Chapter 07:

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Session Number: 7
Date: Sunday 7th September 2014
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Kyra Clr1 (1825 xp) (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lem Brd1 (910 xp) (Fergus) (kills: 1 zombie)
Merisiel Rog1 (1825 xp) (Ash) (kills: 2 bloody skeleton things, 3 zombies)
Valeros Ftr1 (1670 xp) (Craig) (kills: 1 bloody skeleton thing, 3 frogs)

XP Awarded: 900

Lem appears in the doorway.

"Hi! I'm feeling much better now."

He notices that the others are a little busy, and starts singing a ditty to inspire courage:

"Buddy you're a young man, hard man, shoutin' in the street, gonna take on the world some day, you got blood on yo' face, you big disgrace, wavin' your banner all over the place…"

Valeros grabs the potion bottle and bides his time. The skeleton ignores him and attack Merisiel. She and Kyra trade blows with the lead creature before Merisiel finally fells it. Valeros takes the opportunity to get to his feet and drink the potion. He draws his smaller sword and waits for the others to advance.

Advance they do! A skeleton lurches forwards and attacks Valeros; the fighter is a little slow on his feet but his armour saves him. In return, Valeros cuts it down. The last skeleton takes its place. Merisiel rolls a double 1 fumble ending up in a hit (consecutive ones on attack rolls and a weird critical result that did normal damage), killing it.

The party assure themselves that there are no further creatures in the room, avoid the statues either side of the southern passageway and follow the stairs down. They level out at the entrance to a circular room with exits in the four cardinal directions. A short pedestal stands in the room's centre. Water drips regularly onto the pedestal from the ceiling. There are inscriptions spiralling out from the pedestal towards the other three exits:

"To the south you will find your rest as you contemplate Kassen's deeds."
"To the east lies the wheel that opens the gate."
"To the west lies is the final resting place of Kassen."

The sound of water comes from the passageway that leads east. To the west is an unpleasant smell of rotting organic matter.

Valeros collects some of the dripping water in his tankard. Lem suggests using a spent potion bottle. Valeros does that. The water is murky and smells earthy.

The party choose to head south. The passageway turns to the right and opens into a chamber with the arc of a pool on the far wall. There is an inscription on the wall:


Valeros washes his tankard out and takes a draught. He is immediately healed and his constitution restored. Kyra does the same, with similar results. Valeros tries another draught, hoping for it to counter his reduced strength, but it provides no further benefit to him. Merisiel chooses not to partake just now.

The party head to the east passageway. The short corridor ramps down to a T-intersection that is covered in water. The right branch is slightly shorter than the left. Both turn back east, both descend gently so at their ends the water is two feet deep.

Taking the south branch, the party see a chamber to the east covered in filaments of blue algae that stretch from ceiling and wall to the surface of the water which is also covered in blue algae. Three dead rats and a frog bob in the water, looking like they have been burned.

"Let's avoid this," Valeros cautions, and they all retrace their steps and head to the north branch. The turn to the east ends in a door that the water has swelled shut. Merisiel tries it but it won't open. Valeros obliges, pushing it. It falls off its hinges.

Beyond the door is a chamber filled with water that gushes in from a large hole in the ceiling. Three sarcophagi lie on the floor. There is a door in the southeast corner leading south. Could this be another way around?

The party enter, Valeros taking the lead as he tracks the south wall. When all are inside and Valeros is passing the third sarcophagus, they are ambushed by three large frogs that emerge from the water! In unison, three sticky tongues shoot out at Valeros, Merisiel and Lem. Valeros avoids his, as does Merisiel, but Lem is entwined in the sticky tongue. Valeros cuts down the one he faces. Merisiel slashes at her enemy, throwing it back into the wall behind, then Valeros finishes it off. Lem is ensnared, being dragged into the frog's maw. Valeros leaps onto a sarcophagus and cuts down the third. The creatures' blood swirls throughout the water.

Valeros investigates the remaining door. It looks to open towards him. He takes grip on the handle and heaves. It too falls off its hinges and nearly flattens him but he keeps his feet and manoeuvres the door to the wall. Behind is a corridor. About two thirds along its length is a corridor that connects to the room full of algae and at the end is a chamber. Near the far wall of the chamber is a wheel mounted on a horizontal axis. Chains extend up into the ceiling. This must open the gate… But where is the gate?

Everyone returns to the circular intersection and head west. The passageway turns to the north and opens in the eastern end of a chamber. It smells rotten and there is a gurgling sound ahead. They enter, Valeros in the lead.

The chamber is large, and filled with 6-foot-high plinths, each with several vertical alcoves for entombment.

After some whispering the party all agree that something bad is definitely waiting for them in this chamber and decide to flush it out.

"Hello? Anyone in here?"

Four creatures, obviously dead, lurch into view.

"Retreat!" yells Valeros. The others do just that while he covers them. "Don't die!" Kyra says.

A creature closes, Valeros stabs and marks it, but it does not fall. No, it retaliates, a wild head-high swing that Valeros was not expecting. The limb slams into the side of Valeros' head. His ears start ringing, then the world fades away.

The others stage an ambush at the other end of the corridor. Lem stirs up their courage while Kyra and Merisiel wait, either side of the corridor. Sure enough, the creatures shamble in. Kyra and Lem are kept busy keeping everyone alive while they trade blows, but eventually all four creatures are killed (Merisiel accounts for three, Lem the final one). It is then that they notice Valeros' absence.

Kyra returns to the corridor and finds Valeros lying on the floor, barely breathing. She uses one of her last healing spells to restore him to life.

"Are you alright?" she asks as his eyes open.


"Are you alright? What happened?"

"I can't hear you! Speak up! Or better still, tell that idiot to stop ringing that bloody bell!"

It takes a while before the ringing in Valeros' ears subsides enough for him to hear what the cleric is saying.

"I told you not to die."

"I wasn't planning on it. But that thing hit me like a cask of dwarven ale! Cayden's tankard, my head hurts. It feels like a hangover… but without the fun of drinking first!"


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