Kharag Monastery NPCs

Sir Veketh

Male Dwarf Paladin
Headmaster of the Kharag Monastery. Gruff and imposing.


Male Human Monk
The monastery's gardener and Vor-wrek's master. Died in Beginnings, Chapter 5, defending the temple from a humanoid attack.


Male Dwarf Cleric - High Priest of Moradin
(flavour text)


Male Dwarf Cleric - Underpriest of Moradin
Very fond of "his children", which occasionally leads him to rebel against Khazul and Sir Veketh if he thinks they are being too harsh.


Male Dwarf Fighter - Cook
…in the same way that Steven Seagal is a cook. Also an accomplished brewer of ales and other beverages.


Male Dwarf Fighter - Teacher/Librarian
(flavour text)


Male Yuan-Ti Pureblood, masquerading as human youth
15 years old. Made the monastery his home around three weeks prior to the campaign opening. Desperately wants to be accepted, harrasses the PCs to be a part of their club. Introduced the PCs to Gluuk-Taar. Vor-wrek suspects that he can see in the dark much better than a human ought to be able to. His duplicity and true lineage was discovered and he was killed in Beginnings, Chapter 9 by Vor-wrek.

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