Trina - The Tree of Life

First Cut, still to be edited

I am Trina, welcome, how may I be of service.

Trina was the first incarnation of the concept of a tower, and at that time the concept was one of peace. The Matre and Arachtria had not arrived on the scene so Trina was developed to encourage growth and life and as such has no direct offensive capabilities.

Trina’s primary abilities revolve around living or organic material, she is able to encourage and alter growth in natural objects and, to a certain extent, modify growth patterns. Trina has no abilities with non-organic material, she is able to generate an entire navy made completely of wood, but is unable to affect a single metal spoon. In fact Trina has problem with the concept of non-organic materials, not quite understanding it or its purpose.

Trina can produce illusions as Towers can, the original purpose was for interaction.

Trina can produce an unlimited number of 'branches', the equivalent of wings to a tower, however branches can take years or decades to flourish. Where towers produce backpacks over time that can deploy quickly, Trina produces seeds quickly that must be planted and nurtured over time, these eventually grow into trees which become an extension of Trina, in much the same way that a wing becomes an extension of a tower.

Trina was originally developed by two families, the Roulae and the Roielle families, and as such a 51% or greater blood member of either family is able to direct Trina. As far as Trina is concerned, you become a Roielle or a Roulae by marriage, whether legal or in spirit. Unlike towers, Trina is able to consider concepts and has something closer to free will. While a tower might act to the letter of an instruction, Trina is able to interpret and consider instructions and act upon their spirit. Trina has historically placed more importance on instructions agreed to by both families than by individual families, as was evident when both families instructed her to sleep while no single family member was able to make her wake.

Because Trina is so closely related to life and blood she is able to sense a person's position in the hierarchy of families. She is generally directed based on this hierarchy, the more important you are in one of the families the more rights you have to overrule others' instructions, while the heads of the families have the most rights.

When the Roulae family left, Trina was given strict instructions by the then-heads of each family to lay dormant until a descendant of each family arrived to concurrently wake her. She has seen a number of both blood lines arrive and depart but has held her peace for many thousands of years.

Unlike towers, Trina does not use imithrium as a power source, instead she uses the innate life forces around her, and is able to borrow from the almost infinite life force of the planet and redirect it. This is the reason she cannot comprehend inorganic materials, because she is powered by life, and the reason towers required imithrium as a power source, as they had to deal with inorganic materials, most specifically Matre and Arachtria.

Trina originally had branches to all the major centres of the elves, but only the following remain stable:

* Faere, The Floating Mountains, original home of the Winged Elves. Some of Faere still stands but most of the mountains have sunk, now it is inhabited by sky pirates who prey on the unsuspecting villages it passes over.
* Aquilla, The Ships of Song, original home of the Aquatic Elves, now used as a trading post and floating home to many races.
* Wai, The Caverns of Tears, original home of the Drow or Dark Elves, their descendants still stalk the caverns.

Two unreachable branches still exist:

* Hesh, home of a nomadic tribe of elves who wandered the desert lands of Hessia, the branch was buried in a sandstorm 3,000 years ago, it is still active but cannot be transported to as it is under thousands of tons of sand
* Havens Star, which existed in the sky and was surrounded by a floating palace, the palace fell away after centuries of disuse and lack of maintenance, the branch still exists but no air surrounds it and it is deathly cold.

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