Chapter 09:

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Session Number: 195
Date: Sunday 8 December 2013
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Ariel Sor13 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Calico Drd13 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA6 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal13 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz13 (Densial) (kills: none)
Violet Drd13 (Tammi) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

Late afternoon. Quickly decide that the party will leave the road and head directly towards the Jaws of Grinon - after they have decided what to do with the two individuals ahead. tr goes boom, then stands behind Rowaine, effectively making the decision for everyone. The figures turn towards the party and start slowly walking towards. As they approach the party see they are humanoid wearing basic but servicable woven clothing. Each holds a spear. Ariel casts Tongues on Rowaine and herself. The figures are moving quite slowly. Their skin is slightly discoloured, like it is faded. Rowaine Detects Evil. They have a lingering past aura of evil, suggesting they have been in the presence of evil. Spears pointing at the party, one says in a drawn out way, in common, "Leave." ro May we speak? "Leave now. Why here?" ari We are heading towards the Jaws of Grinon. "Through Grinon?" ari We had planned to, is that a problem? "No, don't come." ro We really only wish to make a small detour above Grinon lands. As soon as we reach the mountains we plan to travel northeast straight into Talia. We do not wish to stay in Grinon at all. "Follow road. Don't come in." The figure points his spear along the road in the direction the party were travelling. ari "If we follow the road, will that keep us out of Grinon?" "Yes." ro How far away is Talia? "Don't know." ari Why do you talk so slow? Ignores question. ro "We respect your rules and we will stay to the road." The pair turn away, back towards the forest to the east. Calico senses some sort of magic about them - necromancy. The hairs on the back of Rowaine's neck stand up. But she has just given her word that she will not enter their lands.

Initiate Disc Protocol 1 along the road (the canopy prevents following the road from the air and the surrounding forest is too overgrown to fly at low altitude.

Evening. Still unusually misty here. ro asks someone to check whether it is more misty to the right than the left - being clear that she does not condone entering Grinon lands. Violet obliges. Yes, the mist is thicker to the right. She also spots another two scouts in the forest.

Make camp, raise a cottage. Ariel memorises the area and Teleports to Aquilla for dinner. Violet finds sufficient food for the party and Khan's men, but not enough for Axe. He goes off and returns shortly after with a boar over one shoulder. Rowaine sings some choir songs. Ariel returns and people settle in for the night.

Standard watch schedule: Rowaine and Ariel first, Lionel and Troll next, then Calico and Violet.

Axe stays on for the first half of Rowaine's and Ariel's shift. Ariel notices that he smells fairly ripe and decides against getting too close.

2/3 of the way through Troll and Lionel's shift, they see a group of 4-5 people off in the distance, running to the southeast. tr "Wake everybody up!" He then looses a Fiery Burst straight up. The group of people change direction towards the commotion. ETA 2 minutes. Lionel goes into the cottage and wakes Rowaine. She forgoes her armour - it takes too long to don - wraps a blanket around herself and steps outside with her waraxe. Ariel casts Tongues on herself and Rowaine. The tribesmen come out as well. axe Were they Grinons? ari I don't know. What does a Grinon look like? axe Don't know.

People get to the clearing and stop. In tattered clothing, with bows and spears. ro Ho there. You need not fear. You may approach, we will not harm you. guy Who are you? Are you Grinons? ro No. We are not Grinons, we are not Faladon, nor are we from Talia. We are travellers. guy Get away from here, this place is unsafe! ari What's unsafe about it? guy People don't come back when they go in. ro Into Talia? guy Grinon. ari I thought this road didn't go into Grinon. guy This road skirts Grinon. ro Where are you from? guy We are from a tribe a little bit off the Grinon lands. ari Oglodi? guy Yes! ro We have met Oglodi before. We have travelled through the lands of Khan, Strige and Axe. guy Is that Axe? ro Yes. guy Oh, hey Axe! axe Hi!

The tribesmen talk amongst themselves for a time. There is a lull in the conversation where Axe says Ooh, let me go and get this boar I caught! He gets up and leaves.

ari doesn't want to talk to the new guys because they might want to join in. It seems to be the pattern. guy Why are you here? ro We are on our way into Talia. guy Oh. And you took that road? ro We were told not to enter the lands of Grinon. guy Oh, yeah, don't go in there. It's a bad idea. ro It seemed sensible to stay to the road. guy Yes, stay to the road! Alright, we've got things to do, we've got to head off. Just stay to the road and don't go in Grinon. ro OK. You're not going to wait and see Axe's boar? guy Oh, he's kind of not my sort of person. So I'm just gonna leave. ro Really? What shall I say when Axe returns? guy I don't know, tell him I died or something. ro That's going to be hard to explain.

Small group heads off. Rowaine explains to Axe upon his return that the tribesmen couldn't stay. axe Axe sad. ro What tribe are they from? axe Um, I haven't met the leader, I just know him.

Morning. Head off on the ground using Disc Protocol 1. Notice the mist fades and it becomes brighter. Rowaine believes they are near the threshold of Talia territory. The canopy is thinning. Rowaine asks Calico whether he recognises anything. Also asks whether he has encountered this mist. He hasn't; he steered clear of Grinon. He has travelled from Talia to Falador in the past, but followed the northern coastline.

Why didn't we know this and follow the coast ourselves??
Dm's Edit: Because you didn't ask.

Rowaine asks about the circle on the map that they believe they are heading towards. It is a town called Kiri. Calico is starting to recognise mountain range features. Rowaine suggests they stay on the road; if the next town is Kiri, they then know where they are and can then strike out to the southeast.

Follow the road. Forest starts to thin. Travel for half a day until see a fork in the road: continues on straight well-travelled, a lighter path veers off to the left. No signs. Might be a village that is not on the map. Stick to the straight path. Late afternoon. Pass another two similar forks. Forest continues to thin to plains and grass. See in the distance buildings, tilled fields. About an hour and a half distant. Fly. As approach the civilised area, see small fences parallel to the road. See people moving between fields. Rowaine lands and dismisses Harley, so as to not spook any livestock. See covered wagon approaching, heading the other direction. Make way for it to pass. Rudimentary stone wall with gate surrounding the town. Ariel stops someone outside and asks the name of the town. Kiri. cal estimates it is about a day and a half by foot to Harkon from here. See no reason to enter the town so skirt around to the northeastern side where there is a road that heads towards the mountains.

Well, more of a heavily trodden trail than a road. Troll and Ariel memorise the fork in the road for an hour.

Evening. Camp. Shelter. Ariel departs and returns, having eaten lobster parmigiana. Violet provides food for everyone. Axe eats more of his boar. Watch. Morning.

Trek on. Road veers left, Calico says we need to keep going straight on to the southeast. Leave the road. Gap in mountain range that they are heading towards. Trees at foot of mountains getting denser; need to land and proceed on foot.

ro Calico, are you recognising anything yet? cal Yes, we are getting close. See cliff in distance amongst trees. Troll and Lionel make out a humanoid figure close to the cliff. Red-skinned. tr We should go that way. lio Wait, there's a red-skinned figure ahead! ro Calico? Ring any bells? Have you seen anything like this before? cal I suspect so. Eramor is a very unusual place in comparison to Lanuan. This person could be anybody.

Approach. Lionel hears the creature speaking a language he does not understand. It wears white clothing from the waist down and a white sash. It seems to have something jutting out of the sides of its head - horns? Keep approaching. Talking stops. Clearing. Figure in it, knelt down up against cliff rummaging around. ari Hello! Figure stands and whirls around. Has the head of a dog. Ariel casts Tongues. Figure draws sword, says in common "Who are you?" ari I'm Ariel. Who are you? Figure scans everyone. ari This is Rowaine. Figure takes interest in the symbols on Rowaine's necklace, armour and axe. "A paladin of Moradin?" ro Indeed. "What brings you here?" ro A tree. "Harkon?" ro Yes. You know of it? Creature still keeps its sword out but steps to the side and indicates to its right. Roots coming out of a crack in the cliff. "This is Harkon. What brings you here?" ari Our friend, Calico. Calico is currently a dog. ari Calico had told us of visiting Harkon in the past and we wanted to come and meet this tree for ourselves. Creature looks at Calico. "A druid?" ari Yes. Creature looks at owl in tree behind. "Two druids and a paladin… That's an odd mix." tr And a dwarf. "OK. You don't look like a dwarf." tr I'm tall for my height. ro He was raised as a dwarf. He identifies with that race more than his heritage. ari It seems that you are also interested in Harkon? "Yes. I'm interested in protecting Harkon." ari Oh, well we certainly don't want to threaten Harkon in any way. "That is good to hear." tr picks up a stick and makes to throw it towards the dog-headed creature. It barks. "Don't do that." ari I apologise for my companion. He does get carried away and can be rude but he is good at heart. Are you a druid? "No. And put that stick down! I may look like a dog but I am not one."

ro I forget my manners. My name is Rowaine Kharag. "Ezalor." ari Ezalor, how have you come to be a protector of Harkon? "I have learned of people threatening it and I have been sent to protect it." ari Why would people threaten Harkon? "I would rather not discuss that. Why have you come here?" tr We would rather not discuss that. ari Pretty much, actually. We would like to visit and talk with Harkon. I don't feel any great need to tell people what we'd like to talk about. "I'm sorry. If I don't know anything about you, I cannot let you come any closer to Harkon." ro Calico, have you dealt with this person's kind or their sect before? Calico turns into a human. cal He's a celestial. tr (in celestial) sup, bro. "It is rare to meet someone who understands my language." tr Yes it is rare to meet people who speak proper languages. cal I have heard of this. I believe Ezalor is an archon..? "That is correct."

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