Chapter 06:

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Session Number: 176
Date: Sunday 19 May 2013
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Ariel Sor12 (Craig) (kills: none)
Calico Drd12 (Yeran) (kills: 1 tentacle)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA5 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal12 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz12 (Densial) (kills: 1 tree)
Violet Drd12 (Tammi) (kills: none)

Special Guest NPC: Arrian

XP Awarded: TBA

vio tries to escape the clutches of the nearly foot-thick tentacle but cannot wrestle free. ari is about half way between the canopy and the forest floor. sees a bear wrapped in a tentacle. She Lightning Bolts the base of the tentacle: 27 damage, dc18 rfl save for half. It is hurt, but the tentacle continues to squeeze. ari is narrowly missed by a black tentacle from another tree. she stays where she is. lio stays on the slowly descending disc. cal is currently 50' inside the forest. He blinks another 50' to the tree that holds the bear. He barks to get the bear's attention. cal casts Flaming Strike on the tree and the tentacle but not the bear. aoo: misses because he's ethereal. tentacle is from another tree. His spell is cast: 38 dmg, rfl save vs dcxx for half. tentacle collapses and tree wilts. see other tentacles furled on other sides fall limply. bear falls heavily to the ground at cal's feet, injuring itself and shaking the ground. It is much taller than the blink dog, even lying down. cal takes a couple of steps and starts barking repeatedly at the bear. A tree swipes a tentacle at cal. It misses because he is still ethereal. ro cannot hear anything now but remembers the direction the noise previously came from. She gets har to hustle there. As they approach, ro yells "Violet!" She spots them through the canopy. cal barks. ari I'm going to try and get them out! I will try and teleport them to the top of the cliff! cal is startled by the disembodied voice. vio lifts head looks around for the tentacles. Sees them hanging limply from tree. Gets to feet with difficulty. Acknowledges cal. hears more movement than cal and ari account for, suspects more tentacles. casts Cure Critical Wounds on self, heals 34hp, fully healed. ari Air Walks down. ari Guys I am coming down between you to teleport you out. Roar or bark twice if you'd like me to. They both do. Feel a hand placed on them. A tentacle lashes out and hits ari but doesn't disrupt her Teleport. vio and cal find themselves at the top of the cliff.

ari yells out "We're at the top of the cliff!" see ro flying over the top of the forest. ro hears ari and goes back to the cliff. all back. ro Does anyone need healing? cal vio looks particularly weak. ro vio, are you OK? bear shakes its head. ro Are you injured? vio shakes head. cal She is very weak for a creature of her kind. ro Poisoned? cal She cannot be poisoned. ro She is weakened? ro vio, will you be alright if you turn back to yourself? vio shakes head. ro Will you last the night in this form? vio shakes her head wearily.

ro turns to the others. ro What happened down there? talk about the tentacles. ro That explains why nobody who wanders in ever comes out. How about we burn the whole valley to the ground? It's not natural. cal turns back into a human. cal I don't know what sort of plant it is but I'm not going to burn down a tree just because I don't know what it is. vio nods big bear head in agreement. lio It tried to kill you! cal Natural things eat each other, that's how it goes. lio Were they evil? ro I didn't check. cal Maybe we could go to the shadow plane now, that way we don't have to deal with these trees. ro That's avoiding the problem. cal There is no problem!

ro What particular ecological function do these things play in the world? cal It's not just about ecological function, it's about deserving the life that we do have. ro What? tr How about I go plant a forest somewhere else? cal Feel free, but this forest stays here. lio This forest has been killing people. cal When a man steals from another man, you don't remove him from the gene pool. ro When a man kills another man, yes, societies do that. tr Yup, you hang them from the neck until they are dead. cal Is every man that kills another man hanged? tr After a fair and equitable hearing, a fast hanging. ro Not always, but put it this way. If there was a leopard that was killing people from a village, the village would rise up and kill the leopard. And that would be fine. I would be completely OK with that. tr So you would be OK with lightning setting the forest on fire? cal If it was naturally occurring lightning, yes. tr I'm naturally occurring. ro It's a dangerous area. I am very tempted to remove it. cal I understand that impulse and part of me feels that way as well. tr So how conflicted are you - 50/50? cal I don't know what the percentages are. tr Then we can't trust your judgement. So the rest of us will vote. Who votes we don't burn it? cal raises his hand, vio half raises her paw. tr Who votes to burn it? ro, tr, lio. tr All those abstaining? ari, arr. tr Vote carried in favour of burning. It was democratic. lio Only the locals avoid this place. Other adventurers come here and die. tr It doesn't matter. He doesn't need to be convinced, he was outvoted! cal I'd like to find out what the trees have to say first. tr You have about two minutes. Everyone wanders over to the edge and looks down. The forest is on fire. cal Oops, that was me. Suddenly all the trees vanish. One burning tree in the middle remains. See indentations where the trees were. ro Want to come for a ride, tr? tr I'm just gonna shoot it from here. ari I think it's already dead. tr pulls out a wand and fires off an Acid Arrow. Splat. Slight damage. tr Fuck this, take me down there. ro and tr go on har. Both see that there are tunnels into the soft ground the size of roots. Think it was where their roots were. tr Fire or acid? ro Fire. tr Fiery Bursts the tree. A lot. Parts of the tree fall to the ground. tr switches to acid. See sections of charred tree dissolving into the river. go back.

Dusk approaches. ro We are here because this is the place we need to be we think to get to the place in the plane of shadows. I think we stay here. We cannot do anything for vio right now and I don't think we should move her. Let's pitch camp while there is some light. arr I can prepare spells tomorrow to rectify that. ro will, too.

Pitch camp, have dinner. ro flies over the valley and drops a lit sunrod next to the charred tree then the party settle into watch patterns. vio and arr first, tr and ari take the middle shift, ro and cal take the last 4 hours.

On tr and ari's watch, three hours in the trees reappear. tr wakes up ro but leaves arr and cal asleep as their Restoration spells may be necessary. tr points out the return of the forest. ro What triggered it? What is the time? tr About an hour after midnight. ro Wanna go for another fly? See if we can make them disappear again? tr OK.

Fly out towards the charred tree. Find it. tr shoots it again. Nothing much left to catch on fire easily. tr selects another tree and Fiery Bursts it. Soon after he sets it on fire, it disappears, blinking out of existence. tr thinks it is shifting planes. tr checks the trees around the charred trunk. They bear some damage. tr So they are shifting to avoid the flames. tr estimates that it would take some 20 minutes to plant a Fiery Burst into every tree. ro Time well spent.

ro and tr start circling and blasting trees.

Just like shooting the minigun out the Huey's door over the jungles in 'nam!

The targets of tr's wrath disappear, as do some of the trees around. When tr starts hitting trees in a line, they disappear - and five or six more farther along their path. Trees start disappearing 40'-50' away from where the fire sets down. ro and tr go about their business, and they notice that some of the first trees have reappeared. tr shoots one that has reappeared. It disappears. tr There is an intelligence behind them. ro Very un-treelike. But we don't seem to be making any progress. Let's go back.

Head back and see out the night.

It is morning. vio wakes up and cannot move. Others prepare spells. arr casts Restoration on vio and her strength returns. cal's strength did not return overnight. ro casts Lesser Restoration on cal, restoring 1 of his 2 lost str points. ro tr thinks these trees have been disappearing to a different plane. I think we're in the right place. cal If they're going to another plane, I'm less worried about them dying. ro We tried last night. cal How did that go? ro They just disappeared and came back. cal Still on fire? ro They bore the mark of fire, but it was out.

ro summons har. ro Back in a sec, guys. She goes and Detects Evil on the trees. They are evil. She returns and tells the others. lio They're evil? Convinced now, cal? cal I don't care if it's evil or not. lio You don't want to kill something that's evil? tr That sounds a bit evil to me.

cal considers Speak with Plants, but he'd have to touch them. vio thinks about using her Commune with Nature spell.

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