Chapter 11: To Free or Not To Free?

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Session Number: 167
Date: Sunday 17 March 2013
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Ariel Sor12 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Calico Drd12 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA5 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal12 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz12 (Densial/Yeran) (kills: none)
Violet Drd12 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

tr saj is there anything you can do so we can speak privately? saj no. ro tr, do you have a Rope Trick spell? That would give you the privacy you need. I would only add that I'd like to be there. Please do not take offence at this Saju, but we have just met you. I hope you realise that I mean you no harm. Possibly I can do you no harm.

tr, ro and saj enter and pull the rope up.

tr so who imprisoned you here, how and why? saj you do not know this yet but you imprisoned me a long time ago but you were older then. ro do you understand why it was done? saj I believe it was so that nobody could find me. ro did tr leave a way for himself to find you?

saj I don't know. tr explained to me that he was going to imprison me and I said that's fine. I cannot leave this spot without you. You said that one day you may or may not return. ro what was tr's demeanour at the time? saj he seemed a little stressed and in a hurry. ro and what had you been doing in the weeks prior? saj we were looking at other worlds and other times, studying outcomes of the war and working out what might and what might not occur. ro the war? between? saj the ancient ones. ro is that one of the names for the arachtria? saj oh no, the arachtria battle the ancient ones. ro they are at war with these ancient ones? this is a faction that we do not know. can you describe them? saj oh, maybe it hasn't happened yet. the ancient ones will awaken soon and make war upon themselves and upon mortals. so we are at war with them. ro we? as in yourself, the roulae, and the arachtria? saj yes.

ro would it surprise you … although you must have been around at the time … previously the roulae and yourselves were at bitter odds with these arachtria. they seem to have a sole purpose to wipe out firstly the roulae and then every other elf in the world. saj no… the arachtria were brought here to battle and it was one of the only (outcomes) that could succeed against the ancient ones. when the ancient ones awoke they made war amongst themselves, the ones that awoke earlier and the ones that awoke later. they ravaged the lands with their war and eventually the winners went to war against mortal men. the war went through many worlds and many times. the roulae family were at the forefront of the fight to end the war. they brought with them many soldiers and the arachtria were one of many soldiers they brought. my purpose is to look in time and space and try to find ways to battle the ancient ones. that is my purpose. ro and to your knowledge the arachtria were doing their job well? do you have any knowledge of their actions in this world? hmmm… this world? I don't know exactly where I am. the world I come from includes elondel and the elven kingdom with Avarriel as its capital. saj is tr married in this one? ro yes. saj in many of the choices that were made he became married. in some of them the arachtria are at war it is still not 100% clear to me why that is. i have some theories on it. that is my job as well - theories. it is difficult to see things. let me explain. he reaches down and picks something up off the featureless floor. saj hold out your hand. tr does. he has a handful of sand. saj these are all the possibilities that can occur right now. here you go. he pours the sand into tr's outstretched hands. much of it falls to the floor. saj you've lost some. he scoops them up. saj here they are back again, with some others that can occur right now. that is my job, to work out which grain of sand is now. ro hmmm. well as reality looks from where we perceive it the arachtria are in deadly war with the elves and possibly all other life. saj my abilities to know what is going on is limited; I cannot perceive outside this area which means that I must extrapolate from what occurred when I was trapped. that handful of sand is much bigger than I can hold. tr you aren't finding out more information now? saj I have not been freed. ro what would it take to free you? saj tr must take me outside. ro i would like to know why you (tr) did it. tr i trust me. ro if you trust yourself then I see no reason to free him. tr what is the risk… ro it is the same risk as freeing the arcanites. and look at the steps we took to be very careful about that. ro the risk may be high. saj I cannot do anything without you telling me to. even though I know a lot. ro you can defend yourself, surely. the other towers do. saj I am not a tower. not like them. I am a seer. It is my job to see and to gather information. I am not like the towers that you named. I do not battle, I am a font of knowledge. I am here to help tr understand what to do and how to do it. tr could it be that one of our enemies has controlled you… saj I cannot be controlled. I can be destroyed. destroy my being and you destroy me. tr what would that involve? saj My presence, the thing that makes me what I am, exists in another place but in the same place as you. If you could reach into that place it would be simple enough to kill me.

there are many races that may exist that could do that. tr you cannot perceive things outside the place you are held? saj that is correct. tr does this also mean that you cannot be perceived from outside here? saj that is also correct. I am hidden and locked away. ro you have been here for many years, hundreds, thousands in this state? saj I have actually been here forever. I was made so that time is less important for me. I have always been here and possibly always will be here. Otherwise I cannot see what has occurred and what will occur. ro you existed before the other towers? saj there are no other towers like me. ro are you not a creation of the Roulae? saj I am a creation of tr, he created me. When the ancient ones awoke and they started battling then tr saw a need to see things and know things. he decided that since the ancient ones could traverse time that he needeed to know how to do that too. so he taught himself how to. and he created me over many thousands of years of study, and I could see further and better than him and hold more knowledge than him. I was able to see how things would or would not be, based on various occurrences. ro but for a very large period of time, certainly as I perceive it, you have only been able to perceive this area here? saj yes. ro so what have you been basing your selection of grains of sand upon? saj I have taken what has occurred up until when I could no longer see and decided that if these certain things occurred then these are the grains of sand that will happen afterwards. for example the people who died before I was imprisoned are therefore not alive so those grains of sand can be eliminated. ro so having such limited vision, the amount of possible paths that you have been required to track must be phenomenal. saj more than even I am able to hold. ro I would imagine that such a being as yourself yearns for data, so you can start narrowing down some of these possibilities. saj my only purpose is to empower master tr and give him the ability to end the war. maybe even stop it even starting. while i was created in a point in time I was created in a way such that I was always there. I don't really know when I was created. only tr knows. or will know. ro in order to serve your master well and provide him with the best information you would need the best information. saj yes but obviously he imprisoned me here for a purpose. ro so he denied you that information? saj and he denied other people access to me as well. there is no limit to the number of people…. ro so anybody could seek your services? saj well they can ask me questions. whether I answer them is a different matter altogether. ro you have free rein? saj well I have a modicum of free will to allow me to converse with anybody I see fit to, as long as it is within the bounds of what tr has instructed me. If I am told not to do something, I cannot do it. ro well all I can tell you is that the arachtria are malevolent. so far, at all of our encounters with them we have been unable to communicate with them. I don't know of these futures or pasts or timelines you speak of but in this one they are the enemy and the towers are there to enable the roulae to correct the mistake of them being brought or created. It was our understanding that the Roulae actually made them. saj no we summoned them from another world. tr and I brought them here. well, we asked them to come. we opened the gateway and obviously I still hold it open so that they can come here and battle. ro obviously I still hold it open? the portal that allows the arachtria to come here? saj to be here. tr have you been keeping it open for as long as you have been imprisoned here? saj of course. ro so they have the ability to flood into this world and you can turn the tap off? saj oh yes. ro would you mind? Is that something that you are able to do now, in your current state? saj no I would need to access my otherworldly self. everything was left in stasis as it was. ro but you sustain it? saj not consciously. this is how I can perceive many things, I can tell part of me to go and do things and report back and they are done. I don't have to concentrate on it.

we determined that the arachtria were one of the only friendly beings that had the ability to fight the ancient ones. ro can we make it very clear that the arachtria are not friendly in this place in this time. I don't know why that is, but they're not. saj I did think about if the arachtria are here and don't want to leave, if i can remove them at any time then the obvious thing to do would be to attack me and they will definitely have the ability to destroy me. If they were to destroy me I would suspect the portal would close in a way that would leave them here. my suspicion is that they might be after you because you can tell me to close the portal. tr confirms that the arachtria he knows is the arachtria saj knows. learns that some of the material they require to be made only comes from their home world but they only need a small amount and they brought a lot with them for the war. saj did once think about what would happen should the arachtria's home world be besieged and they were unable or unwilling to return. tr we have had trouble communicating with them. do you have a means? saj well if one were here then I suppose I could speak with it, assuming it wanted to speak. they are strong interdimensional … the thing that you see here, that you fight with, is not their whole self. in another place there is much more of them and they are much more powerful there. they were very pleased to help. while a warrior race they believe in honour and rules and laws. they believe that there should be rulers and hierarchies. tr what convinced the arachtria to come here? saj you did. you went to their world and asked them, plead them to come. they discussed it and agreed. together you and me and some of them worked out a way to bring them here. they were not able to be transported in the way that you can. ro you are familiar with matre? saj yes. ro every matre I have encountered has been evil. saj interesting. quite possible. we picked our allies as we were able, I cannot tell the difference between good and evil. ro it strikes me as a very dangerous thing to enter into a bargain with a race whose leaders are evil. ro have you ever been at war with a human? you are an ant and soon, a while ago, the ancient ones, the giants, will decide to go to war. ro you are saying that was the only choice - to ally with a race that's evil? saj there were many races that we could call upon. not all of them were friendly. not all of them cared. not all of them could come. I gave tr all the options and he decided to choose them. ro did tr know that they were evil? saj at the time when he was making these decisions he was under some pressure to alleviate the war. many people had been lost. ro who else was counselling him? saj he had family. tr did you call anything else besides the arachtria? saj no. although you called them here. I can do nothing but inform and provide energy. that information must be decided upon, that energy must be channelled. tr what can you tell me about the ancient ones? saj they were asleep forever in all places and in no place. they awoke in stages, the first entered and lived in the worlds that exist. others awoke and did the same, and warred with the ones that came before. more awoke. this happened over what you would call many worlds and many times. they do not exist in one place and time as you do. they can sort of send off a piece of themselves to do things, like me. ro how do you explain the metallic statues above being made of the same material as the arachtria? saj I believe that they are another race. I think that they might be arachtria but it is hard to tell. ro abbey said that these particular statues may have been sent here by another race of humanoids that wore lots of armour and used magic in a very different way to the way that we use magic. what does that mean to you? who might those people be? are they the ancient ones? saj no. the ancient ones are almost untouchable in most forms

you need to attack them from a different place in order to kill them. I suppose it could be something summoned by arachtria, perpaos they have made their own portals. there are other races. there is a race we contacted made of energy which is unable to affect the physical world. they cover themselves with substances to allow them to be present to those whose entities are wholly physical. it could be arachtria, they cover themselves in armour. their core being is comparatively fragile. ro shows the fragments of statue to saj. saj I analyse knowledge, not physical things. If you were to kill tr, I can tell you many things that might occur as a result. if you were to give me your sword, I could not tell it from any other sword apart from the way it looks. ro by the way, it's an axe. tr this other race, could they manipulate a person instead of other matter? saj I suppose so. tr have I had dealings with this race before? saj yes we asked them to help and they refused. ro well tr you're going to have to make a decision. I will counsel you in this as I can, but ultimately this is your decision. of course, if you make the wrong, decision, I will stop you. tr leaving saj here is a safe option. We came here to find another tower in the fight against the arachtria. we found not a tower, but something that can perhaps completely stop the arachtria, but there is is a risk there. ro can it be any worse than the risk of not? close the gate and banish them! saj, what will it take for you to do that? saj I would need to access myself. tr anything that sounds too good to be true usually is. ro but on the balance of probabilities, the arachtria are our only useful allies in a potential fight against these ancient ones? saj well if the arachtria have defeated the ancient ones which it sounds like they may have because otherwise they would still be at war with them, then … ro what forms did the ancient ones take in our world? saj mostly large humanoids and monsters. there was one that was a mountain. ro what did the arachtria do against that? saj well you have to understand that the arachtria fought the ancient ones mostly on another world. ro what is the natural form of an arachtria? saj more of a thought or a consciousness. they have forms to manipulate matter in this world but in their home world they are an interconnected species based in thought. ro is is a similar concept for the ancient ones? saj yes, they are more consciousness bound with magic. tr that reminds me of some people we know. ro saj do you know of the arcanites? saj I have heard the name. You have spoken it before. in some languages 'arcaan' means old or ancient. it could be that this word you use refers to the ancient ones. ro tr, remember that the oracles talked of a battle between the ancient ones and their gods. we thought at the time that the ancient ones they talked about were us, or maybe the Roulae. and they were at war with 'the gods.' do you want to talk to the others? this is your story; how much of it you wish to share with them is up to you. If it were me, I wouldn't say anything. tr not at this stage.

tr but do we let out saju? that is the decision to be made. tr saj do you occupy the pyramid above? saj that can be used as a focus; it contains a lot of energy that i can direct to your needs. I'm not so sure at this point that you have the ability to manipulate these energies, it is something that I think you will need to learn how to do. but you never know. the pyramid is a place of gathering power. in many worlds and many times it has been a centre of power. tr these guardians that have influence over some of the people living on the pyramid: does this sound like either of those races to you: the arachtria, or the beings made of energy? saj it could be. the arachtria for example because they live in many places at the same time, some races humans as well also can live in more than one place at a time. it depends upon what they believe and what they practice. I suppose if some humans were taught to take a piece of themselves and put it in another place then maybe that could be touched by a being that could could also touch that other place. the concepts are difficult for me to explain because they require a type of thinking that I don't think that any of you have. the arachtria can live quite strictly and limited but they can live in quite a wide way. with the assumption that you are at war with the arachtria and my assumption that they don't want to go back, then they might try to kill you for if you are dead then you can never free me and they are here forever to do whatever they want. maybe they have put themselves there. the forms that they took in the war with the ancient ones were varied, depending on the places that they fought. sometimes they would fight in the air, sometimes on land, sometimes in the water. they did not always have the same forms. tr the ancient ones can live in quite a wide area like this as well? saj yes. tr is it possible for the ancient ones to instill a piece of themselves into a humanoid race? saj easily. tr like elves? saj an entire race? no, that would require a great deal of fragmentation which would probably be too much; a thousand, maybe, but not an entire city let alone an entire race. the entity would die. as much as they can die. they have lived forever and will live forever. they would cease to be and enter a type of sleep. ro there is this immensely powerful thing that has been trapped and it can be used to do a really good thing, but what else can it be used for? tr we'll find out eventually. ro I suppose you trapped him once; he obeys you, you could trap him again. saj I do what I'm told. ro we could just let him do this one thing. I suppose, in the same way, elondel is incredibly powerful too. it's just that he is quite localised. and it seems that saj you can move about? saj yes. ro and you have a lot less restriction than the other towers do. saj I'm not a tower. tr the thing that gets me is that he has been hidden away. I hid him away. If he is revealed, he might be immediately found by an enemy, be that the arachtria, the ancient ones, or something else. he might be destroyed or used against us. he is powerful, he opened a portal and keeps it open now. saj I did not open it. I gave you the power and you manipulated it; that power is still working. tr does anyone else other than me have complete control over you? saj no. ro not even tr's wife? saj not unless he says so. tr the power that you draw from, are others able to draw from it too? saj no, well, if they were to learn the right type of magic and if you were to tell me to give them power, then yes. ro can you defend yourself if you are threatened? saj I can't really do anything. I can supply power to tr and tell you things; that's all that i was designed to do. I could supply you with a lot of power and you could defend me… ro but your source, the thing that is you and can be destroyed, what defends that? saj nothing. ro where is it? saj it is usually where I am, relatively speaking. it is not here, it is in another place, in the same way that the arachtria are in another place. I am in another place too. ro another plane of existence? saj yes. but the two 'places' are correlated; if I were to meet an arachtria, it is likely but not necessarily so that its other self is in the vicinity of my other self. not all life works in the same way as you where your physical location is singular. there is a race, or at least there was, before they were destroyed, that existed as many separate thoughts. these thoughts could meet each other and produce other thoughts but couldn't meet other thoughts from the same race. it's hard to explain. it helps if you think that things are different from what you think they are. tr us as humans and elves and dwarves, do we have any presence in any of these other planes? saj you can but most of you don't because you do not know how to. the arachtria, a much much older race but younger than the ancient ones, have learned to do this. ro I know of creatures that can travel places via the astral plane. Is that the sort of thing that you are talking about? saj no because that is them moving themselves to another place and travelling in that other place. if they were to live here and be somewhere else at the same time, that is what the arachtria, the ancient ones, and I can do. think of it as a creature waist-deep in water. they are both inside and outside the water at the same time. ro so if you and an arachtria were in the water and the arachtria thrust one of its foreclaws through your forehead, would the part of you that is underwater die too? saj yes but the reverse is not true. here, there is nothing for the arachtria to attack. let's assume that here is the air place and the other place is the water place. the arachtria is near me in the air as well as the water. if it were to kill me in the water place then my air place would die also because that is not where I actually am. the same with the arachtria; if you destroy their air thing, their water thing does not die. it just does not have a presence in the air any more. that is why the arachtria were so needed because we could have their air piece destroyed but their water piece survived and could always return. ro so the air piece is like a projection? saj yes. which is why you cannot touch me; my projection has no physical component. tr ro, you know all these arachtria we've killed, it feels like we haven't killed them now! it also strikes me that there are creatures right now that may very well exist in two places, near where saj is now. the guardians. if we escort saj out, the guardians might find him both here and there, and possibly threaten or kill him. saj unless they are arachtria and I make them go away. ro do these guardians sound like multidimensional beings? saj if they have an effect on humans, they probably are. tr but if they aren't arachtria, saj is at risk. ro we could defend him though. saj, could you take us to where you are? saj I could teach you how, but it might take some time - a couple of years. ro could elo or abb takes us there? saj it is not that kind of place. you need to learn how to go there. nobody else can take you there, you have to learn to go there yourself. ro so it's like love, then. tr we should probably go back to the others. ro do you have everything you need? tr i don't think they will influence my decision, which is why I want to make the decision before I leave. saj you are not as old as you once were. ro all I can say is that i can see saj being used for a fairly certain good and there is a substantially uncertain bad that might happen. tr if we bring saj out and destroy all the arachtria, are we willing to do that if it means losing saj? it's a distinct possibility. ro well, apparently you're a smart guy, you can just make another one. saj one day, you will have. ro will you let the others know? I will leave it to you to say how much or how little you want.

leave rope trick.

tr is it possible to teleport out of here? saj I don't know. tr to others saj has a possible means to fight the arachtria. we are going to see if we can get him back to his pyramid to help with that. ari before you went away saj said something about you confining him in our future, his past. is that right? tr apparently i had a part in that. ari is the reason for doing that now past? ro we can never know. all that we can know is that it seems that tr's intent at the time was that he may or may not return. ari did he tell you why tr limited him? saj tr did not explain why he told me to stay here. he just seemed rushed and stressed at the time, he said that I was to stay here and not see or hear anything. ari so he didn't tell you why. saj No. I have thoughts but they are only extrapolations. ari what are your extrapolations? saj one of the thoughts that I had was … (turns to tr) is this ok with you? tr yes. saj i speculate that I was put here as a means of protection so I could be used later. that is one option, one grain of sand. there are some creatures that can kill me. another option might be to hide me away so that I cannot talk to anybody. tr has existed in many times and between those times I am free to be questioned. ari you wonder whether tr was trying to limit information? saj I cannot do much else. maybe tr discovered a way that I could give energy to someone other than him, or maybe he figured out that I could use it myself. I don't know of a way of doing that but I suspect that I have quite a power of energy stored up after so long. But I cannot actually do anything with it. So, protection and control of knowledge are my most likely conclusions. If tr is not here I cannot defend myself. He can defend me. ari what would want to kill you? saj there are any number of creatures from other worlds that may see me and decide that I am edible. ro saj has already explained to us a possible motive for wanting him killed. lio I say we don't free him. tr why not? lio first, I don't trust him. He said his name is saj and you just believe him. second, there is no point in freeing him. He has been safe all this time. We can get more information elsewhere. we don't have to do anything now. tr where else are we going to get our information from? lio anywhere. we have time. ro I'm with tr here I don't think we are going to find anybody else who knows about saj. if saj is related to the towers and basically nobody knows about the towers, and the towers themselves know very little about saj… lio take time to think about what we do before we do it. we don't have to do anything now. ari what is it that you think saj can achieve that is worth risking his existence? ro looks to tr, he nods. ro the arachtria come here through a portal that saj can close. ari they keep coming through? ro I don't know and neither does saj. but it makes sense. saj, where is this portal? saj it is not a place that you can get to in this world. it is in another world. they don't appear anywhere specific. ro the exit point can be many places? saj it is fairer to say that it is all places. ro can I go to the place where they arrive? saj you can learn to. ro but not physically? saj no. tr closing the portal also removes the arachtria that are already here. ari is the portal using your energy? saj I cannot tell. it may have stopped. if you say there are arachtria here then it has not stopped. or maybe it has closed and they are trapped here and there is no traversing any more. that is a possibility but it seems unlikely. tr were you asked to open any other portals? saj no. ari why did you have a portal to allow these evil arachtria to come here, and arrange to have it open all this time? ro according to saj, they are our allies in the fight against another faction, the ancient ones, which I don't think we've met. ari what are they? ro it is hard to say. you remember the oracle talking about the ancient ones? we made an assumption at the time that they were somehow related to us. I don't know if that was right. lio what do we need to do to turn the portal off? saj I need to access the bits of me that are doing that and tell them to stop. ro is that simply the case of tr giving you the command, or is it a physicality? saj I need to leave here. because I exist in more than one place, it is possible that there is something about the other place that is stopping me leaving. if that effect is powerful enough, it might even stop transportation in this place. tr the luminescent creatures below, are they part of you? saj I do not know, I cannot see past the edge. ari tr, how is your wife's war with the arachtria going? tr it's a war. there are casualties on both sides. as eth has no concept of how large the enemy force is, then she cannot say whether she is defeating it or losing. but if what saj says is true, we aren't actually killing them. they can come back. ro if that is the case, there is a good chance the arachtria will win. if all we are doing is cutting of an illusory head that they just recreate, and each elf and dwarf and human is one less to stand against them… ari have the sightings or attacks been increasing? decreasing? static? tr they are about the same. ro so tr, what are you going to do? lio I would say put it to a vote, but only tr's vote counts. ro it really does. I guess one thing that is key is lio's point about believing saj. tr, do you? ari and apparently the arachtria are your only effective ally against these ancient ones and we don't know that they're all dead. tr we haven't heard any mention of them until now. ari perhaps the arachtria turned on their summoners? I know that happens. and perhaps it was so long ago that it has passed from memory. ro in our world it was tr's father that brought the arachtria here. It wasn't tr. if that is the case I'm wondering if the discrepancies we are spotting are not just about a different time, but a different reality. tr is saj just giving us the information we want to hear so that we free him? ari why would saj want you and only you tr to free him, if he doesn't have to obey your commands? if only you can free him gives him some authenticity as a creature who is required to obey you. otherwise anyone could come and free him. and if we say he is a creature that has to obey you, then it seems quite likely that he is some sort of creature created for or by you. ro would a Zone of Truth spell work? saj I am not subject to the magics of this world. But cast your spell if you wish, it is not up to me. ro I don't think it will work on a creature that is not actually here. but if I was unscrupulous and I was trapped I would say anything to get out. but I'm pretty sure he said that he can dismiss the arachtria before we said that we were at war with them. that doesn't sound like a person who will say anything to gain his freedom. ari what reason would you think that someone in the past would create an imprisoning scenario for a being they never wanted to let loose, and yet leave a facility for you to free the imprisoned? unless there was some good reason for you to do so in the future? lio he did that with the arcanites. ro when is the right time? lio my opinion is that it is not now. ari could tr have destroyed you? saj he could have told me to not think, that would probably do it. ari we don't know how to protect him. saj I could give you power and you could protect me but I do not think you are old enough or skilled enough to wield that power. ari what information might tr have wanted to protect from getting out? saj it has been tens of thousands of years in some ways. much information could have come out in other ways. also, you can tell me to forget things. ari are you aware of how much time has passed since last you saw tr? saj not really because it is like the grains of sand. From my perspective I was not created at a particular time, I was created in all time, to have always been and to always be. also, I have no perception of time here. ari tr, how happy are you with the status quo without saj's help? saj before I was put here I could see all things that have happened. Now I only remember them. That is not perfect, I was never meant to remember this much. I was meant to see it. ro are you satisfied he is who he says he is? ari another request to speculate… tr and you and the arachtria created the link between the ponds that allowed the arachtria to come to their version of their world and this pond. if that link is allowed to close, could the arachtria recreate it? saj yes, anything is possible, it is unlikely. they couldn't come here in the first place because they couldn't find here. all of the sand that can be is the number of ponds. ari if the link is allowed to close, you don't think there will be anything remaining that would allow them to find it again? saj not unless something has happened in the intervening time. it is possible, they are an intelligent race used to interdimensional and time travel. but this is a bit beyond that. and there was a lot of will required the first time, from both sides. they expended a lot of energy from their end and so did I. ari were there any limits placed on the link, limiting what the arachtria could do? saj no, we need an army of an indeterminate size. bear in mind that because they are a race, they may have changed. they may have splintered, they may have two consciousnesses. I make no guarantees about what they are, I only say that I can close the link between worlds and they will be forced back into theirs. ari your knowledge of the ancient ones… did they have any names? saj there were individual ancient ones. some of their names were Kamo, Hamuleilin, Shareonnalon and Maluson…

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