Chapter 11:

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Session Number: 11
Date: Sunday 9th November 2014
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Kyra Clr2 (3763 xp) (Craig) (kills: 2 skeletons)
Lem Brd2 (2848 xp) (Fergus - remote) (kills: 1 big skeleton)
Merisiel Rog2 (3763 xp) (Alain) (kills: 1 skeleton [it killed itself trying to kill her])
Valeros Ftr2 (3608 xp) (Craig) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: 435

Our first use of Roll20 and Skype to facilitate the inclusion of a remote player. It went well.

Merisiel withdraws and tries to weave past the skeleton that blocks her path of retreat, but finds no way through. Kyra sees Merisiel and the skeleton, and Channels Divinity. The skeleton is seared by holy energy but not fatally. Kyra then steps back, making room for Merisiel. Valeros follows up with two sword blows, trying desperately to clear the path for his beleaguered ally. His slashes ineffectually glance off armour and bone.

The armoured skeleton with glowing eyes and two of its minions close upon Merisiel. She is now surrounded: three skeletal opponents to the north and one to the south! The leader swings its heavy sword at Merisiel, who reads the strike well and dodges it. She springs up the walls, trying again to get past the lone skeleton to the south but finds a wall of steel and bone blocking her path. Kyra Channels Divinity again: the negative energy that binds the skeleton together is bested and its bones clatter to the floor. A skeleton stabs at Merisiel from around the corner of a wall. The blade ricochets off the wall and slices through its own neck; it falls motionless to the floor. The remaining smaller skeleton stabs at Merisiel, but its sword gets lodged in its own ribcage. It struggles to free the blade.

These skeletons had rather a bad time of it.

"How many left?" Kyra yells.

"Two!" Merisiel says. "Including the blue-eyed one…"

"Fall back to the round room!" Valeros says.

The party stage a fighting retreat to the intersection, Valeros holding the front line. Merisiel backs off and thinks about throwing one of her many daggers.

The larger skeleton advances; Valeros blocks its way with twinned steel. Kyra is about to Channel Divinity, then pauses…

"There's another?" she yells.

"Yes!" Merisiel confirms.

Kyra readies divine power. Sure enough, the last remaining skeleton rounds the corner. Sarenrae's searing light bursts from her cleric in all directions, blackening the blue-eyed skeleton and destroying its minion behind.

Merisiel approaches and stabs at the large skeleton. The creature is very hard to hit, and the wall is not helping. Valeros and the skeleton trade blows; Lem maintains his inspiring song and slings bullets into the fray, which miss.

Merisiel retreats and throws a vial of alchemist's fire which misses its target and splashes the creature and all of her allies.

Valeros stabs at the large skeleton and hits his own armour. Luckily, it is well-made and stands up to the blow. The skeleton continues targetting Valeros, hitting occasionally but powerfully.

Even by concentrating on a single, more accurate strike with his heavier blade, Valeros is having a hard time landing blows of any consequence on the creature. Merisiel and Lem are not doing much better. They hatch a plan to draw it in. Merisiel steps to the south and Valeros to the north. The creature takes the bait and advances in between them, attacking Kyra and injuring her heavily. Lem considers heading to Kyra's aid, but cannot do it safely. He steps into the northern corridor and retrieves his Cure Light Wounds scroll.

Now flanking, Valeros and Merisiel launch savage attacks. Valeros marks the creature, Merisiels stabs it in the spine. It felt that one. The creature attacks Merisiel and misses. Kyra keeps healing Valeros and the skeleton keeps cutting him. Lem relieves Kyra, stepping behind Valeros and reading his scroll. Valeros' wounds again heal.

Kyra steps away, hoping to draw the skeleton further in. This time, the creature does not take the bait, instead retreating back into the western corridor. Valeros follows. The big fighter slaps the skeleton with the flat of his blade - powerfully but completely uselessly.

Valeros chops off big skeleton's sword hand; its heavy sword clatters to the floor.

Kyra uses her last Channel Divinity to heal her allies.

Badly hurt and with no healing ability remaining, Valeros clenches his teeth and follows the skeleton into the passageway. A sling bullet from Lem whips past his ear and punches a hole through the skeleton's helmet and skull. It collapses.

Kyra Detects Magic, gleaning a positive result from the lead skeleton's chain mail and discarded sword.


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