Chapter 08:

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Session Number: 164
Date: Sunday 24 February 2013
Venue: Craig's
PCs & Players:

Ariel Sor12 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Calico Drd12 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA5 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal12 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz12 (Densial) (kills: none)
Violet Drd12 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

starts at 42:30

tr has wandered off. abb says he is outside the tent. ro leaves tent, sees tr and eth in a heated debate. ro Sorry, just wanted to let you know that we were going to head to elo, to ask a few questions of him. elo to tr Do whatever the drok you like! tr Women, aye? ro What of it? tr Awesome. What did you want? ro repeats. Want to come? tr I have a few errands to run and I'm a bit tired. no he isn't, thinks ro. he won't be leaving the grove. lets ro go and do that. cal stays behind at tri while others go talk to elo.

elo cannot say very much about Saju, the description of the statues, the leftover metal fragments, or the poison in ro. ari thinks that elo is holding something back. return to tri and look for tr. find him with eth. they look to be conversing in a strained but amiable fashion. ro makes sure she can be seen approaching. ro Excuse me for interrupting tr elo seems not be able to answer my questions regarding the metal or the poison. ari I don't think he is allowed to. ro Such may be the case. Would you have a few minutes whereby you might go and ask elo yourself? tr looks strained, looks at eth, she nods. tr Yes of course. he moves off.

ro makes smalltalk with eth, asking after the SpiderKillers. she mentions that the spiderkillers are doing well clearing their enemy. ari says hello. eth describes tr as being like a little planet with lots of gravity where everything just seems to go. eth describes it to ari as a mild magical invasion, and that she is wife to the last Roulae. ari is impressed that she is in charge of all these people. ari connects the spiders of the spiderkillers to the arachtria.

eth asks ari how she came across the party. ari talks briefly about the island. eth asks where ari is from. ari Ashhope. ari mentions her father, whom eth knows. he visited eth's family when he was a boy. ari remembers the greatest story her father ever told was that of his visit to the elven kingdom when he was a boy. he met the queen. ari Do you know the queen? eth Yes quite well actually. Friend of the family you might say. ari What's she like? I've heard that she can be, you know, a little bit, how shall we put it… strict. eth Strict? yes a little bit strict I must admit. ari I've heard a few stories about her daughters. eth Oh yes? you must enlighten me! ari Not always so pleasant I'm afraid. eth sort of ignores ro and focuses her attention on ari. ari doesn't know the names of the queen's children. ari Where are you from? eth Avarriel. ari And who is your family? eth My mother works in the castle. ari I'm sure she does a wonderful job. eth I believe so, lots of people think so. some don't, obviously, there are always naysayers. So have you heard much about the royal family? ari I have heard that they can be rather demanding when it comes to diplomatic efforts recently. why, I heard that one of them recently came demanding troops from the king! eth He's an upstart. ari Other than that not a lot. I do think there is a rather regrettable lack of good relations. Personally since I've been travelling I have comp to the opinion that the human kingdom and the elven kingdom could benefit greatly from closer ties. I do not believe we are at cross purposes as it seems so easy to come to believe. eth I'm sure it will get better. I must apologise. When you said that you had heard things about the royal family I was very interested in what your unbiased opinion would be. My mother the queen (ari gasp) thinks that everybody has an interesting opinion of her. It is valuable to know. ari falls into courtly manners. elo Don't, please. Here we do not do that. This is an outpost in a war. Not that I don't appreciate the gesture. ari Is it your highness? eth Ethalyn will do fine. ari eth I hope I caused no offence. eth and I you. Absolutely not. I really appreciate your honesty. ari This means tr is married to a princess in the elven kingdom. He just becomes more and more interesting! turns to ro. ari Interesting the secrets that you decide to keep. ro Do you think it wise to walk around and announce that you are travelling with royalty? eth do send him back at your earliest convenience. I have a couple of chores for him. ro of course. eth thank you. ari good luck. leave.

find tr in the tent. go to elo. tr ah good. now were you giving ro some stick? she asked you some questions, you didn't answer them? elo I don't believe that I have not answered any questions that she has asked. tr I got the impression that you were being less than forthright. elo I cannot picture doing that sir, that seems quite out of character. tr what's this? elo It appears to be a weapon of some kind, sir. tr A weapon? elo That's what it looks like sir. tr It's a block of metal from a statue. What can you tell me about it? elo It appears to be metal, sir. With sharp spiky bits. tr You can tell whether a metal is alloyed with imithrium, but you can tell me nothing about this? elo I can tell you all sorts of things. it appears to be x long, y high, z deep, I suspect it weights about zz. tr What is it made of? elo It is just metal, that is what it appears to be from this distance. tr Would it help if you took a closer look? elo I have taken a very close look, sir. I am giving you all the information I am able to, sir. tr ro came here and she was poisoned. Do you recall seeing it on her? elo I believe I didn't see anything physical on her at all sir. tr Would you mind looking at her again? Can you detect the poison in her now? elo I cannot say sir. tr If we gave you a sample of her blood, could you? elo It usually works sir. tr ro, would you? Just a small bit. ro takes a knife and cuts her hand, letting a drop of blood fall on elo's hand. elo It appears to be blood madam. tr Can you identify whether it has poison in it? elo I cannot say if it has poison or not. tr And yet you could tell I was a roulae by my blood? elo Your blood is special. cal Does elo know about this sort of thing? Has he recognised poison by sight in the past? tr Not specifically, but I thought he would. What we need is a control. We need to poison someone else. ro We are not poisoning anyone. End of story. ari The way you described them, I expected more from these resources of yours. tr So did I. But you know, you work with what you've got. In my case, that's a lot. ari tri seems to be more helpful. tr Stuff this, let's go free the arcanites! ro tr, get back to the topic at hand. We've got to figure out what's going on with Saju. tr Oh well that can wait. I've got a few errands to run. This Saju thing, it's a long game, right? We can afford a few hours, right? ro I guess so… tr There you go. Are we done here? ro One thing. We can't get back to Saju without you. An idea of how long you might be would be useful. tr How about you have lunch and see how we go after that. Good. Bye! tr leaves.

ro elo are you able to fashion antivenom potions? elo I am sorry no. I can heal people but they need to be brought to me.

ro We haven't had this conversation yet but I'm really reluctant to go back inside the pyramid. Particularly if we are going to get in the way of any more of these guardians. I don't see it as being just that we would risk their lives. what happens to that society if they lose all seven of their oracles? ari I too could only countenance it if we could do it without risking their lives. But there might be some ways to evade them. On the other hand, is it right to leave them as they are, possibly enthralled to an evil race? That concerns me. ro I detect no stink of it. ari would you? ro Their actions do not seem to be evil. ari If they were unwitting conduits, would you detect that evil? ro Perhaps not. ari If these arachtria that are invading the elven kingdom are the ones in control of Saju, then they are doing that for a reason. If we can find out more without risking the oracles, it would be a good idea to do that. I'm not sure that that's the most important thing that you have to do right now, considering that there is some sort of invasion going on. ro an invasion in which increasing the number of retaliatory towers from two to three might be a useful thing to have. ro reveals that they know where elo is on the map, but not abb. ari How would Saju help? ro I don't know. But each tower we have reactivated has helped. ari A difficult choice, then. I certainly feel I can't advise you on the proper course of action. It is apparent from today's revelations that your concerns are much bigger than I was previously aware. I am concerned about whose influence the oracles are under. It may be that if we can reactivate Saju, that he can help with that question. As long as we can avoid conflict, I see no harm in continuing exploring. ro Yes. Too many loose ends. Oh well, one does what one must. Krag, be patient. We are coming.

head back to tri, have lunch. after that tr turns up. ro we go on the understanding that if we are forced to engage one of these things, that we bug out. ari Yes. We take no actions that might harm the guardians. ask eth if there is any spiderkiller that can neutralise the poison in ro. yes there is. poison neutralised. there is a tent that the party can make use of. stay the day and night.

next morning, go to branch near Saju. ari and tr Teleport everyone to the top of the pyramid. space to go down. enter and head to first chamber. cal ferries everyone downstairs with Blink. in the chamber of spikes. door with wheels was open. ari I can go down the end of that corridor by myself to begin with. Why risk all of us? agreement. ari goes invisible, goes gaseous, goes to end of corridor, drops gaseous, Knocks door, casts Darkvision. 40' wide room with platform in front, stairs on left going down, see stairs continue down around the outside on the other side going down. air in here feels damp. go gaseous again, float into room. go out over gap and look down. goes down further than vision. go back to party. drop gaseous. ari I'm back. 40' room with stairs going around the outside of it going down further than I could see (more than 60'). ro No statues? ari Not that I saw. lio Can cal blink us there? ari He can't see that far. ro Can you leave a sunrod there? Then cal could see it and blink to it. He'd need one at this end as well, to get back. ro offers a sunrod to ari. ari No need, I can cast Light. ari goes gaseous. goes down to door. goes through. inspects platform. ungaseous on landing. casts Light on one of his rings then Light on the end of some rope. dangles the end of the rope over the open door so that it lights up the room.

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