Chapter 10:

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Session Number: 166
Date: Sunday 10 March 2013
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Ariel Sor12 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Calico Drd12 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA5 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal12 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz12 (Densial/Yeran) (kills: none)
Violet Drd12 (Tammi) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

"One thing," Troll says. "My Invisibility Sphere lasts just over a minute. We're not gonna get that far in that time."

"Ah," Rowaine says.

ari I say we should all stay fairly well off the ground. who knows what can jump up and start eating you? ro what about our light? lio if you want me to see, i need light. (ro has darkvision 120', ari has darkvision 60', cal has darkvision 60' when celestial, vio has darkvision 60', lio and tr need light.) go 'north,' towards the area with less glowy stuff. ground undulates. tr and lio on disc, ro and ari on carpet, both things side by side, 20' above highest undulations. vio and cal as birds. vio flying around the front of the pair, stays within 20'. cal underneath. lio carries a sunrod.

travelling together at 20' per round. after 200' feet see glowing line down below, possibly on the ground. ro remembers cal talking about the creatures in the trench with upward facing eyes. ro how can we avoid these things? stay low and avoid the trenches? wavy line that goes on for a long way crossing current path perpendicular. Cross invisible? summon har and go subterranean? ari wants to have a look.

int check to figure out how far away the line is.

vio knows. ro stops. I'm a bit leery of just going straight over this line. cal flies up and lands on the carpet, nearly overloading it.

light is more than 100 feet away. start moving. after about 30' see that the light is 120' away, in a trench with things in the bottom of it. ari cal you can detect magic can't you? I'd be interested in seeing if there is magic coming from that trench. can you see if there is magic coming from that trench? cal shakes his head. ari so there is no magic coming from that trench? cal shakes his head. ari we could double check. ro that means getting within 60'. ari let's do that. ro If they have darkvision, that means they see us and they start talking all the way along their line back to Moradin knows what. ceiling is more than 120 feet away. ro if we are having great difficulty seeing things and determining how far away they are then they probably do too. We could use that. If we stay outside their range of vision, we can slip by unnoticed. That's the only way I can think of getting across without using more spells. ari but I want to know what they are and what they're doing in their trench! It seems terribly interesting. ro I feel it is a good idea to leave them well alone. lio can you tell if they're evil? ro not without getting closer… Too close.

decide to go high and dark.

ro tr can we tow you? tr I guess you could, sort of, but it would be difficult and not very safe. lio swap tr for ari. land.

tr moves to the carpet, ari moves to the disc. stow the sunrod in ro's backpack. ro climbs vertically to 120', lose the ground. continue climbing for three rounds so they are about 200' high. ro can just see the ceiling. see the line of light clearly. from this height ro sees that what she thought was a channel with not light is actually an area. way in the distance there are lights twinkling. there are no other such areas. she looks for the lit arrow that lio shot. thinks she can see the light from the arrow. proceeds forwards, keeping track of how long before they are directly above the light. it takes half a minute. ro goes another half a minute then descends vertically. on the way down, when ground comes into view see that there is a little cliff edge. continue down. get to the ground, a little back from the edge. light source still stowed. 360 degree look around, see lights but nothing else. get sunrod out. cliff is jagged.

vio flies out: cannot see the other side. comes back. mount up, fly 20' agl. approach cliff edge. lio looks for his lit arrow, cannot see it. lio where is the arrow? ro it's over there, look. lio ah.

peer over cliff. both birds see the ripple of water a little below the level of the cliff edge. ari how far into the underdark do we want to go? I feel we may be on a wild goose chase. ro we may…

lio knows there is water because he spots his arrow, but the light is being disturbed by the rippling water. ro knows nothing about the water.

cliff edge goes down 5'-10' and levels off to a flat surface. Head out in the direction of the light. completely flat surface, like a single paving stone. ro eyes open ari, I remember cal saying that he got to a cliffface and then he saw a big ball of light. It could be around here. Not that he was in this particular area, but… ro checks the party's flanks. sees nothing except lights off in the distance. keep going. cal circles underneath, watching for anything in the water. after a while (1.6 minutes) see the edge of the cliff. like a wall. the light is at the base. ro is now pretty sure that the light is now below ground level. sees a ripple. reveal. ro looks behind and now notices reflections. ro we are over a big, big lake. it's taken us nearly two minutes to cross. cal acts like he knows. slow down but keep approaching. wall has a convex curve to it, about a 40' diameter, like the base of a very large pillar. cannot see the top. ro moves to within 50' so everyone can see. wall is made of shards and crevices, like it is shattered and fragmented shards extend up to vision range and below the waterline. ro moves to the left to see if there are any more, keeping at a 50' distance. see no others. ro perhaps it is supporting the ceiling. let's go up. she hides the light. lio and tr cannot see. start going up. at 100' agl see an edge about another 100' up. ro we are approaching the top. if you want to get weapons ready… lio I cannot see. ro this light thing is getting to be a problem. ari, could you cast two Darkvision spells for tr and lio? she agrees. keep going up. edges are shardy. now 50' below the top, 50' away horizontally. cal sees a glow of light from atop - edges are lit. cal lands on ro's shoulder and tries to get her attention. ro there's something up there? you see something? dangerous? you don't know. a creature? something moving? no? what, then? shall we go up? yes. you wanted me to know something before we went up? you want me to throw a stick? no… cal takes off and resumes circling under the carpet. go up. ro weapons ready, but remember, if there is a statue up there, do not engage it. fly up. see a light on top. 20' diameter, it has been tapering. top mostly flat with the odd angled shard. fire burning in the centre. sitting in the 2 o'clock position is a figure. crosslegged. head bowed. looks human sized. hooded cloak. no gear. see hands out of the armholes, pale flesh coloured.

ari hello! ro ahhh…

guy looks in group's direction. ari hello I'm ari. someone get a light out, or we could go closer. ro (quietly) tr, back away. seriously, get away from us. ro waits for tr to retreat, he takes his disc to the other side of the pillar. ro lights a sunrod. ari hello! ro may we approach? repeats in dwarven. figure clears his throat. staggers to his feet and stretches. hello. ari I'm ari. figure hello? ari can you hear me? ro ro kharag. may we approach? fig of course. come forward. ro if there were any birds in the area they must feel free to be anywhere else. ro are you happy with this, ari? ari absolutely! ro guides the carpet closer. cal flutters away and lands on the platform. ro detect evil. no. cal detect magic. no. ro sets the carpet down on the edge. ari hello. what's your name? fig saju. ari Oh, hello Saju. I'm Ariel. ro you are Saju. saj I am. welcome. ro you answer to the Roulae. saj I have been known to. ari How long have you been down here, Saju? saj oh, it's been a while. ro thousands of years? saj it's been a looooong time. ro is it your pyramid above this subterranean lake? saj Um, it belongs to many people. saj looks human, like the people above. ro if a Roulae were here and would identify himself to you, what would that mean? saj well, it could mean any number of things. ari what are you doing down here? saj waiting. ari what are you waiting for? saj the end. ari gets off and offers her hand. saj looks at it. ari oh, forgive me. this is a custom of greeting where I come from. You grasp each other's hands and shake. Would you like to participate? saj I see that one. I regret that I am unable to. ari you are unable to? what stops you? saj I am not a physical manifestation. ari waves a hand through saj. ro aaahh… saj excuse me… ari sorry, I didn't mean to offend you it's just fascinating! saj I think that the insides of people are fascinating but I wouldn't go poking around in there… I suspect that that wouldn't be too useful to the person. Some people might find it rude to take advantage of other people just because you find it fascinating. ari sorry to offend you. saj it is not that you have offended me, I just found it rude that you made the assumption that you can just do what you like to other people… (looks at ari) you are of noble birth. that makes sense. ari I'm sorry my curiosity carries me away sometimes. saj that is your upbringing. it is only meant to be that way. there is you and other people. ari oh dear it's so embarrassing but it does come out sometimes. I am working on it. I am learning. ro please forgive my friend. saj I think sometimes you might do well. ari I try. ro saj, we are in communication with your brothers and sisters, I guess you might call them. We know of Elondel and Abbey. saj It is some time since I have heard those names. ro there is a Roulae that yet lives, who has awoken these towers. saj which one? ro Etella, son of Ankella. saj It is not often that he survives. well done. I suspect he is here for the end, then. ari the end of what? ro what is this end? saj ah, well, um, how do I put this? it's a bit above your pay grade, sorry. ari is it above Etella's pay grade? saj Oh, I wouldn't think so. That would be a bit strange, wouldn't it? ari I don't know, I don't know what it is that you are talking about! It makes it hard for me to judge! saj Oh you will one day, I think. ari why are you down here instead of upstairs? saj this is where I live. ari have you always lived here? saj no, not always. ari where else have you lived? saj I have lived, or been part of… ari are you not alive? saj not in the same way you are. ari ah. where else have you been a part of? saj I have lived, or been a part of, many things over the years. ari Like what? saj It is difficult to count them. ro is it you that keeps the pyramid above cool? saj well, I set the plan in motion but it stays that way itself. ro and the strange weather phenomenon at the top? that is again something that you have set in motion and let play out? ari what is the story with that? these guys seem to think that Etella could do something there that could change things. saj Oh, they can do many things that change many things. Etella in particular has some skill in that area. Bright lad. Sometimes. ari He does seem quite bright. Quite a lot of the time to me. But he is a little bit… undirected. ro What was his mother's name? saj Triella. ro In the upper reaches of the pyramid there are animated statues that appear to prevent entry. We suspect they are linked to the outer inhabitants of this pyramid. They have what they call oracles, esteemed members of their society. From what we gather they seem to be linked to these inner guardians. Do you know anything of this? can you speak of it? saj It's difficult to explain. ro try me. Use smaller words if I look confused. ari You could paint a picture. ro you could show me. saj the creatures you describe are guardians, meant to dissuade entry and exploration of the tombs above you. ari tombs? are there dead people up there? saj which question did you want answered? ro we'll start with the first, please. saj the guardians dissuade entry and exploration because the tombs above you hold secrets that some do not want discovered. In order to protect themselves, the guardians formed a symbiotic relationship with what you would call humans, such that if one of the guardians is destroyed, so is the human. The guardians know that generally speaking, people who come to search for these things would find it difficult to destroy a guardian if they discovered that they were also going to destroy a human life. It is a form of protection for the guardians. Quite intricate. ro would it surprise you that a Roulae found these defences and was unable to bypass them? That they reacted to him as any other? saj Oh, don't get me wrong. They are nothing to do with me. They were placed there not by me or any of the Roulae. They were placed there to dissuade entry. ro placed by whom? saj that is a much longer and much more complex tale involving many worlds and races. ro that arachtria? they appear to be made of the same material. saj in some places they are known by that name. ro they do this with your consent? saj I am currently mildly limited in my influence over anything outside … ah … what you see. ro how did this come about? saj once again there are those who would prefer that my knowledge is not spread beyond this area. ari what are the limits of your influence? saj this is it. ro the top of this pillar? who has imprisoned you so? saj that is knowledge that I don't think that you are allowed to have. ro But this is knowledge that Etella Roulae would be able to have? saj I dare say. ro I suspect he would be rather interested in that, since you are his. saj Oh, it's a bit more complex than that. ro it might very well be. tr? tr shhh! My name's Fred, dammit! ro I wonder whether you might like to have a little chat with this 'Saju.' tr floats the disc closer. cal gets the sunrod out. saj turns and looks at tr. saj welcome back, young master. ari Have you been here before, tr? tr In a manner of speaking. saj how may I help you today? I need some information. Who imprisoned you here? saj Oh, it wasn't a 'who,' well… you did a little bit. tr How so? saj Well, you will. One day. Are you sure you wish your friends here for this? ro I can leave, if you wish, I can take Ariel with me. ari I would just like to say that to some extent reluctance to share information is acceptable but if you keep me in the dark I am going to be less useful. All through this project to find Saju, I feel that I could have been more useful if I'd had more information. tr that is understandable and there is much information that can be shared with you; it' just that at this moment I'd like some privacy. ari up to you, I guess he isn't going to talk unless you do so, I just want you to know what you're choosing.

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