Chapter 09:

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Session Number: 165
Date: Sunday 3 March 2013
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Ariel Sor12 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Calico Drd12 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA5 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal12 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz12 (Densial) (kills: none)
Violet Drd12 (Tammi) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

vio still tending the oracles. see ari at other end, lit by rope. ro fires up a sunrod and drops it on the floor. "For when we want to go back," she says. "cal will need something to aim for."

spiky room: hear whooshing sound, air starts spinning around. before anyone has a chance to do anything there is a huge bolt of lightning from the ceiling and there is vio. ro What the heck was that? Lemme get this straight. You were a slave, yet all the time you could do that? vio You should see what Master can do? ro How did you do that? vio Magic. ro Really? vio I don't know. I was asleep and suddenly I was here. ro Someone must really want you here. How are the oracles? vio Both dead. ro Oh. ari is down there, but she is invisible. The blink dog there is cal. He will ferry us through. But one thing I must make clear: if anything statuelike attacks us, we leave it alone and get out. otherwise more oracles may die.

cal ferries people across, starting with ro and lio, then tr and vio.

room is a 40' wide circle with a 5' platform immediately after the door. stairs start at the left edge of the platform and descend following the curved wall. ceiling above, the centre of the room has no floor and descends beyond sight. no sound. smells damp. ro lights another sunrod. lio I think the safest thing to do would be to go on a Floating Disc and go down like that. ro tr, do you have enough Discs for us to travel on? lio is right, it would seem a safer way to travel. tr I have two greater and two lesser. vio I have my flying carpet. ro I'm thinking of getting a stone and dropping it, seeing how long it takes to hit the bottom. Any objections? no. vio I have acorns. ro Everybody remain quiet. cal looks at first step. sees nothing interesting. vio gets two acorns out of her pouches and drops them. listen: hear nothing. ro who has a Light spell that we can cast on another acorn and drop it? ari I do. she casts the spell on another of vio's acorns, vio drops it down the chute. ro vio cal ari watch it fall. it illuminates the chute for a fair while, then it is too far away to make anything out. It keeps falling straight down, no bouncing. after a while, hard to tell how long, it seems to just be a stationary, distant light. ro I think we should use the Greater Discs. That's a very long way to fall. Will we all fit on two? just. ro How long does your Spider Climb spell last? tr Two hours. ro What about a Spider Climbing blink dog? I'm thinking of a scouting mission. No sense in risking everyone at once. cal, would you be able to? dog nods. vio buffs him with Spider Climb (2 hours), ari with Invisibility (12 minutes).

cal starts blinking down to lower sections of wall, keeping careful track of time. 8-9 minutes later he notices the light getting brighter. 11 minutes in, see that the light is bright and see that it illuminates a circle of floor. dirt bottom. blink to the lowest point on the shaft wall. jagged bottom of shaft, as if it has broken away. the ground continues outward beyond the extents of the shaft wall. plant-shaped dirt on the ground outside the area of the shaft. in the distance he can see lights in the air. some are moving. he blinks next to the acorn. ground is harder than he expected. he detects no magic within 60'. searches the jagged bits. appear to be stalactites. looks at dirt piles. licks. from there, see the ceiling going up. has stalactites over it. Invisibility wears off. blinks forwards 55'. no longer see stalactites. plants more numerous here. they seem to be actual plants that are dirt-coloured. he doesn't recognise the plants. blinks another 60'. hard to tell whether the lights are any closer. blinks another 60' towards a light, and again. trench in the ground. see lights moving on the side of the trench. translucent glowing animals, long and thin with lots of legs. eyes face upwards. mouths in front. hundreds in the 50' long stretch of trench he can see. blinks closer to the lights. three blinks come to edge of small cliff. see a big bulbous lit mass, 5' diameter, floating up. glowing, translucent. lots of lit tendrils dangle underneath it with things like fireflies floating around them. he has never heard of such a creature. cal immediately starts blinking back towards the lit bottom of the chute, looking back. gets there, has one last look back towards the lights, then starts blinking/spiderclimbing back up.

cal has been gone 25 minutes. turns back to a human. cal I'm back. describes what he saw. ari asks him about the stairs. cal They just stop in mid air. ari I find it very strange that there aren't any exits of this stairway. I think it would be a good idea to go down the stairs and see if we can spot anything on the walls. ro Did you see anything on the way down? cal I wasn't looking.

ari asks tr to create 2 Greater Discs.

ro If we can get enough people able to fly by another means and save a Disc, let's do that. vio If anyone wants to use my carpet, I can fly. ro Would you allow me to use it? vio sure. The command word is 'Durkadurka.' Then just think what you want it to do.

ro uses vio's carpet, ari turns into an owl, cal as an eagle, vio as a bat (she casts Stoneskin on herself prior). tr, lio and ari get on a single Disc. The carpet struggles under the combined weight of Rowaine and her armour, but manages to leave the floor. descend into the darkness, following the helical staircase and looking for things on the way. takes 25 minutes to get to the end of the stairs. find nothing on the way down.

estimate they have descended about 8000 feet (1.5 miles!), then the stairs end at a platform that hangs twenty feet above the dirt floor. ari It looks odd, having stairs that just end. Why would anyone make a staircase like that? It's all very puzzling. Help me look further? look, but see nothing else - no secret passages etc. treads are standard human sized stairs. ro goes underneath the platform. it's just stone, about three feet thick. look at the underside: irregular ceiling, stalactites etc.

ro There is another way to go, being the doors behind the stone guardians. I wonder whether we're going the wrong way. lio How do we get past them? good question.

ari cal, how big did you think this cavern was? cal cannot talk but yes/no questions suggest more than 400 feet from centre to outside. ari That is quite a large area. ro dips down on carpet and looks for an area where there are no lights. she sees a small area, about 30 degrees wide where she sees no lights. lio I could shoot an arrow… max range 1100 feet. ro has a good look at the floor, she has a theory that this is a big rubbish dumping chute. lio lines up a shot. casts a light spell on his arrow and fires it at the patch with no light (call it north although we have no idea whether it is or not). The arrow flies nearly to its maximum range, hits a wall somewhat off the floor and drops down. vio retrieves her lit acorn, holding it in her foot. She just about takes off, then stops and thinks. "A lit-up owl, flying around in a dark dark cave. Bad idea." She drops the acorn.

ro looks to see if any of the lights are moving any differently. no one can really see, they all just seem to be ambling around as they were. the owl smells mould and damp, that's about it. cal went out about 300' before seeing the glowing ball. he went "northeast." hover towards the arrow. ari and cal are still invisible. ro suggests everyone travelling under the cover of an Invisibility Sphere. tr has the spell.

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