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Male Orc Warrior
A tall, muscular, imposing orc warrior who hefts his double-bladed greataxe with worrying ease. Originally introduced to the party by Sarthen in the woods northwest of the monastery. Killed by Hep in the temple raid (Beginnings, Chapter 5).


Male Human Ranger
Yore is a middle-aged woodsman that lives on the outskirts of Trennim. He is very suspicious of strangers. He knows of the monastery and is on friendly terms with Sir Veketh. The party convinced him to aid them in tracking the elusive Sarthen. In combat, he wields a venerable masterwork battle axe and has two throwing axes at his belt.


Female Human
Anassia is a 12 year old human girl from another land. She travelled here to meet her prospective husband but her entourage was attacked and she was the only survivor. She was taken in by the monastery.

Those of her race look much younger than their years; Anassia can easily be mistaken for one as young as 5 in our homeland. She carries herself with much grace and composure.

It was later discovered that that which we thought to be Anassia was in fact a construct. The real Anassia had been horribly wounded aboard a ship raid. Valen, entrusted with her care, used his psionically empowered necklace to act as a vessel for her soul. Anassia the construct wears this necklace, which offers her considerable protection against magical effects.


Female Dwarf Fighter
Konni joins the party at Carthenage to aid them in their investigations into the recent petty crime in the area. She is all-dwarf: hard as nails, and about as talkative, too.


Male Human
A psionically gifted man of the same race as Anassia. Tall (for one of his race), bald, kind eyes, and of indiscriminate age. Sworn to protect Anassia. Creator of the necklace that protected Anassia's soul. Valen was captured by (something) and reached out with his mind for aid; he contacted a pseudodragon still in its egg. Emily happened by the egg and when it hatched the little reptile led her to Valen, where she helped free him.

King Garen

Male Human
Ruling monarch of the eastern lands. His palace is in Ashhope. He is well advanced in years and not in the best of health. The next in line for the throne is his son, Arthur.

Prince Arthur

Male Human
King Garen's eldest son and Anassia's betrothed. The Lord of Dreig Keep, around sixty miles northeast of Kharag Monastery.

Prince Dimaan

Male Human
King Garen's second son, stationed at the King's palace in Ashhope.

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