rope to a cleat on the side of the barge. "Valeros!" he yells. "A little help!" Valeros continues snoring, oblivious.

Seelah Lays Hands on Ewem, who regains consciousness. Underwater. He gasps in mouthfuls of water, then regains some semblance of wits and strikes upwards for the surface. A creature follows him.

Ewem climbs back aboard the barge, with an undead creature in tow. Seelah faces off against another under the barge, finding her sword far less useful underwater; she limits herself to short stabs. Her lungs issue protest and she realises her opponent does not draw breath! She makes for the side of the barge.

Seelah climbs aboard and faces off against another bloated undead creature; there are now three of them!. One stalks towards Ewem and fells him again. Lem, unable to wake Valeros by yelling, runs into the quarters and shakes the fighter who awakens slowly and groggily. Once the situation sinks in he grabs his two swords and fights the two creatures that have followed Lem inside. Seelah downs her foe as Valeros takes out one, then another. Seelah stabilises Ewem, but it is not enough to return him to consciousness. She tends his wounds as best she can. Valeros offers to be a replacement spotter at the bow.

That night, the Captain prepares to moor in the middle of the river again. Valeros argues that they should be on land, but eventually agrees to stay aboard. The next night passes and Ewem awakens in the morning, wounded but alive. Seelah Lays Hands on the man, further hastening his recovery.

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