Chapter 07: Magic. OK.

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Session Number: 193
Date: Sunday 24 November 2013
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Ariel Sor13 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Calico Drd13 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA6 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal13 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz13 (Densial) (kills: none)
Violet Drd13 (Tammi) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

The people are scattered and spread out. ro Remember guys, let's not kill them unless we have to. tr That's a silly idea. Does anyone have Speak with Dead? Coz we could do it that way round.

People run closer. They look like either humans or elves, dressed in animal furs. Yelling something in another language. ari and lio understand it: "Intruders! Get them? Where are they? Who are they?" ari They are saying we are intruders. Their language doesn't seem to include consonants. ro Form up! Druids, stay aloft and keep a watch.

Party stop and wait. The yelling lot come into view. They have bows and spears. ari Hello! They slow down and point their weapons at the party, yelling "Who are you?" ari I'm Ariel. Who are you? ind Are you Faladon? ari I don't know what that means. ind Are you from over there? ari No, I'm from a long, long way away. ind Where you from? ari have you heard of Lanuan? ind Where is Lanuan? Are you a Faladon? ari I'm from a different continent! A long way from here. lio Over the ocean. ind Over the water? So you not from there? lio No. ind OK, it's OK. The men stand down.

The guy has the personality of Douglas Reynholm from the IT Crowd.

ind Are you associated with Faladons? lio No. ari We did travel through their land. They didn't seem to be very friendly. ind We don't think they are friendly as well. They attack us. If you attack us, we attack. (He eyes up Ariel.) ari And I'm sure you're very good at it. ind What are you doing here? ari We are travelling through, looking for a … you might think this is a bit strange, I think it is a bit strange … but they're all very keen on finding a particular tree. ind You all look different! You look like a Faladon (indicating Rowaine). Rowan smiles when the guy looks at her, obviously not understanding his speech. ind looks at Ariel How do you know my talk? ari By virtue of magic. ind OK. ari You don't get along with the people? ind No, they attack us. We defend ourselves. ari I'm sorry to hear that, it's not very nice having poor neighbours. ind We don't like the Faladons. We like other tribes. So you guys are here for what? ari We are passing through. The place we are travelling to, we think is about two weeks journey from here. ind Special tree? lio Special tree. ind There's lots of trees here. There's one there. lio We're looking for a special tree. ind Special tree? lio Special tree. ind How is it special? lio It can talk. ind It can talk? lio Yes. ind Where is this talking tree? I want to meet it! Which way is it? That way? lio Yes! ind OK. I don't know of any talking tree. ari Two weeks in that direction, is that still in your lands? ind I don't know two weeks. We aren't two weeks away. ari Do you know the tribes that are in

that direction? ind I know a couple. lio Are they friendly? We like friendly. ind The ones we know are friendly. Somewhat. ari We do want to show appropriate respect to the peoples whose lands we are travelling through. ind Don't mention you're from Falador. It won't go down well. That's a bad place to be from. ari That won't be too difficult because we're not from there. ind As long as you don't encroach too near the tribes' villages, you should be OK. ari So we shouldn't go into any of the villages? ind Not until you're accepted first. ari How does one become accepted? ind Well, they meet you and they decide. While you're in our territory we'll need to keep an eye on you. ari You're very welcome to. We don't really have anything particular to do except travel in that direction. ind OK, cool. Two weeks, you say? ari We're not sure exactly. ro Are they asking for any compensation for our safe passage? ari No, not yet. They seem quite friendly, really. tr I'm suspicious. ind If you follow along this road, you will get to our village. Because you use magic, I can't allow you in. You will have to go around. ari Can you point us in the right direction to avoid your village? ind We will take you near, then point in a direction, yes. ari We are happy to follow your lead. ind (thinks) "Were you the people that entered our lands yesterday?" ari "We camped last night a bit that way," Ariel says, indicating the road behind. ind Oh! Tell the others to not bother. OK. A couple of people run off along the road the party have been travelling. ro What are they doing? lio explains. ari explains the thrust of the remainder of the conversation. ro I wonder whether we might be able to hire one of them as a guide through these lands. lio They are willing to take us to the other side of their territory. ro For free? Maybe we should offer them something, because that's valuable to us. ari I'm very rude my name is Ariel and I didn't catch your name. ind Khan! ari explains that despite ro's armour she is not a Faladon and that the symbol on her armour and around her neck represents the god she serves. ari then says that ro would like to express her gratitude for guiding the group - any way they can do that? kha None I can think of. ari Well, lead on and we shall follow.

Faladons come from Falador.

lio and Khan talk as the group are led along the road. cal and vio retain their bird of prey forms and follow along, keeping largely out of sight.

After a time, kha We go this way, then this way. Party travel through the forest for a bit then emerge back on the road. kha This is as far as I can take you. Go that way! lio Thank you very much. kha No problem. Nice to meet you Lionel and Ariel. ari Nice to meet you Khan. Go well. kha and the other indigs leave.

The party continue on.

Night approaches. ari They had a very nice chicken frittata at the inn I stayed at last night. ro Did you bring any? ari No but I was thinking of going there tonight.

Have the scouts look around for a clearing, as there still isn't enough room to erect ari's cottage near the road. vio finds one and leads the party there. It is not far, just beyond sight of the road. ari summons her cottage, then spends an hour memorising the area. ari Does anyone want anything from Aquilla? No one does. ari goes to Aquilla. vio hunts for a brace of coneys. Once she has enough she turns back into a gnome and cooks them up. ari has a nice meal and returns - with a picnic basket of food for the others.

Set up watch: lio and vio first, tr and cal next, ro and ari last. ro suggests that they create a static watch schedule so everyone has regular sleep patterns. tr wants to mix it up.

On the second watch, tr attacks the darkness with his wand of magic missiles. They see some people running on a non-intersecting course. tr sends up a fiery burst as a flare gun, then gets cal to wake everyone up. ro grabs her waraxe then steps outside in her underclothes. ro Elf! What do you see?

It's what ro calls tr when she wants his attention.

tr ignores her. tr Some people are coming over to say hello. The figures are now running in the group's direction. ari casts Tongues on herself, is about to do the same to ro but ro redirects to lio again. The people are dressed similar to Khan's group, with more red. Bows out and drawn. ro leans her waraxe against the doorframe. The people's speech is unintelligible to all but ari and lio: "Who are you, what is this, what are you doing here?" lio We're friendly! guy "Who are you?" His speech is less fluent than Khan's, he speaks falteringly. lio I am Lionel. guy Where are you from? ari We are travellers from a far land. guy. Far. Falador? (looks menacing.) Are you Falador? ari We are not from Falador, we are from much farther away than that. guy Are you from Talia? lio No. ari Very far away, many months travel. guy Are you from south? ari and lio look blank. guy What are you doing? ari We are searching for a place where there is a special tree. guy There are many trees. What are you doing in this area? ari It is on the way. lio We are sleeping here. guy What is this? (indicating hut.) This never here before. ari It is a magical sleeping place. guy Magical? ari Yes. guy OK. ari It will not be here tomorrow. We are travelling approximately two weeks in that direction. guy It disappear? ari Yes. guy OK. You go … there? (pointing.) ari That direction, approximately two weeks travel. guy Two weeks? ari Yes. guy Long time… ari Not as far as we have come. guy So you not from Falador? ari No. guy (to his tribesmen) OK, it's OK.

ro walks up to the others, leaving her waraxe behind. guy You! How many more in magic building? ari No one else in the cottage. guy She last person? ari There are six of us. guy I count five. Where sixth person? ari The last person is a bird. guy I thought you said six people? ari The bird is a person. guy How? ari Magic. guy That strange for magic. ari I agree. guy I accept not magic user. That witchdoctor crap. ari Ah. Sometimes she's a bird, sometimes she's other animals and sometimes she's a gnome. guy She sounds very skilled. ari Very skilled.

vio exits the cottage, as a gnome. guy Short person! Is she your bird? She doesn't look bird. ari Gnome. guy Gnome. I heard of gnome. OK. ari Different race. guy Yes, lots of races.

ari Like dwarf. (points to tr) Tall dwarf. guy Wow. Cool. Why you here in lands? In our lands? ari Travelling through. guy Two weeks that way? That's a long walk. OK. So you are not from Falador? You not here to attack us? ari No. guy You not from Talia either? ari Here only to respect you. I understand that we should avoid your village. guy Yes. You have met tribe before? ari Yes. Met Khan. guy Oh! He a funny guy! I love that guy! ari He told us to stay out of villages. guy If you accepted you can but we don't accept magic users. ari We are not planning to stay a long time, just passing through. lio We sleep tonight then we continue two weeks that way. guy OK. So you sleep in here? That all? ari Yes. guy OK. Magic building not explode? lio no. ari Not if people don't come close to it. guy starts backing away then stops. guy Wait… You were in it. Did you make joke? You funny too! Ha Ha Ha!

From what ro can make out, the conversation seems to be going well.

guy OK, so you go two weeks that way. You will not approach our village going that way. ari That's good. guy This path OK. Path will fork. Go right. OK? ari Go right on the path, OK. guy You will find another village. Go right you will meet one more tribe before Talia territory. You should be OK, they won't attack if you not Faladon. Or Talia. Cool? ari Cool. guy Cool. ari What's your name? guy Strige. What your name? ari Ariel. str (to lio) You spoke as well. How you know our language? ari Magic. str OK. What are all your names? ari introduces everyone. str Troll, we heard of them, they taller. ari And greener. str Yeah. Yeah! You met Troll too? ari Short meeting. Very hot. str You make nother joke, eh? Ha ha ha! OK. We will need to be here while you in our lands. We watch to make sure you don't come close to village. ari Fine, we don't want come close. That is good. str Cool, OK. You came from Khan village? ari When we came to this continent we landed in Falador. Not very friendly people. str No, they attack our lands. They very mean. ari I think they're mean too. str They need to learn to respect our authoritaa. ari We went to Khan's lands, then here. str OK. You say you from long way away? ari Very far. str You from south Eramor? ari Not Eramor. str Not Eramor? ari Beyond Eramor. str Over the sea? ari Over the sea. str OK. Very far. You have come very far for special tree. This must be very special tree. Do none of these trees special enough. ari No, they don't talk. str Oh, wow, OK. ari Magic tree. str Magic tree. Any chance I can meet magic tree too? ari I would need to check with the others. If they were OK with it, I can't see why you couldn't come. str OK. lio explains request to ro. ari This woman here is our leader. str (to ro) Hi! I am Strige! ari She does not understand your language. I have no magic for her. ro bows. str I can see down top. She shouldn't do that! You consult with her before taking me to magic talking tree. ari are you OK with two weeks travel? str Oh. I may send tribe member to go with you because I need to stay.

ro cal this is more your thing than mine. I have no particular problem with it. How do you feel? cal I could barely communicate with Harkon with my Speak with Plants, I'm not too sure this tree will do anything for him. Which is why I think it's safe to take him along. ro So it's not going to be a wonderful experience for him, though? cal Probably not. ro How have we described Harkon to Strige so far? lio A magic talking tree. ro OK, but for him it's not going to be a magic talking tree, it's just going to be a tree? cal Very possible. ro Maybe we should make that clear.

ari So Strige, I have spoken to my party and they advise me that there may be special magic necessary to hear the tree talking, and for other people they may not be able to communicate. str Could you give my tribe member the magic to talk, like you do to yourself and to Laaaarniw? ari I can let them talk to people, but not to a tree. str That different magic? ari Yes. It's a magic that Violet can do, for herself. str Bird woman? Can bird woman help tribe man speak to magic talking tree? ari I don't think so. But one of us can do it; they will be listening to the tree and they will speak on our behalf. My party have said that the member of your tribe is welcome, but they may not get a lot from the trip. It may just be two weeks travel to see a tree. str OK, I consult with my tribe. ari We will stay here the rest of the night before moving on at dawn, we will follow this path and then take the right fork. str OK. I go talk to tribe, meet at fork. OK. I will leave couple of tribe stay here watch building. ari OK. Good night. str Good night! See ya.

Most of tribe depart. A couple remain. lio and ari discuss conversation.

cal I believe the Tree of Life was not always awake but was recently awoken, which is why I was sent here by Harkon. Is it possible that Harkon will also be activated? ro Harkon wasn't awake while you were talking to it? cal No. ro How do you know? How do you know that this is a tree that can be awake or not? cal I know from my knowledge of the Tree of Life, a being that walked out of the tree and communicated. tr Harkon might be another Trina. ro You are right in that the Tree of Life was awakened, but I don't know that the same can happen to Harkon. Nobody was able to get near the Tree of Life in order to communicate with her, until she was awakened. cal There is no bramble around Harkon, people can just approach. ro So there are stories about Harkon? How did you come to know about it? cal I heard about it from the druids on Eramor. ro What were they telling you about Harkon? cal They told me that Harkon that was a tree that knew a lot and had connections around the world. ro Nothing about that the tree had been made dormant? cal No. Other druids had tried speaking to it before. Some get responses, some don't. I got a response. Every now and then, about once or twice a year, I would go to Harkon. ro What did Harkon tell you? cal It was more of a feeling. I've talked to trees before. Some you can actually talk to, some you can't. Generally there is some sort of feeling you can get about the environment they're in.

ari Is Harkon the same type of tree as Trina? ro An endotaa? cal Harkon is not strictly speaking a tree. He is some branches and roots emanating from a crack in a cliff. ro A subterranean tree? That's interesting.

Morning. Travel to fork, vio and cal as birds. Arrive midmorning. Meet Strige. ari casts Tongues on herself and lio. ari Well met Strige. str Hello. How was sleep? ari Well it was interrupted by some fiery bursts in the middle of the night, but other than that, good. str That's what we saw! Was that magic? ari Magic. str OK. lio That was done by an idiot. str An idiot? Who? lio Tall dwarf. str So height not dwarf, intelligence dwarf? lio Yes. str OK. We have talked about magic tree that we might not be able to talk to. We think we like to know it anyway. I'm gonna send two men with you on your journey if that OK with you. ari Fine. str This Wyr and Raou. ari explains that she relies on magic to know their language. Also explains that the party use magic to fly places faster than they could walk. Explains har and tr's discs. tr confirms that he can accommodate two extras. str (to his men) You OK with this? They answer in the positive. str So my people will go with you now? ari Yes. str OK. Is there anything else you want talk about before we go? ari Do you need us to feed them? str They will live off land. ari I will check in with them from day to day and if they need anything I'm sure we can help. str OK. They appreciate that. Yep. OK.

ari memorises the fork area. ro asks about the road ahead. str (to ari) What magic tree like? Have you met before? ari No. Only cal. str Can you Tongues on that one? ari obliges. str What magic tree like? cal Like a normal tree, but sometimes says things.

cal and Strige talk about trees. Translating through cal, vio offers to show Strige her changing into a bird. str Show me bird form you do! vio transforms into her great grey owl form. Flies around then lands on ro's shoulder. str Wow, amazing magic! Show me how you do! ari They're very secretive about their magic; they won't teach anyone. ari I know a bit of magic, I might be able to teach you or your people a little bit. str Zhar mystic of the tribe. He fast learner. Can he do any magic now? str He very magical. He predict rain. ari Does he read from a book? str Book? What book? ari Um. str He natural magic. ari Probably best that he works with me then. ari Not sure if it will work, what I teach, but I can try. str Zhar will learn from you. ro learns about this. ro Zhar can also learn about the awesomeness of Moradin. ari str, do you or your people follow a god? str Yes, we follow Oglodi god. God of the tribes. ari ro is a follower of a god called Moradin. str OK. What is Moradin god of? ari Umm. ro He is known as the All-Father. The Soul Forger. Creator of the dwarves. ari translates. str Oh, so all father, but only all of dwarves? ari asks ro. ro Mostly.str Sound like dwarf father. ari I think that might be right. I don't follow Moradin. str Do you follow god? ari I'm a little bit interested in Pelor, but not really. str Pelor? Who Pelor? ari Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm not really that religious. str Oh. But you use magic? ari Yes. str That unusual to me but I not witchdoctor. I don't concern myself with that. That Zhar territory. ari I will talk about that with Zhar. str OK. Let me talk to Zhar, see if he want to come with you, learn magic. Oi, Zhar! Follow them! You want go with people? Some pretty, you may, you know… Yeah!

Zhar has a bark mask over his face. He is very thin and dark-skinned. His clothes consist of lots of mismatched pieces draped over his body that somehow constitute an outfit. He carries a staff.

ari Only two can come. str Only two? ari We only have room to carry two. str Sorry, Raoul.

vio turns back into a gnome. ro asks str about Talia with lio's assistance. str Talia northern region. Like Falador but north. And less fighty. ro You have some relationship with them? str We don't associate. They don't like us. ro Why is that? str They very wealth. We not this. We low compared to them, according to them. ro There are different ways of measuring wealth. str Like not just gold, but furs. And natural resources. These words learned from Talia. ro But how do you measure the worth of a mother's smile? str What do you mean? ro What I am saying is that if you measure life only by the money that you have, then you are missing out on much. I would say that your tribes have far greater wealth by other measures. str I don't fully understand what you're saying. I don't understand at all. What do you mean? ro Do you have a woman? str Yes. Her name Aaaaaah! ro What is she worth to you? str She is my life. ro There is no coin in the world that is worth your Aaaaaah? str Her life priceless. ro This is the wealth I am talking of. The relationship between a man and a woman, of family. str Like sex? ro purses her lips. More than that.

Do you have children? str Yes. I have elder son and younger son. ro And you would do anything for them. str I teach them the ways of our tribe. ro Teach them well. This is the wealth I speak of. Things that you would never, ever give up. str How is that money? Wealth to me is money, something you trade for what you need. ro I am thinking of things that you treasure. str Oh. Yes. I treasure family. A lot. ro Whereas the people in this land, Talia, they treasure money. str Oh. I got what you mean now. OK. They treasure money maybe more than they treasure family. ro Maybe. I don't know. They may be measuring things differently than you and I. But you are not actively at war with them? str Not at the moment. We have been in the past but we both agree to stop fighting. ro cal, this place Talia, are we destined to travel through it on our journey? cal Talia is the other map that we bought. The other region. In that region is Harkon. We won't be passing through much of it; we won't be near any major cities. Maybe a village or two. ro str, what is this land called? str This is the land of the Oglodi. It is the name for our god and the name of our region.

ari finishes memorises the area. str advises that they need to leave, asks whether it is OK for two of their tribe, Zhar and Wyr, to accompany the party to the tree. All good. They will lead the party through the tribe's lands but not hard, just follow path, should be fine. Farewells.

str See you when you return with my people. I look forward to the stories. If you see Khan again before you see me, tell him Ailiere! He'll know what it means! They leave.

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