Chapter 04:

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Session Number: 4
Date: Sunday 1st June 2014
Venue: Fergus'
PCs & Players:

Kyra Clr1 (1170 xp) (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lem Brd1 (455 xp) (Fergus) (kills: none)
Merisiel Rog1 (1170 xp) (Ash) (kills: none)
Valeros Ftr1 (1015 xp) (Craig) (kills: 1 beetle)

XP Awarded: 255

Valeros wakes up in unknown environs. The others explain what happened: a puff of purple mist laid him unconscious. Kyra has been carrying him around. This is a bit of a blow to Valeros' pride. He asks about the 'traps' and has a look at the one they triggered. Its bottom, ten feet below, is covered in a multitude of cushions just as the others described. The others describe the series of levers they found that open the door to the south. Valeros asks about the doors in the western pool chamber. The levers do not seem to affect them.

Valeros uses his rope and grappling hook and triggers the trapdoor beside the southern exit. He swings safely to the bottom - again, covered in cushions - and searches. He finds nothing else: no hidden exits or other items.

The party place items of weight on the levers in the room and activate the door to the south. T intersection; there is a wailing coming from the left passage. Valeros leads everyone down that corridor. There is a pile of bones dead ahead, in front of a door. Shortly before, there is a side passage to the right that also ends in a door.

Valeros swings his grappling hook and smashes one of the humanoid skulls, to be sure that nothing will arise. The wailing stops. Valeros inspects the door. It is locked. Their key does not work and Merisiel cannot pick it.

Valeros leads the others back to the side passage. There is no noise behind the closed end door. Valeros tries the handle; it is unlocked. He opens the door, draws his second sword and enters, Kyra right behind him with a lit torch. There is a corpse in the middle of the ensuing chamber, and the smell of smoke hangs in the air, although there is no obvious source in the room. Something scuttles at the sound of the intrusion: a massive black beetle!

Merisiel paces into the room. The beetle's senses finally adjust to the alien light and it scuttles towards Merisiel, its mandibles snapping but she is too quick for the beast. Valeros reverses his grip on both swords and brings them down in twin stabs, piercing top and bottom carapace and pinning the crippled creature to the floor as it expires. "That's how it's done!" Valeros says with a smile, wiping yellow goo from his blades.

Lem searches the body in the chamber. It is a human male, dead only two or three days. Its possessions are worthless.

There are two further exits out of the chamber: a set of stairs to the west leading down, and a corridor to the south. The party head south.

Immediately upon entering the corridor, the smell of smoke intensifies. The corridor turns to the east then opens into a chamber of unknown size; the walls flicker with a red glow of unknown origin. Valeros runs to the far corner, glancing right as he goes and slams his back into the wall. The chamber is irregular, as if two square rooms had collided at the corners and then come to an uneasy truce. In the centre is a large fire pit, alight and smoking. The ceiling is largely obscured by the rolling smoke. The whole area bears a sense of foreboding.

The others follow. Valeros moves to the southwest, past the fire pit. The acrid smoke catches in his throat. Kyra moves close to the fire. A form coalesces out of the smoke and lashes at her, sapping her strength. Valeros and Kyra begin coughing as they inevitably breathe in the smoke. Lem and Merisiel retreat to the beetle's lair while Kyra and Valeros stage a covering withdrawl. They wait at the southern corridor, waiting for the creature to follow them… and it does not.

Kyra heals the party's wounds but can do little for the strength loss both she and Valeros have suffered. The party debate what to do next. Retreat and lick their wounds seems a sound option to Lem and Kyra. Valeros wants to press forward but is wary of the creature in the smoke to the south. While conversing in the intersection with the bone-strewn floor, he throws caution to the wind and charges the door to the south. Wham! The timber around the door latch cracks. He kicks it solidly and the timber gives way further, but the door opens but a crack; there seems to be something behind it. A crossbow bolt flies through the hole in the side of the door, narrowly missing Valeros and skittering along the floor. Valeros steps back for another run at the door when Kyra grabs his arm. The chaos of combat and his ego get the better of Valeros, who swings Kyra past himself and flings her at the door. She collides with the door and nudges it open a few more inches. Another crossbow bolt passes through the door and lodges firmly in Kyra's side! Shocked, Valeros stands there while Lem leads her away.

Kyra pulls the bolt from her side painfully, then heals herself. There are some heated words between her and Valeros, then Lem suggests holing up somewhere for rest. Debate ensues. Bored, Merisiel wanders back down the corridor and heads to the west. Valeros follows her. She finds another locked door.


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