Chapter 05:

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Session Number: 191
Date: Sunday 20 October 2013
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Ariel Sor13 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Calico Drd13 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA6 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal13 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz13 (Densial) (kills: none)
Violet Drd13 (Tammi) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

Have 6 weeks to visit all the areas that the party have a relationship with.

Go to Aquilla. Hasn't changed much. Still has problems with slavery. ari Finds her first familiar aboard the floating city: Boris the rat.

Aquilla is trading via ship with the city of Lorhill, beyond the horizon on the continent of Eramor. Suddenly everyone is very interested in getting there. ro suggests getting passage aboard a trading ship. How to get back home? tr Backpack!ro OK. Is that preferable to Oak's Forgiveness? tr Yes. We can go to Oak's forgiveness any time. We can't go to Eramor again once Aquilla moves. That's it. ari asks whether cal can get them to the tree if they go to Eramor. ro OK with proceeding if they can return to check in on the teachers with the Arcanites. Check how long the ship journey to Eramor is: about a day. ari If it is only a day by ship, why don't we just fly up until we can see it? tr Let's take a boat. ro It might give us a chance to learn some more by talking to people.

ari asks cal to escort her to the docks to inquire about passage to the mainland. tr confirms with elo and saj that there are no range limitations for a wing. He has one of saj's two existing backpacks with him.

Currently Deployed Backpacks: Kharag Monastery (elo), Fort Rannick (elo), Mithral Mug (abb), Trina (abb)

Check with cal about the local language. Common is, ermm… common. But it is not spoken everywhere. The next ship departing for Lorhill leaves Aquilla in the evening. Pay for transport. tr goes back to Trina and gathers some valuables - gems and precious metals - that he distributes amongst the party as petty cash. ro declines; she typically just smiles and people give her stuff :-)

It is thought that over the centuries, druids in this part of the world would probably have had the chance of learning about Trina and may have even visited the region in which she lives, but were unable to gain access because of the sphere of impassable brambles surrounding her.

vio stocks up on herbs from Aquilla's marketplaces. ro and lio accompany her. ari looks for information regarding dragons in a local library. A dragon was reported to have lived long ago in a mountain range in Eramor called The Jaws of Grinon, long ago. There is also reference to a dragon living on the continent of Lenuan where tr and ro and lio etc are from,

south of a mountain range known as The Teeth of Lenuan (a mountain range north of Ashhope).

cal confirms that he knows of the Jaws of Grinon, and that Harkon is a decent distance away from it. cal is a little uncertain of Harkon's relationship to the city of Lorhill, but estimates them to be something in the order of 10-14 days travel apart on foot.

During the day ro presents herself to the temple of Moradin on Aquilla and makes herself useful. ari goes with her; it sounds interesting.

Evening. The ship is ready to depart. The party board. It is a large trading vessel with several berths for those paying for passage. The berths are very basic and there are no separate spaces for males and females. ro passes a bit of time talking to ari about Boris, ari's familiar. ari found him on Aquilla. Boris is very cute. ro checks him for evil, just in case :-)

ro looks around for other passengers. There is a male human sitting by himself, mid 30s. ro approaches and starts conversation. The man does not give away his name but identifies himself as a fur trader from Lorhill. He offers to show the remainder of his product to ro. This is the first time that the trader has ever heard of or been to the floating city.

ro asks about temples and/or gods in Lorhill. There aren't any, according to the trader. It isn't a very religious place. People are allowed to practice their religion in safety but not publically. ari talks to cal about the area. Lorhill is a coastal city in a large city state called Falador. There is a king but cal is unaware of their name.

The trader has not heard of Lenuan. He thinks there are dwarves in the land but none in Lorhill. The thing that he learned from Aquilla was that there are a lot of different races and cultures out there, most of which he doesn't understand. ro As an absolute newcomer to Lorhill, what would you advise me do? guy Have you been to cities that are heavily policed before? ro Not really, no… guy It is very ordered in Lorhill. Very hierarchical. ari Sounds very stifling. ro It sounds like you'd know your place, though. ari As long as you are happy to stay in it, forever and ever. tr Rich and powerful family, right? ro Wouldn't you be happy to stay in it? ari I didn't.

ro What sort of things would get you into trouble with the law there? I would assume the normal sort of things like stealing, fighting, killing… guy That is not allowed there, on penalty of death. ro What other things? Dress, having holy symbols visible? guy Having holy symbols out is not common. I don't know the law around that but you might want to keep that sort of thing hidden, just in case. ro Is the way we are dressed appropriate? guy The way you are dressed now is fine. ro Are there people that wear armour in the city? guy Yes, but the people who do are generally working as guards, emblazoned with the crest of Lorhill. ro establishes that there are inns in Lorhill that offer lodgings.

ro asks for the man's place of business, remembering the directions he gives, then winds up the conversation.

Set up a watch in the lodgings and get some rest. ro and tr together, ari and lio together, the two druids together. In the middle of the night ari and lio notice a shady, hooded man approaches the party. ari Hello! vio wakes with a start, sleeping fitfully because of her experience with pirates aboard a previous ship. ari I'd suggest that you keep away from any of these things over here. I'm just trying to give people helpful suggestions. I hate it when people get hurt. The man turns around and heads off in the other direction. He doesn't return; ari and lio do not pursue. They tell cal and vio what happened at the change of watch.

Morning. See land in the distance. ari tells the others of the potential thief on board that she sent on his way.

Make landfall in two hours.

Disembark. Everyone around are humans. They look at the nonhuman members of the party. There are guards on street corners. ro Shall we hire a guide? tr As soon as you talk to somebody ro, you're going to get arrested. ro This is a lawful society! But you do have a point; maybe we should keep our heads down. cal I will have a better idea how to get to Harkon when I am closer to it. I know the general direction - roughly. ro I know the general direction of places in my continent too - roughly - but I wouldn't trust myself to get there! cal That's how I feel. We need help. ari Could cal buy a map? cal I would rather not have too much to do with people here. ro What's this about, cal? Is this an urban thing? cal It's a personal thing, I'd rather not talk about it.

ari approaches one of the guards, asking where she might buy maps of the area. guard Market square's that way. Party go there. Stalls everywhere. Notice a large number of guards, standing and patrolling. tr ro, I think you should do the talking. ari is just going to get us in trouble. ari Your problem is you're too afraid of trouble. What's life without a bit of trouble? tr A long life. ari A boring life! tr I hate to tell you this, but life has been very interesting for quite some time now. I could do with a bit of boring! Why do you think I keep going on holiday?

ro and ari approach a general store. ro is in her armour and has her holy symbol prominently displayed. ro asks for maps of this area and Eramor in general. He has maps of Falador, adding that for anything beyond that they should go to the northwest corner of the marketplace and ask for Manon. ari pays the merchant a silver piece for the information, and another for his map of Falador.

Manon has other maps, including one that spans the area from Lorhill to the Jaws of Grinon, and one of an area known as Talia that Calico identifies as being the region where Harkon is. ari suggests in dwarven that they find another cartographer. Manon takes offence at the use of the language. man Go away, don't speak that sort of stuff around here. ari (in common) I'm sorry, is it offensive to speak like that here? man You can get in a bit of trouble, I think. You can go on your way now. ro I do have one question about the destinations on the maps… Is there trade between here and there? Are there caravans that we might travel with? man I don't know. I don't know much about trade, I just map the area and hitch rides. ro Who do you hitch rides with? man Sometimes there are caravans… ro Do you intend to travel soon at all? man I don't know. ro We are making you uncomfortable, aren't we? man Yes, very. ro We will be on our way. Farewell.

Look for other cartographers. Find a map that bridges from here to outside Falador, and more or less corroborates the maps they have already bought - in broad brush strokes. All the maps are pretty rough. Taken as a whole, the party cobble together two regional maps - one of Falador and one of Talia:


Although the party cannot with any certainty determine the relationship of one map to the other, they now at least have a general direction to go. Think it would be a good idea to memorise an area around here as a target for Teleportation - not necessarily in the city. Outside it. The road leading inland that the party are thinking of following intersects with a river marked on their map of the area. tr suggests flying high and looking for a nearby forest. vio does so. See a small bridge over some water (troubled?), beyond which near the road is a forest, about a couple of hours walk away. ro summons har. ari introduces Boris to har. ro har, this is not a snack.

Institute Disc transport method: one Greater Disc with ari and lio on it, ro and tr on har, cal and vio flying. Make the forest. Memorise an area then continue on, following the road.

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