Chapter 12:

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Session Number: 12
Date: Sunday 16th November 2014
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Kyra Clr2 (4198 xp) (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lem Brd2 (3283 xp) (Fergus absent) (kills: none)
Merisiel Rog2 (4198 xp) (Ash) (kills: none)
Valeros Ftr2 (4043 xp) (Alain) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: 435

The party finish exploring the complex, finding the tomb of Kassen, the Everflame and an unconscious girl. Kassen appears to the group and explains that bandits came three months ago to despoil the complex and stole two amulets (Kassen's, and one belonging to one of Kassen's companions, Assa). Assa rose from the dead and killed most of the bandits and has been haunting the crypt ever since, dreaming of raising an undead army. The unconscious girl (Demeira) was one of the troop sent to prepare the crypt for the party's arrival. She and her brother were the only survivors.

Kassen gives the party gifts to thank them for vanquishing Assa:

  • Water Elemental gem
  • Bag of Holding, Type 1
  • Shield of Bashing +1
  • 4 scales of his armour with magical properties (1 reroll on attack or saving throws - 1 use for each scale)

The party tell Kassen that they will retrieve his amulet. Kassen points out one of the bandit corpses that might hold some information as to where they came from. Merisiel locates the body and strips it of all valuables:

  • A Horn of Fog
  • A spellbook, with:
    • Cause Fear
    • Enlarge Person
    • Expeditious Retreat
    • False Life
    • Levitate
    • Mage Armour
    • Magic Missile
    • Ray of Enfeeblement
    • All the Wizard cantrips
  • A Wand of Magic Missiles (22 charges)
  • Bracers of Armour +1
  • A map
  • A note

(There was also an undisclosed amount of gold that Merisiel secretly pocketed.)

The map indicates that the bandits came from a city called Tamran, to the southeast on the coast of Lake Encarthan.

The party then proceed back home with the girl and the lantern lit from the Everflame. Kyra transports the girl while Valeros carries the Everflame, but just before entering the village Valeros convinces Kyra to switch so that everyone could see him bringing a fair maiden home with his companions ;)

At the village a party is thrown in the heroes' honour. During the festivities Valeros is contacted by Cygar, a man from the Pathfinder Society who would like very much to know why the amulets were stolen and would like the group to investigate. When he hears that the bandits are believed to have come from Tamran, Cygar suggests that Valeros make contact with a man there by the name of Reginar, saying that he knows Tamran very well. Reginar can be found in the Mithril Mug, a local tavern. Cygar agrees to pay for boat passage to Tamran, telling Valeros to meet Captain Walren of the Black Mist at Kassen's docks at first light tomorrow. One of Cygar's retinue will accompany them on the journey: a female paladin named Seelah, dedicated to Iomedae.

Alain's character!

The party realise that they forgot to bring back the girl's brother, who is surely still alive. A party of villagers will go in the morning to try to retrieve him.

Before taking the boat, Merisiel and Lem look to see somebody in the village that can identify the magical objects the party found.

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