Chapter 10:

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Session Number: 10
Date: Sunday 12th October 2014
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Kyra Clr2 (3328 xp) (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lem Brd2 (2413 xp) (Fergus) (kills: none)
Merisiel Rog2 (3328 xp) (Ash) (kills: 1 bat swarm)
Valeros Ftr2 (3173 xp) (Craig) (kills: 1 bat swarm)

XP Awarded: 435

"Retreat!" Valeros yells.

"To where?" Kyra replies.

Valeros pauses. "The next door! Someone run and drop the portcullis!"

"I have a potion that might help," Lem says. "Merisiel?"

The elf parries a skeleton's broken scimitar. "Sure! Anything other than stay here!" She retreats to the northern end of the room and waits for Lem. Valeros follows, parrying. Lem moves and passes his Potion of Expeditious Retreat to Merisiel. Kyra hits Merisiel with the Cure wand. It has one charge left. The big bad moves closer…

A skeleton closes with Lem and hits him with its broken scimitar. AC15 hits for 1 damage. Another skeleton closes. Merisiel drinks the potion and takes off out of the room. Quietly, because she knows there are hundreds of bats in the next room. Valeros eyes both Lem and Kyra. "Get out!" he says, holding his ground. Lem hustles out, followed by Kyra who stops just beyond the doorway and waits for Valeros, wand at the ready. The warrior guards the rear and leaves, closing the door behind him. Kyra heals him as he does so. He pulls out his crowbar and jams it under the door's bottom edge.

There is the sound of banging on the other side of the door. Merisiel moves 120', taking her to the circular crossroads. Lem moves into the catacomb with the fissure in the roof. The bats hear him and take flight, forming into two massive swarms, trapping him. A swarm then moves all over Lem, painfully nipping and biting him everywhere. The other swarm closes and does the same, missing. Lem bolts for the exit, straight through one of the swarms, covering his face with his arms. He makes it to within sight of the portcullis without further injury, and casts Ghost Sound, creating the sound of several people walking noisily near the southeast corner. Kyra hustles through the bats, avoiding injury. Valeros does the same. One swarm attacks him and hits, the other misses so badly the bats are suddenly disillusioned with life. He ends up next to Lem.

Merisiel travels through the frog room, down the corridor to the south and enters the room with the wheel. Lem hustles into the pool room. His Ghost Sound stops. He is bleeding freely. A swarm attacks Valeros, who attacks back and hits. It then completes its attack, hitting for 6 damage. The other swarm attacks the fighter and misses. Kyra moves through the portcullis and readies her scimitar. Valeros escapes from within the swarm, taking 3 damage from both of them. He then rushes through the portcullis, staggering and bleeding.

Merisiel moves to the wheel. Which way is she supposed to turn it? She tries turning it clockwise and meets resistance. Anticlockwise: the wheel turns. She continues turning it until it again becomes difficult to move. The others see the portcullis lower to the floor. Lem moves through the northern door in the pool room, dripping blood on the floor. A swarm of bats envelops Kyra. The other swarm flies into the corridor and surrounds Kyra, who retreats, slapping at the swarm and avoiding the majority of their bites. She moves through the door… and keeps going! Valeros moves through the door and closes it. His wounds still seep and he swoons at the lack of blood, barely keeping his feet.

Merisiel starts sprinting back. Lem offers Valeros a shoulder to steady him. Kyra returns. "You guys hurt?"

"Urrrggh," moans Valeros.

Kyra returns, retrieves some rags and staunches the flow of blood from Valeros' neck and face. Valeros pulls out his Potion of Bear's Endurance and drinks it. The additional constitution perks him up.

Kyra patches up Lem, then herself.

"Merisiel?" Valeros says.


"Take point."

"Yes, we need to rest," Kyra says.

The party limp back to the healing pool. Merisiel quaffs some of the water; it is refreshing but not restorative. Valeros manages to put his backpack and bedroll down before his potion wears off. He takes a large swig of brandy, then lies down and drifts off to sleep.

The others arrange the watch schedule and settle down. Eight hours pass uneventfully.

Valeros wakes, better for the sleep but still battered and bloody. He fumbles for his tankard that still has half an inch of brandy in it, throws it back then fills it with water from the nearby pool. He quaffs the lot. Immediately, his wounds close over. Kyra does the same; Merisiel and Lem hold back as they are not that badly hurt. Kyra Cures Valeros, bringing him close to full health.

The party debate how to proceed. The bats may have settled down again in the fissure in the roof. Do they deal with them or attempt to sneak past again? Valeros is not that keen to leave a threat at his back a second time. Lem suggests yelling to rouse them and battling them at the closable door, possibly isolating them by closing it so they can deal with them one at a time. The others agree.

Everyone returns to the door and Valeros opens it. All is quiet on the other side. Lem yells, "You make me feel like a natural warrior!"

Merisiel: 23
Kyra: 11
Lem: 9
Valeros: 7

Everyone waits, weapons drawn. A swarm of bats appears in the opposite doorway, closing. There is a flurry of readied actions. Merisiel stabs and hits for 6 damage, Kyra slashes and misses, Lem starts singing:

"Buddy you're a shit bat, f&$*ed bat, gonna be a big stain one day…"

Valeros swings his longsword and misses.

"That was just a warmup guys," Valeros says. "We got this."

Merisiel misses. A swarm moves through the doorway and around Valeros and Merisiel. Everyone reacts: Merisiel hits for 8 damage and kills it. Kyra readies an attack, Lem continues to sing, Valeros readies an attack.

Merisiel readies an attack. The remaining swarm moves through the doorway; Merisiel misses, Kyra misses, Valeros misses. It envelops Valeros and Merisiel, provoking another flurry of AoOs. Merisiel crits, doing 5 damage and slowing the swarm. Kyra misses. Valeros crits, doing 9 damage and killing it.

Lem calls loudly, hoping to flush out any further bats. None emerge, despite his voice reverberating around the area. Valeros and Merisiel head south to investigate the portcullis. It is still lowered and intact. Kyra and Lem go together to open the portcullis while Merisiel and Valeros remain behind.

A minute or so later, the portcullis opens.


Skeleton >15
Merisiel 15
Lem 14
Kyra 11
Valeros 9

Merisiel and Valeros wait for the others at the portcullis. "Aah, heads up!" Valeros cries as he sees a skeleton enter his field of vision. It turns the corner, walks through the open portcullis and attacks him, missing. Merisiel attacks back and misses. The big skeleton falls in behind the little one. Who is not that little.

"We're bugging out, right now!" Valeros says, withdrawing. He suffers an AoO from the lead skeleton, but has cover from the corner and the attack misses.

The skeleton moves past Merisiel, who stabs at it but misses. It in turn attacks Merisiel and misses. Another enters and chases after Valeros. He gets an AoO which misses. They can hear the big skeleton barking commands at the others in a language that they do not understand.

A skeleton moves, provoking an AoO from Merisiel which misses. She then moves north, tumbling to avoid attacks and get past enemies. She manages to get through the door, being marked by only one skeleton blade. Valeros closes the door and holds it shut, looking for something to jam it. The pull ring is in the centre of the three-foot-wide door; his longsword is the longest item he has and is too short. Merisiel retrieves her rope and passes an end to Valeros. Merisiel hustes away around the nearest freestanding stone crypt, taking the rope with her.

Valeros places a foot against the doorframe and holds the door to. "Merisiel, if I yell, something is coming through the door! You stop and you hold that rope!"

Something pulls on the door but Valeros manages to keep the door closed. "Whatever you're doing, do it fast!" Valeros says. "I can't tie the knot!"

"I'll tie it when I get there!"

Merisiel rounds the corner and nears the door. She grabs the rope and ties it off, making the rope taut. The door pulls open, snapping the rope! The big skeleton stands there, holding the door open.

"Aaaah!" yells Valeros.

Kyra and Lem are strolling back when Kyra stops. "Did you hear that?" she asks.

"Hear what?"

"Yelling. It sounded like Valeros."

Valeros fullattacks: AC14 misses, AC20 hits for 7 damage.

Merisiel attacks the skeleton leader, hitting for 4 damage. The big skeleton reaches out towards Valeros with two claws. He retaliates and misses; the two claws do 6 and 7 damage. Lem and Kyra doublemove towards the action.

"Can you get out?" Valeros asks Merisiel.

"I can try."

Valeros withdraws, suffering an AoO with partial cover, provoking its own AoO but Valeros misses. The skeleton does too, also missing. Valeros exits the catacombs, yelling as he encounters Kyra. "They're here!" he says. "As soon as you raised the portcullis they swarmed through! We've been fighting a retreating battle ever since!"

"Is Merisiel OK?"

"She should be right behind me."

"Are you OK?"

"I've been hit bad but I'm alright."

A skeleton moves past Merisiel who stabs at it: 6 damage. The skeleton continues past, blocking Merisiel's retreat. Another stalks past in pursuit of Valeros.

"Aaah! One behind me!" Valeros yells.

Yet another walks through the doorway and strikes at Merisiel, missing. Merisiel retreats, suffering a successful AoO for 5 damage in the process. A skeleton closes upon her position; Merisiel holds her blow.

"Hang on - I see her!" Valeros yells. "She's there. One to get through, but she's there."

Lem moves out of the imminent line of fire then starts to sing, inspiring courage. Kyra waits for Valeros. Valeros attacks the skeleton beside him, hoping to give Merisiel a free path of retreat. He fullattacks: AC7 misses, AC20 hits for 4 damage. He steps away. Kyra Cures Valeros 6hp. A skeleton takes a 5' step towards Valeros and attacks, missing. Another attacks Merisiel where it stands, missing.


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