Chapter 05: Yololoyoloyololoyoyol!

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Session Number: 205
Date: Sunday 6 April 2014
Venue: Tammi's
PCs & Players:

Breg Rog3/Clr10 (Fergus) (kills: 1 incorporeal waily thing)
Calico Drd13 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA6 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal13 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz13 (Densial) (kills: none)
Violet Drd13 (Tammi) (kills: 1 incorporeal waily thing)

XP Awarded: TBA

The druids take the middle watch and wake everyone at midnight. Violet has been hearing the normal sounds of a healthy mountain ecosystem. The torches in the cave are still lit. Calico turns into an eagle and looks into the cave. It looks as it did, both normally and magically. He flies half way inside the cavern. Finding everything the same, he flies over to where the monk died. It too hasn't changed. The others enter one by one.

"Shall we try turning again?" Breg asks.

"If you wish to," Troll says, "I will turn and go out."

"Shall I try in your stead?" Rowaine asks Breg.

"I think we agreed that I have the better chance. How about I turn and you heal me?"

"Very well."

Breg again tries turning. Divine power manifests as a hammer spinning end-over-end that strikes the door. It appears to shatter, small sickle-like pieces ricocheting throughout the cavern. One hits Breg: he saves and takes 11 damage. Rowaine enters and Lays Hands on him. The door stands resolute.

The party try various combinations of pushing and pulling on the door. It moves not an inch. They break for the remainder of the night, returning to their watch schedule. Morning arrives and the adventurers prepare spells. Troll asks Violet for the magical items to identify. She hands them over. Troll Identifies the moonstone pendant as a Periapt of Wisdom +2 and the ring as a Ring of Minor Electrical Energy Resistance. The party briefly debate what to do with the items. Rowaine, Breg and Calico lean towards returning them to the order, or the remnants of it. "That's stupid!" says Troll. "Are we going to have this discussion over everything that we find?"

"I say finders keepers," Violet says. She takes the necklace off Troll and puts it on.

Troll then Identifies the door. Its magic is divine in origin, casting an enlarged Mass Inflict Cure Serious Wounds when it is targetted with divine channelling.

Breg, Lionel and Troll start searching the cavern, starting on the west wall. It is covered in a mosaic depicting the battles of the Devil-Lich. The images are wicked and stomach-churning. About half way along the west wall Breg finds another inscription in blood: "My eyes are the windows to your souls." Behind a pillar to the north he finds a sheet lying on the ground covering a scratched-out area in the earth, about 7 feet long, 2 feet wide and a foot and a half deep. Beneath the sheet are scraps of material, some with blood on them. It smells particularly nasty, like the dead.

The trio search the east wall. Written in blood atop the mosaic is another inscription: "Find and destroy the dragon's heart, the only way for Chalychia to depart." A little further south, the mosaic depicts a large skeletal knight bearing a scythe in battle. The blade and shaft intersect with a gallows pole, the archway formed by these two objects looks to be very door-shaped. Breg looks closer. The scythe appears to be hinged, looking like it is designed to fall outwards.

"It's trapped," he says.

"I'll handle this," Troll says. "You might want to back off."

Troll moves to the opposite wall and takes aim as Breg steps away from the mosaic. Rowaine stations herself behind Troll's left shoulder - just in case. With a flourish, Troll sends his first Acidic Splatter on its way. It hits the scythe's shaft and etches deep, running down its length. "Hold!" Breg says, arm outstretched as he approaches the door again to inspect the damage. "Another two or three of those and there won't be much more to look at." He backs away as Troll takes aim again. The second orb of acid strikes the same place as the first. With the 'twang' of a broken high-tensile spring releasing its energy, the bottom half whirls in a short arc and smacks into the wall while the bladed top half falls to the floor. Breg checks the trap again: it has been triggered. He looks for an opening mechanism. The rider's skeletal fist is in profound relief and looks like it is designed to move. Breg twists it, and 'click': the door opens inwardly. Behind it is a ten foot wide corridor, some fifty feet long heading to the east. At the end is another door.

"I am going to be very cautious, I think," Breg says to the others, then bends over, searching the ground ahead for traps.

"Check the walls as well," Lionel warns.

Breg starts inching forwards. Calico flies to the opening and look down the corridor, searching for magic. There is none evident. Breg traverses the corridor and begins thoroughly examining the end door. It has a handle and looks to open inwards. It looks sound and safe. He opens the door.

Through the doorway is a circular chamber with smooth black walls, shimmering like an oil slick. It is large, at least eighty feet wide. There are eight doors spaced evenly around the room. Several piles of bones litter the floor. The air is chilly, with a slight whiff of burnt almonds. Several glass spheres are set into the ceiling, 25 feet high. Each has a variety of bright points of light, pulsing to an unheard beat. The effect on the rippling, oily walls is chaotic. Flickering shadows and moving colours dance along the walls. Two shadowy figures drift silently through the room, slowly moving from door to door. A swirling black arm from one of the figures reaches out to one door, the shadowy hand passing through the handle. Its shoulders slump and it drifts on to the next door.

"Are you still alive?" Lionel asks.

"So far," Breg replies.

"Any traps?"

"None I can see."

Rowaine joins Breg as Calico peers into the room. The lights on the ceiling bear magic, as do the two shadowy figures. "To me," Rowaine says in a quiet voice. The others gather.

Breg casts Magic Circle against Evil, centred upon himself. Violet catches the smell and immediately feels uneasy: she knows of at least one poison that smells of almonds. Troll casts Overland Flight and flies into the room, landing on the floor. The creatures emit necromantic magic to Calico's eyes. Breg casts Detect Undead and receives a positive result for both figures. He tells the others. "Have at them!" Troll says. Lionel, Rowaine and Harley enter the room. Violet commands her carpet to hover above Lionel and casts Sunbeam. Blinding light strikes one of the creatures, disrupting its coherence and blinding it.

Initiative: mon2 mon1 tr vio lio cal ro bre

"Remember," Breg says, "no spells that creatures can shrug off through fortitude!" "I have another of those sunbeams," Violet says. "Use that!" Breg replies. One of the creatures yells a high-pitched warbling wail: Will saves all round. Some receive bonuses by virtue of Breg's Protection from Evil spell. Lionel rolls a 1 and automatically fails. So does Rowaine. They stop and stare blankly at the creature, hypnotised by the strange, chaotic noise. Troll saves and yells "lololololololol!!!" back. The creature then closes. The other creature yells the same way: everyone that saved again has to make further saves. Calico fails. Violet saves, but only because she was within the globe of Breg's spell. Troll hits monster2 with Acid, which flies wide. Violet casts Sunbeam and does 47 damage against mon1: it dissipates. Lionel and Rowaine do nothing. Breg steps, bringing Rowaine and Harley into the range of his abjuration, and attempts to turn. "I abjure you in the name of Marthammor Duin!" It doesn't do anything.

The monster slashes its misty claws at Rowaine but Breg's spell proves impenetrable! It then moves down the line past Troll and Breg. The dwarf takes a swipe at it. His mace flies straight through its inky, incorporeal form. It turns right and heads towards the west door. Troll shoots it with more acid. The glob flies straight through it. Violet shoots another Sunbeam, hitting the creature squarely for 45 damage and blinding it. Breg tries turning again, turning a 12HD creature and a total of 22HD.

The monster flees. Breg gets an AOO and hits, but his mace again passes through its form with no effect. It encounters a wall and starts moving southeast, past the southwest door. Troll shoots it with more acid. The acid passes straight through its back. Violet shoots another Sunbeam doing lots of damage but it is still there. Breg Cures the creature, touching it successfully and inflicting enough damage to destroy it.


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