Chapter 03:

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Session Number: 173
Date: Sunday 28 April 2013
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Ariel Sor12 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Calico Drd12 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA5 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal12 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz12 (Densial) (kills: none)
Violet Drd12 (Tammi) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

Arrived at Carthenage, Calico turns into blink dog, group discusses why as blink dog stands out a lot.
Coming to end of farmland, see group of buildings up ahead of you. We stay the night - light out is getting a bit darker - it would be about "6pm" - dusk. Clouds are few and far between, temperature cooling down.

Rowaine - we should try and look for a map.
Troll - let's go into town and do what we normally do, buy a tavern.
Calico - can we eat any food at Elondel - Ariel/Rowaine - only food Elondel can conceive of.
Go into town and ask about a nice tavern.

Walk towards the city, been to Carthenage before. Discussed finding Emily as thought her family lived here, but then remember she is from Korenheim (west). Few carts going in and out of road to town, before you get into town there is a busy port. Troll heads towards the centre of town. Large town, or small city, as you walk further away from outskirts of road, there is no square as such, but more concentrated shopping areas of a merchant area, lined with shops and stalls. Troll looks for street urchins, passed a few inns on the way. Larger open area with stalls, caravans come in for the day.

Troll carefully takes a copper piece from his purse and looks for a street urchin. Spots 2-3 x 8-10yr olds who look under cared for, two of them are paying close attention to Troll. One looks at Troll and walks up to him. Troll asks for a good safe inn and the urchin says the Flighty Flugal has good beds and good food and is only 5mins north up the road. Troll pays the urchin and says if he wants to earn more money then asks the urchin to show us where the inn is. Less than 5mins later arrive at a not-too-flashy, but well maintained looking inn with sign of a brass instrument over it with wings. Troll pulls another brass copper and pays the urchin who thanks him. Shows the urchin another copper and tells him to be here in the morning as we have other tasks we need him for.

Troll tells Rowaine to get us all a room. Ariel says she'd like a room to herself, Rowaine asks if anybody else wanted a room to themselves. Calico says he will stay out of town as he turns into a blink dog. Violet speaks quietly to Rowaine telling her she has no money and will not be able to stay at the inn, Rowaine says that she can see her right if she wishes to stay at the inn with them. Arrian, Lionel, Troll in one room, Rowaine and Violet-Dimple in one room and Ariel wishes her own room. Rowaine looks for someone behind the bar and a young woman spots the group and walks over and says "Welcome to the Flighty Flugal how may I be of service?" Rowaine we'd like some rooms please, three adjoining rooms. The young woman seems a little dim in nature but Rowaine asks how much the rooms are. The young woman says 5 silver pieces a night (middle of the road pricing) and Rowaine gets 1 gold and 5 silver pieces from her purse. Troll thinks this price is too high, Rowaine doesn't care. Rowaine then asks if they provide meals. The young woman says they have beef stew or roast rabbit. Calico screws up his nose and leaves. Everyone but Violet-Dimple chooses stew, Violet-Dimple chooses roast rabbit.

Rowaine asks the young lady where to go to get local geographic knowledge on local maps or a library, the young woman does not know about maps but the general store may know. The young woman asks if anybody wants any drinks the group orders their drinks as the young woman yells the order out to Abbot in the back room. We all sit down for the meal, it doesn't look like much, but the food is good, hearty and filling. A discussion of what the ale is like compared to real dwarven ale goes on. Everybody is feeling a little sleepy now after a big day and good meal. Rowaine, Lionel, Arrian and Ariel retire to their room, Troll stays up for a couple of hours talking to locals and enjoys the bustling company of the inn, Violet-Dimple requests a bath and heads off to the bathhouse before retiring for the night. Everybody sleeps well for the night. Calico finds a nice tree in a farmers paddock to sleep under.

Calico wakes up human in the morning and then changes into an eagle, barely being missed by a few shooting arrows by farmers who don't appreciate eagles near their small animals, Calico flies towards the Flighty Flugal. Having an arrow barely miss him on the roof he jumps down out of view and turns into a cat, then makes his way to the street outside the inn, looking out for any humans with long poles and nets.

Rowaine and Violet-Dimple head down for breakfast, Rowaine knocks on Troll's door and the others follow down. It's very quiet downstairs, Troll and Rowaine chat about where to go find information.

Outside, the young urchin who helped Troll yesterday sees at cat (not knowing it is Calico though) and starts calling to it. Calico works his way around the outside of the inn back to the front…all the while, the boy follows and keeps calling "here kitty, here kitty". Rowaine hears a young boy outside calling and asks Troll if that could be the boy he's expecting. Troll heads outside and recognises the boy, who now has a cat following him. Troll speaks with the 9yr old boy about a number of things the group requires - asking where to find someone who may have maps of the area and also if there are any magical healers in the area. The boy says the merchants should have maps and there is a Temple of Pelor Troll asks if it's the Temple of Pelor and the boy agrees and says it's about 200ft up the road. Troll asks more about magic people and healers and if there is a mayor in town and the boy says the temple has the healers and Boston the mayor is across from the sheriffs. The boy says the merchants should open in about an hour. Troll asks the boy to lead him to the merchants square - which he can see from where he is.

Rowaine and Violet-Dimple follow Troll outside and notice a cat come up to them and meow. Rowaine tells the cat to roll over while Violet-Dimple waves a stick in front of it. The cat rolls over and then enthusiastically eyes up the stick. They realise it's Calico. They start to head towards the merchants square - it's a short walk, with lots of stalls in the square and permanent shops around the outside. They check out the merchants stalls, Rowaine and Violet-Dimple go to the general store to stock up and find out that they don't sell maps but do get referred to another merchant of which Troll is already at. The self-important, well-respected merchant is discussing the price of the map with Troll. The merchant says it is 30 pieces of gold for the map done by a certified cartographer - of which Troll questions the price for a piece of paper. The merchant stands by his word and authenticity and accuracy of the map and price. Troll discusses the price of the map with Rowaine, who thinks the price is a little too steep as well. Rowaine then says she doesn't have time to find the authenticity of the cartographer, who drew the map, so is happy to pay the 30 gold pieces. Rowaine speaks with the merchant selling the map and asks questions about locations and distances of places she knows to determine if the map is accurate. Satisfied, she asks Troll to buy the map.


The urchin-boy then takes them to the Temple of Pelor. After they arrive, Troll asks the boy to come back in a while as there will be more places he wishes to be taken. The boy says he will wait there. Violet-Dimple stays outside and then wanders around looking with Calico (in cat form) to find a healer/herbalist, only to be told by one of the merchants that the Temple of Pelor is where she will find the healers and herbalists, so heads back to the Temple.

Back at the Temple, heads turn as Troll and Rowaine enter the temple. They are approached by an older man (in his forties) who pays particular attention to the symbol of Moradin on Rowaine's armour. The man then says "Welcome to the Temple of Pelor, Pelor's blessings upon you. It is not often we get a follower of Moradin that comes to us". Troll mumbles under his breath "especially of such great…height." Rowaine replies, "Thank you and equally may Moradin's anvil be your firm and stern surface.". The old man replies "thank you, that sounds…lovely. How may I help you?" Rowaine "I am looking for local information", old man "what things?" Rowaine "Things that may be a bit vague." The man says "I can tell you about a two-headed chicken we had a year ago." Troll thinks it could be the work of the man we're looking for. The man then speaks about a large metal man who was rampaging through the countryside, but understands that has been put paid to. There is also a hero in Ashhope come back they thought was dead, but is no living in Ashhope. Rowaine says she has heard of that and is pleased that the strange things happening now are more of good.

The old man asks if there was something more specific the group are looking for. Rowaine "We are specifically looking for an area about a day's walk from here. I'm not sure how much you know about the planes..?" Old man "Not a lot. We have certain amount of education about the world of gods and the world of mortals, um, some basics." Rowaine "The sort of odd occurrences that I am talking about would sort of be in that realm, particularly anything that might suggest those planes or the travel between those planes. Old man: you mean the transitive planes. Rowaine "Yes." old man: Nothing comes to mind. When I served in Korenheim, there were some things that happened, but Carthanage is very peaceful, occasionally around Korenheim we'd get creatures out of the astral plane creatures or sometimes the plane of shadow that as a duty of the local priesthood that we had to deal with, but I haven't seen anything of that nature around Carthanage. Rowaine: May long it be so. I can actually tell you an odd occurrence which happened probably a good year and a half to two years ago that my friend Troll and I were involved in. we were making a trip between Korenheim and this coast and discovered an old road which through travelling on it, we discovered it was a road that didn't exist in normal space and time. Have you heard of anything like this? Old man: are you talking about the salt road? Rowaine: yes, I believe that is its name. Old man: yes I've heard about this road when I was in Korenheim, it moves in a strange way and facilitates swift travel, but with some danger, we do not recommend it as a means of travel. Rowaine: is it a naturally occurring road or was it created to facilitate travel? Old man: I would need to consult to comment with any assurity, I can say often links with other planes are used to facilitate travel. Rowaine: when we travelled it, it was a little to the south, do you know if it's appeared anywhere else? Old man: it varies where travellers have encountered it. Around Korenheim and towards form an arc extending from Korenheim towards Ashhope. It is not often seen, I'm talking about maybe every couple of years maybe more, of course not all that encounter it, live to tell the story.

Rowaine asks Troll if he has anything he'd like to ask, Troll says no. Old man: Is there anything you may tell me that may tell me why you are asking me. Troll has noticed while this conversation is going on that another man is casting a Know Alignment spell on Rowaine. Troll speaks with the old man and says: we have business on another plane and we must travel through a transitive plane to get there and the location of the transitive plane we must travel through is in this area. So if there is anything different about Carthanage, bearing in mind what I told you would be handy to where we are going. Old man: what I told the Lady Rowaine here, that remark that I made, there seems to be an almost strange lack of encountering a lack of creatures from the other planes, although I do remember meeting a rather charming outsider from the ethereal plane about a year ago. They didn't stay, but nothing from shadow. I think I may have…I think one…wait one moment. The old man disappears for a moment and comes back: Yes and Brother Saladin did encounter a being from the astral plane before my time here. The other brothers also say, nothing from the realm of shadows have not been encountered around this area. Rowaine, this is unusual. Old man: well, not terribly unusual, but every other place I've been in, and the brothers too I've consulted in other areas, there's always been some, it is what happens, there are creatures of shadow often come to prey on creature in the material plane. We hadn't noticed it as it was not so frequent that we didn't notice it. But now you ask, there are no stories from the creatures of shadow, I guess we should be grateful. Troll: I don't wish to alarm you, but just as one evil fighter - a fighter of evil - to another, it could be that the creatures from shadow are themselves being preyed upon by the creature we seek. Old man: what is the creature you seek? Troll: I have not reason to say anything other than, the creature we seek is an ancient evil. Rowaine: I have no problem sharing this information Troll. Troll: okay have you heard the "Ruelock" before? Old man: no, would you like me to consult with the brothers? Troll: it wouldn't hurt. That creature's plane is accessible through the plane of shadow whose physical location is close to where we physically are. Old man: any further information about the location? Rowaine yes, about a day's walk of here. Old man: offers refreshments while he goes and consults with his brothers. Rowaine says before the old man disappears: this creature Ruelock is understood to be in the service of Gruumsh One-Eye. The old man talks to the other men in the room, then heads out a door. About 5-10mins later - "None of us have heard the name Ruelock, it doesn't ring any bells with us. The area you mention though, there is one thing in that area that we do warn people of, it doesn't cause problems when people stay away from it. However, there is a gorge there. Rowaine pulls out the map and the old man points to where the gorge may be and says that there should be a river on the map. Rowaine turns to Troll and yells: 30 gold pieces for that map and it doesn't have the river on it?!! Troll yells back: you're the one who said it would be alright! The old man says: there is a gorge between these two roads about half an hour walk inland between these roads. As long as people don't go into the gorge, no problems have occurred and those that do go in there…the don't come back out.

Troll: hmm, we like going places where people don't come back. Turns to Rowaine: I mean you've come back from the dead…twice! Rowaine: why do people go there? Why do they go there in the first place. Old man: we hear these stories from hunters and legends, I don't believe anyone has disappeared in my lifetime. Troll asks questions about the terrain, the old man. Rowaine: tell me this place Adbel - is there a temple of Pelor there? Old man: not big enough for it's own Temple. Rowaine: do you know anybody there I may be introduced to? A mayor, Eric. Rowaine: do you know him personally or by reputation? Old man: by reputation. Rowaine turns to Troll: maybe someone in Adbel may know more about it. It sounds like we're on the right track and it's about the right distance. The river Carth and the river Ash.

While Troll and Rowaine are talking, an very old man walks out of a large door at the back of the temple and walks up to them. He eyes up Rowaine and then says: so you are entering the realm of shadow eh. Rowaine, that is our road. Really old man: what know you of shadow young girl? Rowaine: I know it is the path we must take to free a fallen soul. Really old man: are you very sure of that, because, the advice I give any young person, if there is any way, stay out of shadow. Rowaine, why is that? Really old man: it is not a place that welcomes those of our kind, or yours. Rowaine: What can you tell us of it? Really old man: it hates the light, young paladin if I'm not mistaken. Pelor and Moradin have not always seen eye to eye, but they are cousins of a sort and I tell you this. I tell you this, if you go into shadow be prepared to walk in darkness, it takes the light and light does not do well in that place. Rowaine: so plenty of sunrods then. Really old man: light sources are not a good idea in that place, it brings the wrong attention…if you know what I mean; and it does not fair well, light, what you might see in the darkness on the plane, is much harder to see on that plane. Are you able to see with darkvision? Rowaine I am. Really old man: that is the only way to see on that plane. Rowaine: does magic work the same as it does here? Really old man: it does, the magic that fares in darkness, fares better and magic of the light…not so. And above all, while it is a plane of shadow, there are places of even darker darkness…stay out of those areas, they are places of death. Rowaine: how do we stay out of these places, is it literally darker of darkness? Really old man: it is, the light on that plane…of a night with only stars and no moon. Any more light than that is dull, but in that night of stars, there are places of darkness where there is not even that light. Very hard to see, before you're in it, but pay attention young paladin. Rowaine: I will. Really old man: I still say, if there is any way to reach your goals without going into shadows, seek it. I've only been there once as a young priest, with a priest of great experience…and not all of our party came back. Rowaine: did you achieve your goal? Really old man: We did, but at great expense. Rowaine: I'm glad that you did. Really old man: I appreciate your gratitude. Rowaine: Besides the ability to see in the dark, what might one take to help on the journey? Really old man: It is, apart from vision, very similar in ways to here, in what you would need to prepare. Rowaine: Are there sources of food and water? Really old man: There are, but everything is different there, slightly skewed, hard to say what is edible and what is poisonous. If I would go there, I would not eat anything from there. I did not use any of their water sources there. Rowaine: So only eat and drink what you can carry. Really old man: It is what I advise.

Rowaine: I am Lady Rowaine, you have correctly identified me as a paladin of Moradin. Well met sir. Really old man: Well met. I'm Aldrick. Rowaine: tell me Aldrick, do you know of the dangers that people warn against in this place, in the gorge? Aldrick: I only know what my brother has told you - our advice is to stay well clear of it. We have no knowledge to connect it with shadow. We have not seen it necessary to deal with it, as long as people stay out of it, there is no danger. Troll: the location of where we wish to go through shadow…it looks like it's probably there. If we go to that gorge, it's probably closer and we will spend less time in the planes of shadow. Aldrick: less time in the plane of shadow seems like a very good idea. Troll: except that we think that where we are going, will be more dangerous than the plane of shadows. Rowaine: Yes, the plane of shadow is the waiting room. Aldrick: Are you determined to take this course? Troll: Yes, our brother has been taken. Rowaine: Yes, a cleric of Moradin. Aldrick: Ah, so you unfortunately really have no choice. Troll; Well yes we do, but we have chosen to go there. There are a lot of really good reasons not to go. Aldrick: Yes, and I cannot say enough, if you can find another course, seek it. However, Pelor's blessing on your mission if it is to rescue a servant of your god. Troll: it has been about a year now and this is about the only thing that has come up. Rowaine: Ruelock is elusive, I'm not surprised you have not heard of it. I will promise you this, we will come back here and tell you what we have found and let you know of our story. If you do not see us again, then we are yet another to venture into the gorge and not return. Aldrick: Well, all I can say is Pelor and your own god's blessings be upon you. Then he turns back and painfully makes his way back through the door he came. The other brother then asks if there is anything else there he could help them with (you can tell by his face that he is feeling very sorry for you). Troll: Well, if you have about 30-40 spare knights if you have them. Old man: Yes, that would be handy wouldn't it? Troll; Well, I guess we could go and get them. Rowaine: You have been most helpful. I will speak well of the Temple of Pelor in Carthenage. Old man: Thank you. As you do indeed, intend to return, if I do not hear from you within a couple of weeks would you like me to send word to the Temple of Moradin. Rowaine: yes, but I don't know about the time.

Troll and Rowaine then thank the brother and leave. They discuss which direction to take. About 3pm the group hit Adbel, farms and in the middle of the farms there are some buildings, a store, a pub. The group choices to stay in Adbel for the night.

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