Chapter 11:

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Session Number: 181
Date: Sunday 30 June 2013
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Ariel Sor12 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Calico Drd12 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA5 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal12 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz12 (Densial) (kills: none)
Violet Drd12 (Tammi) (kills: none)

Special Guest NPC: Arrian

XP Awarded: TBA

Go over the map with kra and Manion:


big area caved in, no one can get in there. Lower level still has a polar bear, a dire tiger, a roc, a giant flower with tentacles that grasps at passing orcs and a gaping maw, and a roper. Last collection of Ruelock was mostly of plant creatures. In the centre is an adult nightwing. another mobile plant in with giant flower, no one knows much about it except that it tried to jump on one of them and run up their leg one time. Four black granite slabs mark magical portals around the walls of the central lower room; one faces into it and the other three face outwards.

Ruelock appears to activate the portals mentally and they seem to be able to terminate anywhere Ruelock wants them to. Ruelock holds "court" with various visitors in the central room on the ground floor. It will be holding court tomorrow from late morning until early afternoon; the party's task must be performed at midday. The point directly below Ruelock's throne is as indicated on the map. No one knows anything of the levels above. No physical means to get to the higher levels evident. Some of the cells in the lower level have solid doors; some of the creatures that have been held here are dangerous even to look at. The current inhabitants are in cells with doors with barred windows.

lio Do we want to rescue any of the monsters in the cells? druids want to. ro asks what a roper is. Manion does not know. vio tells them all; she has heard of them: large magical beast, pretty evil.

ro is not that worried about the creatures in the cells. cal wants to at least try to save the animals. ro So what are you going to do to make sure they don't try to eat us or slow us down? cal Talk to them. ro Right. vio also wants to save the animals.

ro Once this rod has been activated, do we need to leave it there, or can it be moved away and still be effective? kra it needs to remain within 60 feet of Ruelock while we vacate this plane and destroy the portal. We have tried destroying the portal before, only to have Ruelock intervene.

Any spell that mentions interdimensional or nondimensional stuff works, spells that mention planes do not.

tr doesn't know whether the device would work if it were inside a Rope Trick.

tr wonders how long it would take him to destroy the entire plane. tr When Ruelock is frozen, what's stopping me just blasting him for an hour and Teleporting away at the last minute? man Ruelock will be immobile but will still be able to communicate and we think will still have some level of spellcasting. We expect the first thing it will do is to summon its allies to protect the portal. ro What is it going to take to destroy the portal? Is that our job, too? Manion No, we will handle that part of the plan. It will take us at least half an hour of concerted destruction. We want to get all of our people out before we start destroying it. We think we can get them all out in a quarter of an hour. If we cannot, we will have to keep exiting people while we are destroying the portal. We also need to be there to cover our people's exit should there be … resistance. The hardest hitters we have are our clerics. ro Where do you want us in all this? Manion if you can immobilise Ruelock and return to the portal and help defend it, that would be the best thing.

ro asks whether they will have another chance to meet should they have further questions. Yes. Meeting ends and party are escorted back to quarters.

tr wonders how long it would take him to destroy the entire plane.

Plan to get one (probably both) of the druids to prepare Stone Shape spells and embed the rod inside a nearby wall.

Harley is stuck here, she cannot return to the celestial plane. The extended stay is not harming her. She is a little hungry…

Next task is to memorise the location of the portal. Also need to test whether Teleport works. cal mentions the animals. cal We have to rescue the animals. ro No we don't. We don't have to. That is not our central plan here. Our central plan is getting Krag's people out of here. Anything that threatens that plan I'm very wary of. cal I would like to at least talk to them, find out if they're in pain. ro If it is not going to cost us anything to do that, that's fine. But if it's going to slow us down, if somebody has to marshal them out and we have to leave that person behind, then I'm going to have words about that.

Ask orc in sleeping chambers to arrange transport to the interplanar portal. ro asks how the magical discs that allow that transport work. They have two discs. Each is independent and when activated creates an instantaneous link between itself and one of a set of predetermined destinations. Come the time, they will use one to transport the party to the menagerie, but cannot get the party back. In order to get all of their people out in the timeframe, they anticipate needing to use both discs. about seven hundred orcs that live in Krag's citadel.

both tr and ari have spend enough time in their quarters at the citadel to be familiar with them for the purposes of Teleportation. all go to the planar portal, arrive in shrubs. uphill is the canyon edge. Decide to memorise an area 15' away, since this place will be rather busy come the time the party will likely return. Listen checks 16-34: arr and cal say they hear some metallic sound; ari I think that's arachtria. disc portal back to the citadel is still open. lio we could kill them. tr The problem with that is that we may alert them that we, meaning you and I ro, are here. ro That's a good point. Maybe we should not engage. Maybe we should go back and get the message to Krag and find out more about why they are here.

all head back. get an audience with Krag.

Wow, we need to get an audience now.

ro tells kra that there are arachtria coming through the portal. kra There are arachtria in the Rue? ro They are near the portal now. kra The sentinels reported seeing constructs, but the arachtria? ro At least they were when we first came. We haven't yet laid eyes on them, but their tracks and their sounds all fit. This is new? kra I heard that constructs had just arrived, just before you did. I don't know what they're doing here. ro It also means that the portal is not safe, at least right now. I guess you were hoping for it to be unoccupied come tomorrow. kra I will have my scouts watch the area so we can come up with a plan; if they are there we will have to clear them out. tr I have some imithrium arrows, you can have them all. ro Mine also. tr How many do you think there are? kra More than they could count. ro Lionel had a good look at the tracks leading into the Rue, and he thought that their number was in the hundreds. And two matre.

ro we could perhaps send one of ours with your scouts, one who is stealthy and has seen arachtria. lio, would you be available? lio Yes. kra calls for his wife. kra Send Seebel with the scouts to check out the portal, there may be some arachtria. His wife obviously recognises the word.

All go through the ring portal to the shrubby area. Seebel and two scouts beckon to lio then head off. Head uphill, quietly. see out towards the mouth of the canyon a huge metallic humanoid construct. It could be the same thing that was labelled the Karak. Over it are swarming arachtria. They look like they are attacking it but don't seem to be making much headway. The humanoid grabs a handful, crushes them and tosses the detritus aside. Hear a loud band and the humanoid stumbles forwards. lio motions to return to the others. lio tells others. ro What under the earth are they doing here? I feel like going and saving that thing. Is it the same thing as we saw originally? It had a name - Karak. Is that what it was? Seebel Yes, it was the Karak. ro What is this thing? Seebel All we know is that it is a construct made by an elven ally of Ruelock. ro Huh. What do you know of this elven ally? sb He has been here a long time, before my father arrived. ro Does he meet with Ruelock? sb I believe he has been to an audience before Ruelock, we have observed him there. He does not live at Ruelock's palace. ro Does he have a name? sb Ardela. ro Does he have a last name? sb Not that we are aware of. ro What sort of elf is he? sb I believe he is a sun elf. lio Where does he live? sb There is a residence northwest of the portal.
lio wants to go back and observe, says so to Seebel. Seebel says something in orc to the two scouts and they travel through the disc portal. sb to lio Why would these arachtria be attacking the Karak? The Karak is the darkest evil. Why would the arachtria be here? Did they know of your presence, tr? They have sought you before. tr They arrived before us. sb Could they have known of your coming? There is the prophecy… We are not aware that any but us, the followers of Moradin, are aware of that prophecy, but… ro I can't see why a construct would hold interest in prophecy, but I don't know. sb And they attack the Karak? ro Another construct, created by a sun elf. tr Elves… sb I don't know what this means. I will take this to Manion and my father. ro If you are intending to come back if you could provide us with any more information as to the nature of this Karak, that might be of use. sb goes through the portal.

lio goes back to the canyon lip. Karak has turned around and seems to be engaged with a much larger metallic spider that was behind it. On its back is a circular impact mark in the centre of a long vertical crack. The spider has a cylinder on top of it. The smaller spiders continue to swarm over the Karak, going for its back and trying to widen the crack. Another larger spider enters the fray. lio sees a burst of fire from it and the construct rocks back on its feet. It lets go of the matre and starts to walk then run into the plains, to the northwest. lio goes back. ro It ran away? It was seriously damaged? lio most likely. It looks like the arachtria won that fight. (Karak huge, 20' tall. matre large, arachtria medium)

orc voice from other side of the portal: do you want to keep the portal open? ro No, close it. We will make our own way back in an hour. Portal closes. tr and ari start memorising the area. the sounds of the arachtria fade. area memorised. cal asks whether they want to check Ardella's residence. tr Bad idea. ari Teleports everyone back to the orc citadel. Lunchtime. ro I think we don't investigate this elf right now, we would show our hand. It's too dangerous.

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