Chapter 16:

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Session Number: 186
Date: Sunday 8 September 2013
Venue: Tammi's
PCs & Players:

Ariel Sor12 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Calico Drd12 (Yeran) (kills: 1 matre)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA5 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal12 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz12 (Densial) (kills: none)
Violet Drd12 (Tammi) (kills: none)

Special Guest NPC: Arrian (kills: 1 nightwing)

XP Awarded: TBA

(vio has had her turn in this current round)
arr It's getting away! tr I can get us down there. arr casts Holy Smite. A white beam emanates from the trees and impales the nightwing, beats its spell resistance and it is dead! It falls the remaining 140 feet and crunches on the canyon floor. ro circles and lands, then inspects lio. He is groggy and half-frozen, but alive. She Lays Hands on him for 30 points. tr Teleports himself and arr to the bottom of the canyon, then starts gushing Acid onto the nightwing corpse. Bones dissolve. arr tr spot: arr something is happening over there. tr sees a magical effect. spellcraft 33: some kind of portal is appearing. He shouts it out telepathically. ro Is this normal? Are we supposed to expect this? tr I don't think so. He takes up a stance in front of the portal. A blue shimmer appears around the portal and something large, metallic and spidery starts stepping through. It is a matre, about 9' tall. It is looking very strange: the head and shoulders of an elf that seems to be on top of the matre.

cal looks out for anything else approaching - across the arachtria plains (northwest) and where the nightwing came from (south). cal spot 30:

vio arr matre tr lio ari ro cal

vio sees something emerging from out of nothing, and two files of orcs disappearing into the portal. vio Air Walks down as fast as she can, roaring as she goes. arr steps in front of tr and casts Divine Power on himself. The matre emerges from the portal, pauses, then moves away from him towards the side of the portal that allows entry. tr cannot see the matre from his current position. He drops a 10' tall Wall of Iron against the portal, leading 30' down the canyon. He then moves to the corner of the wall and the portal. lio Holy crap, thank you! He delays until after ro. ari casts Teleport to get down and succeeds, appearing next to arr. ro/har/lio quickly circle, looking for anything else out there. They see nothing. ro notes that the arachtria are not moving. cal looks towards the aractria and the palace: see nothing more. Looks down at the nightwing with ari tr and ari down there, sees a metal wall and a metallic spider.

vio Calls Lightning down onto the matre. dmg 3d6=15, dc 18.

Recitation means it fails its save. vio is now on the ground. arr rushes at the matre, his Protector long sword raised. fullatt ac38 hits for 14 dmg mitigated to 4, ac21 misses, acmiss. The matre fullattacks arr, hitting twice for 33 damage. It then moves 20' down the wall, angling away from it. arr updates everyone on the matre's movements telepathically. tr moves to the other side of the portal and shoots the matre with a Fiery Burst. 24 dmg, rfl half dc21. The matre fails its save but it is OK. tr How damaged is it? arr About half. ari moves next to tr and arr for line of sight and casts Lightning Bolt. 38dmg, rfl half dc16. It saves and takes 19 dmg. ro lio, we're going in, you are going to get one chance with your bow before we hit it. ro urges har into a doublemove towards the matre and readied her lance. lio notices that the creature seems to have a sun elf emerging from the top, its arms immobilised with straps and its torso slumped forwards. It doesn't seem to be moving. lio relays this to ro. ro What? Does it look like it was controlling it, or is it dead? lio I cannot say. lio readies his bow and takes one shot with an imithrium arrow. ac36 hits for 14 dmg + 4 frost. The matre staggers. cal casts Call Lightning Storm. A shaft of lightning strikes the matre and it collapses to the ground. tr We actually loosened the lid for you.

Those on the ground walk up to the matre. There is definitely a sun elf emerging from the top of it, which is an unusually flat 8' diameter surface. arr swaps to an imithrium sword. tr climbs to the top. ro, har and lio land at the far end of the Wall of Iron, guarding the line of escaping orcs. tr sees a very badly burned sun elf, still breathing. Hardly any hair left, smoking. There is a gap around the elf's waist. ro What's going on? tr There is a sun elf here. I'm just freeing him. ro walks over and changes to her waraxe. There is still around 10 minutes before the portal is destroyed. ro Who is this, tr? tr Don't know. vio Ask him. ro Shall we heal him while he is still bound? lio No. Chain him up yourself rather than using someone else's chains.

There is something around the elf's head and in his mouth - a band of metal. He also no longer has any fingers and his eyes have been put out.

tr I am going to deduce that this was done so that he cannot cast spells. We know of a spellcasting sun elf in these parts… Ardella was his name. What else do we know? ro We know that he is a vassal of Ruelock, or is at least in some way allied with him. But the arachtria didn't seem to like him. tr But the arachtria didn't kill him. ro They stormed his castle… tr And brought him back here. For nefarious reasons, I'll wager. ro He might be a Roulae. tr Which means he could take over the towers and Trina. lio That's bad. tr Only if he is a bad person. He's probably just misunderstood, like me. Is he evil, ro? ro concentrates. ro He is. Rather. tr If he is a Roulae, then he has power over Trina and the towers, evil or not. We can't stop that. ro And he is evil. Can we leave him here? tr Explain to me why we shouldn't. He's just like any of the other evil orcs here that we're planning to leave behind. He's too dangerous to take with us. If he is a spellcaster, I can think of a lot of ways that he could be chained and bound and it would not work. Are we going to kill him? ro No, we're not. tr Then we're going to leave him. ro The arachtria wanted to take him out of here; I cannot think that that was for any good purpose. I agree. Shall we get some of his blood and get Trina to examine it?

vio takes a sample of the sun elf's blood in a small glass stoppered vial. While she is doing that, ro asks arr to heal herself and the others. arr obliges, with ro tidying up the remainder.

Over the next ten minutes the orcs complete their evacuation. Seebel You should probably go, the portal is about to collapse. He and the orc with the large hammer then go through. The party follow to the Plane of Shadow. Seebel and the party wait until the portal collapses. It does.

Seebel says his goodbyes. ro I will return to our world and sing chants of your father's bravery. Seebel then joins the file of orcs moving away.

arr Plane Shifts the party back to their world. He then says his own goodbyes.

Here ends Fergus' instalment.

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