Elven Lands NPCs

House Roielle

King Faelyn Hereb Ailore Roielle

Male Elf
Deceased, died a number of years ago.

Queen Raewyn Katrine Shael Roielle

Female Elf
Current ruling elven monarch. Her palace is in her house's capital, Avarriel.

Prince Elathon Faelyn Tanelon Roielle

Male Elf
Next in line to the throne.

Princess Elowyn Kathyrina Raewyn Roielle

Female Elf
The Queen's eldest daughter. Loosely engaged to Adrialus Larellian.

Princess Ethalyn Felice Carterone Roielle

Female Elf
Skilled in woodslore, with a political bent also. Loyal. Married to Troll.

Kylan Heberon Castille

Male Elf
Captain of Queen Raewyn Roielle's personal bodyguard.

Alython Monotryl

Male Elf Cleric
High Priest of Corellon Larethian and Chief Advisor to Queen Raewyn Roielle.

Caprian Harfoot

Male Sun Elf
A highly experienced elven scout, Caprian is one of the most travelled rangers at the queen's disposal. Individualistic and rebellious, he fits the sun-elf archetype well, something that makes him both a boon and a hindrance, however the positive tends to outweigh the negative as he is able to interpret the spirit more than the letter.


Male Elf
Venerable male elven wizard and sage, adviser to Queen Raewyn.


Male Elf
Queen Raewyn's SpyMaster and Head of Security.


Female Elf
A high priestess in Corellon Larethian's faith, and one of Riaz's agent handlers. One of her agents is Feren.


Male Elf Cleric
A cleric cover identity for one of Riaz's agents.


Male Elf
Queen Raewyn's diplomat.


Male Elf Wizard
Head of Department: Guards and Wards at Avarriel's Mage's Guild.


Male Elf Wizard
Wizard at Avarriel's Mage's Guild, specialising in lore concerning planes and interdimensional magicks.

House Kanafel

Theodric Kanafel

Male Elf
The head of House Kanafel.

Eirass Kanafel

Female Elf
Theodric's wife.

House Larellian

Sir Imothell Larellian

Male Elf
No-nonsense martial liegelord of House Larellian, based in his house's capital, Isendor. Has many epic battles to his name. Feels uncomfortable outside his full plate and not bearing his bastard sword.

Adrialus Larellian

Male Elf
First son of the Larellian family. Loosely engaged to Elowyn Roielle.

Sovak Larellian

Male Elf Sorceror
Second son of the Larellian family.

Maishéoll Larellian

Male Elf Cleric
Cousin to Adrialus and Sovak. Was a cleric of Corellon Larethian, for some reason his allegiance changed to Orcus. Killed by the party in his endotaa home when his plan for elven domination was discovered.


Male Elf
Maishéoll's butler. Killed and beheaded by Lionel in the raid to free Rowaine and save the elven kingdom.


Male Elf Wizard
ArchMage at Isendor's Tree of Sorcery.


Male Elf Wizard
Mage at Isendor's Tree of Sorcery. Has a penchant for illusions and pirates.

Asredor Viell

Male Elf Cleric
High Priest at Isendor's Tree of Corellon Larethian.


Male Elf Cleric
UnderPriest at Isendor's Tree of Corellon Larethian.


Male Elf Cleric
UnderPriest at Isendor's Tree of Corellon Larethian.


Male Elf Cleric
Middle-ranked priest at Isendor's Tree of Corellon Larethian, responsible for intake.


Male Elf Fighter
Captain of the Guard in Isendor. Killed by Feren in the raid on Maishéoll's endotaa.


Male Elf
Larellian scout, killed by arachtria and raised by Arrian.



Female Elf Druid
Middle-aged druid, living in what others would describe as solitude in remote Larellian wilderness. Has two mated dire badgers, Wane and Wax, as animal companions.

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