Chapter 02:

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Session Number: 188
Date: Sunday 29 September 2013
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Ariel Sor13 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Calico Drd13 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA6 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal13 (Craig) (kills: the crowd)
Troll Wiz13 (Densial) (kills: none)
Violet Drd13 (Tammi) (kills: the crowd)

XP Awarded: TBA

At the floating mountains, in the dusk time. With Kanocel. Travelling in the direction of the Arcanite settlement. kan hovers alongside. ari likes him. She tries casting a spell - something big and violent. Lightning Bolt will do. Faces a tree and starts casting. Bolt arcs towards the tree and splits off to hit a bunch of other trees as well. Trees are unharmed. ro What under the earth are you doing? ari You said strange things happen when you cast spells here, I wanted to see what happened! ro What did you cast? ari Lightning Bolt. It's really interesting! It split out into multiple bolts like it was Chain Lightning. But it didn't do any damage! Look… ari points. ro Noooo! No no no. Lower the finger! We've been probably quite lucky up until now that nothing really bad has happened. Please don't just go around experimenting. You might hurt someone. tr Like yourself. arr Don't you think it's worthwhile figuring out how magic works here? tr Too dangerous. ari What makes you think that? My spell didn't do any damage at all. tr What we get is a similar effect but possibly much bigger and in a random direction. ari Are we in a different dimension here? ro I would say so. This place doesn't have any time or seasons. ari It could be that any dimension interacting spells don't work properly here. ro your Lightning Bolt wasn't one of those spells. ari Yes, it behaved differently. I'd like to have an experiment with this. I don't want to put any of you at risk so leave me here for a bit.

kan has wandered off ahead, notices that he is alone and floats back. kan What's going on? I thought we were going to meet everyone? What are you guys doing here? Let's go! ari I'm going to experiment here with magic. Do you want to see? ro said it might be dangerous so you'd better actually go away. kan No I'll stay, it sounds fun. ari That's what I thought! ro If that's the case, I'm staying too.

lio goes 150' behind ari. tr 200' behind. ro 60' away over her right shoulder. cao about 90' in same direction as ro. kan is next to ari, staring at the tree. vio beside ro. ari casts Lightning Bolt exactly the same as before.

ari describes to kan what the spell should do. Has a bit of trouble describing what 'damage' and 'burn' and 'hot' mean. kan stares at the tree, very excited. Spell goes off prematurely and she is blinded for a moment. The trees in front of her are lightly singed. ro sees a flash of light engulf ari and herself, she and vio take 10 dmg. ro Ow. lio sees the blinding light but is not hurt. Almost as if it were an AoE lightning bolt with 120' radius. ari is not damaged, but kan's clothing is singed. ari You may need to be further away. ro You may need to stop now. ari So the effect is not consistent. ro We could have told you this! ari have you experiment with different spells of different schools? ro Yes…. ari Was there a consistent inconsistency? ro (wearily) No… As far as we can tell, it is all random. This is the first time that someone has actually been hurt, though. Thanks for that. ari I'm sorry about that but you know, I did advise you to leave me. ro And I did advise you to leave it alone! And when it's random, it's pretty difficult to figure out where is safe.

See another flash of light appear. Area singed again. kan has cast a spell. ro and vio are damaged again. kan Was that what you did? ro OW! Stop this madness! ari But he might be able to do it consistently. vio turns into a dire bear (successfully) and growls at kan. kan Whoa, what is that? ari backpedalling. kan quite frightened and runs off into the woods. ari vio, what are you doing? kan, she won't hurt you! vio turns to ari, huffs and wanders into the woods. ari Stop kan, stop! ro This always happens… Everyone, to ME! Everyone wanders back - ari reluctantly. vio returns as a gnome. ro Can we now say that the experimentation time is over, before somebody gets killed? ari How about if we put a lot more distance between you and I? I want to know how it works here. ro This is not what we're here for.

A debate ensues, ari wanting to experiment and the others not. Finally agree to bring ari back here if/when the arcanites are no longer here.

Head to the arcanites' settlement. Rolling hills, statue, forest's edge with buildings in front.

The party arrive. vio notices that there is no sound of wildlife anywhere. ari confirms with tr that kan's magical effect was preceded by the same gestures as ari's. It too went off early. ari So he watched me do a spell once and was able to repeat it. That's amazing. ro That's kind of scary actually, when they get to our world.

vio considers casting Speak with Plants to see if they are truly trees. ro tries to dissuade. lio What would happen if you tried to Detect Evil, ro?

150' away from buildings. No arcanites in sight. ro Hello? No answer. Walk towards buildings. Some notice that there is a new building in the settlement - one that looks very similar to the one the party use to enter and leave this place. ro yells again. Nothing. ro lio, how long has it been since people have been here? lio looks around. people have been here within the past 24 hours… Difficult to tell exactly with the lack of water and weather and time.

Hear a rustling from the treeline. See the arcanites emerge from the forest. Hamuleilin Oh, hey, welcome back! How are you? ro Good, how have you been? ham Good it's been some time. ro Very good! You seem to be expanding. ham Yes we made them like the building up there. ro You needed more accommodation? ham We just wanted to know more about it. We know we're not allowed to go in, we just wanted to see what it was like. ro You did this without going into the one up there? ham That's right. We were told not to. We haven't been inside this one either. ro If you are not going to go inside, what are you going to use it for? ham We just wanted to know more about that building so we made more. ari You were curious. I understand that. I want to know more about everything. ham We may be similar. ari YEAH!! tr You wanted to stay here? It's happening. ham I see the teachers are back for some time, are you staying too? ro We can spare a day or two, if we would be useful. ari ham, I am concerned about something. We met kan on the way here. I think there is a possibility of him being upset. ham Concerned? Upset? explanations are made. ham Why would he be sad? ari on the way here we were talking to him and one of our party turned into a dire bear… ham Dire bear? ari It's hard to explain, but I am concerned that he may be afraid and I want to make sure that he is OK. ham You want to see him? ari Yes. ham He does his own thing. He comes when he wants. He is part of the other group.

ro speaks to teachers with tr there and tells them the party's latest findings regarding backfiring magic and kan's copying of ari's spell. So far the arcanites haven't done anything like that. ro lets the teachers know that their druid was able to Wild Shape with no odd effects. ro asks whether the teachers wish them to do anything further regarding the magical effects. It is not the teachers' priority right now. ro stresses the potential danger of letting loose a race that can learn magic almost by accident. teachers mention that the arcanites have been taking on the mannerisms of the teachers, but nothing remotely like what ro describes. teachers want some time with the arcanites before needing any input from the party. leaves the question of whether the party should experiment magically up to the party. ro doesn't want to experiment; she doesn't see that it serves any purpose other than sating ari's curiosity. ari Curiosity is important. You wouldn't know about the arcanites' ability to copy spells had I not done that. tr And nobody here would have been hurt had you not done that. ari You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. tr Nothing ventured, nothing blown up. ari The exploration of magic is its own end. ro That's not good enough for me. You have a minute to convince me. ari We don't know how this realm works and if we understand more about it we may understand more about what will happen to the arcanites when they go to our world. Also by understanding how magic works here, we may also understand how to put bounds on the arcanites when they are in our world. If we understand magic here we might understand more about how they work generally which is going to be very important when making the assessment about if it is safe to let them into our world. If we understand how magic works here there may be opportunities to achieve good ends here that don't exist in our world. ro You make some good points.

ari we have no evidence that it vastly increases damage and so far the range has been at least in the same order of magnitude as we expect. tr Except that I was able to shift a tree when I was expecting to shift a pebble. ari How large have you explored in this area? tr That's it - when a tree disappeared and never came back, I thought 'What if that had been one of us?' But I think you should be able to try, because you are your own person. At a safe distance. You have to weigh the risk. But don't convince me, convince yourself. I am less interested in finding out about spells and more interested in finding out about the arcanites. ro I agree. tr We are amateurs we should let the teachers know and they can arrange some professionals to come here and work it out. ari There aren't that many people better at spellcraft than me, and I am here. ro And already I am questioning your judgment. lio Tho only reason I don't want this to happen is the randomness of the effects. It could do anything. ari If you don't want me to do it, that's fine. ro ari, I think you have made some decent arguments for the benefit side of the equation. I think if you can convince me that we can minimise the risk to a reasonable level then I would be willing to support you - as long as I was one of those people close enough to do something about it.

ro You know quite a lot more about spellcasting than I do, I know a bit more than you about what this place is and does. I have a hypothesis: whatever you do is going to have random outcomes and so we are not going to learn very much by doing it. And yet we are still going to put ourselves and possibly even the arcanites at risk doing it. The things that you mentioned I think would be fantastic to find out, but I don't know that we will. ari If you are concerned about risk, I think the best thing to do I understand that one of the things you don't want to do is do spellcasting in front of the arcanites. ro Absolutely not. ari Without their cooperation I don't think I could find out anything else about the arcanites so I think the best risk reduction would be to carry on and me to return here at some later time when there are no arcanites here and no one else and leave me here for a few days if tr would have it. lio I agree. ro Let's flag that as a possibility for now.

ro Shall we return? ari I'm worried about Kano though. ro Kanocel. Please call him by his full name, it is almost like a title.

The teachers need a few days to evaluate how long they would like to stay - probably somewhere between a week and a month.

The day passes. ari goes up to vio. ari I'm finding it hard staying here. I can't cast any spells. I can't remember the last time I went for 24 hours without casting any spells. It just feels wrong. vio This place feels strange to me as well. ari Did you bring anything to read? vio No, I don't have any books. ari asks the same of cal, lio and the others, ro last. ro No I don't think I do. ari tr, would you mind taking me back so I can get some reading material? I'm getting bored. ro You are surrounded by a completely unique race in a completely unique realm, and you're bored? Why don't you find out about these creatures? You have my blessing to go out and talk to them, learn what you can. ari But not about magic. ro Find out about their magic. ari They don't know anything about dragons. ro How do you know that?

ro offers to sing for the arcanites in the evening. vio offers to accompany ro on her pan pipes.

The rest of the day passes. ro and vio prepare together - one of the more stirring choir pieces that ro knows. The party are occasionally asked to participate in the arcanites' learning - cal and vio are called upon to Wild Shape, which works reliably. In the evening, ro and vio are invited to perform. The arcanites are told to sit down and listen to the entire thing:


Perform checks: ro 14 vio 20. The teachers start clapping and the arcanites go "Wow that was really good!"

"Wow, that was, ooooh!" A couple of them come up for a hug. ro lets them.

ari notices that kan is in the crowd. She goes up to him. kan "Hi, that was really good!" ari I was worried about you. It looked like you were afraid before. Are you OK? kan Yeah, I'm OK. ari It was pretty, wasn't it? kan Yeah, it was really good. ari Can you sing? kan Is that singing? I haven't done it. I don't know how to do it. ari That thing earlier where you copied me… Have you done that again? kan No, I haven't. I'm going to go have a talk to ro. ro! ro! How'd you do that? That was really cool! ro That's one of the things that we were taught at our monastery. kan Khordarum, can you teach me how to do that? That was really cool! kho Yes, I'll teach you sometime, kan. kan vio, how did you do that? Can you show me? What was that thing? What is it? vio It is a musical instrument that you blow into and use your hands to make different chords. kan I didn't understand any of that! ro Remember when the teachers brought a guitar? This is for the same purpose. ari It takes some time to learn. kan has a turn but gets nowhere. vio I could show you some easy notes. They go off together and vio apologises for scaring kan.

The teachers have already introduced the concept of music and appreciated ro and vio's positive contribution.

Later in the evening kan creates a replica of vio's pan pipes.

The party retire and wake in the "morning".

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