Chapter 14:

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Session Number: 184
Date: Sunday 4 August 2013
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Ariel Sor12 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Calico Drd12 (Yeran) (kills: 1 matre)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA5 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal12 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz12 (Densial) (kills: none)
Violet Drd12 (Tammi) (kills: none)

Special Guest NPC: Arrian

XP Awarded: TBA

Arachtria from the northwest, nightwing from the south. vio ro, I have a spell that may take care of the nightwing: Baleful Polymorph. ro Good, hang onto that. The first priority is the matre. Who is coming with me?

ro will take ari on har, with tr (Melf's Acid Arrows) and lio (imithrium arrows) in support. ari will hold her Disintegrate in reserve for the nightwing. She asks ro to get within 120' so she can use Lightning Bolt.

har takes off. three rounds of arrows from tr and lio before they engage the matre.


Whoops. lio's bow has a range increment of 110 feet, not 110 yards. He should have been attacking with a -14 penalty, not -4.

lio fires his first volley of three arrows. Two of the three hit. tr's Acid Arrow hits but is ineffective.

Round two: lio scores one more hit from three arrows. tr's second Acid Arrow and the ongoing effect from the first do nothing. tr stops wasting wand charges.

Round three: the matre flattens itself behind a gentle hill to gain cover. lio doesn't care and scores two more hits. he notices that the matre is now quite badly damaged.

ari casts Lightning Bolt on the matre as har closes. The bolt hits for 10d6=29 dmg.

Round 4: lio's init higher than ro's. Three arrows: nat1, nat20 kills it (was on 1hp). Collapses and stops moving. spot checks: the arachtria seem to stop moving too. lio noticed another brief glint of metal far behind (about twice as far away). It seemed to collapse, although it is hard to tell. Tell ro. ari looks and sees it (nat20). ro confirms that it is smaller than the matre they are circling. ro gets tr and arr to keep an eye on the arachtria that were marching on the gate while she and ari investigate. ari leads ro and har to the spot. 4 rounds they get there. ari There's another one, about another 1000' that way. They form a line to the northwest. They are motionless. ro does some maths and figures that the one 2800' away is going to take about a quarter hour to get to the gate if it started moving right now. Perhaps they are irrelevant. tr are they small arachtria? They are normal sized but look different - there is a pole sticking straight out of it.

They are relay stations!

cal are there any more out there? ari and ro look around: cannot see any. Lots of churned ground making a wide track to the northwest. Head back. Nightwing looking a lot larger. It is definitely a lot larger than the last one. Looks like it will be at the hill in about a minute. ro Seebel! sbl Yes? ro What do you know about nightwings? We have got one on approach. sbl Fuck! They're hard to kill! Extremely spell-resistant and generally weapons don't do much damage to them - if any. The only weapon we managed to hurt one with was silvered and enchanted. sbl yells things in orc. Two people in the line yell back to him. sbl says something else in orc. sbl I've got two orcs with silvered falchions. If you can enchant them, you might have some good weapons. ro I can enchant them! ro flies down on har. sbl hands over two falchions. ro ferries them back to the top and lands near the group. nightwing's ETA 7 rounds. ro casts Magic Weapon on one falchion and drives it into the ground next to lio. ro Here, you're the best one to use this! She then casts another on the other falchion, then casts Eagle's Splendour on herself. ro tr, it might be time for your wall. We need to pin it on the ground before it gets into the canyon. Can anyone do that - Hold Monster, entangle it, trap it? vio I can create a Wall of Thorns or Entangle it, but it must be on the ground. I also have that Baleful Polymorph. cal ruff! vio So does cal. ro sbl! What sort of animal is it? Is it a demon? sbl It is undead! ro arr, turn it! arr You try too, you are almost as good at it as I. But it will only affect it for a minute, and we need more time than that. ro lio, here, I have something else for you. ro casts Bull's Strength on lio. ro sbl, how far through the evacuation are you? sbl About a third of the way. ro Another 20 minutes!

two more rounds until the nightwing arrives. It seems to making a beeline for the portal. ro vio, can you grab and hold it? vio Perhaps…

tr I can't harm it! Not many of us can… ro Can we reduce its senses? Knock it out, blind it, make it deaf, dumb, stupid..? Anything we can do to pierce its resistance against our spells? What have we got to get it on the ground and keep it there? vio As well as memorised, I have a wand with Baleful Polymorph.

will saves for ro (fail), vio (succeed), lio (fail), tr (fail), ari: 5d8=18 dmg (save for half) and sickened (-2 to most stuff). the line the nightwing is taking towards the planar gate takes it above the party. ro Who is coming with me? lio I will.

vio, lio, arr, nightwing, ro, tr, cal, ari

nightwing is 20' above and beyond. vio as legendary bear moves forward and casts Baleful Polymorph on the nightwing. Caster Level check: 14+12=26. Spell fails. lio gets on har behind ro. arr casts Recitation (+2 to allies, -2 to foes - but does not succeed on cl check). Nightwing glares at ro: will save 21 succeeds and she takes 25 dmg. tr and cal spot checks tr 34 cal over 37, both make spellcraft checks: tr knows it was a Finger of Death. ro glares back. The DC was 21! Nightwing flies over group and just beyond, at canyon lip. (5' agl, 15' behind party). vio telepathically tells ro Don't get in the way! ro/har/lio delay until after vio.


ro Clear the area below! Get out the way! tr nothing. cal casts Baleful Polymorph on the nightwing. Caster Check = 20 + 12 = 32! Nightwing gets a fort save to negate, will save partial, DC21. Fails the fort save, makes the will save. It is turned into an undead bat! ari casts Disintegrate on it but the spell does not affect it.

vio ro lio arr nightwing tr cal ari

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