Chapter 05:

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Session Number: 161
Date: Saturday 2 February 2013
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Ariel Sor12 (Fergus) (kills: none)
Calico Drd12 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA5 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal12 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz12 (Densial) (kills: none)
Violet Drd12 (Densial) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

back in tent. cannot go back to trina because har isn't summonable until tomorrow.

hear a signal from outside. madam? madam? ro goes out. guard someone here to see you madam. see very large robed man with hood up. ro calls ari and asks for Tongues spell. she casts one on herself and stays. ro greetings. man I understand you have the healer vio as one of your slaves. ro in a manner of speaking, yes. man We would like to purchase her services. ro Will you please explain what services you intend to purchase? man We have need of a healer. ro What is the ailment? man One of us is dying. ro Is it from disease or wounds? Poison? The man remains silent. "You don't know?" man "That is why we need a healer." ro What are the patient's symptoms? man He is dying. That is all I know. ro You are far? Near? man We are close. ro Wait here. ro enters tent finds vio. ro vio, somebody is asking to purchase your services. Is this a common occurrence? vio "Yes, I am known as a healer around here." ro Apparently their patient is dying. It is entirely up to you whether you wish to take this up of course, and if you wish, I will accompany you. I have some skill and blessing to share. vio I will go. You may come if you like. ari goes too.

vio, ro and ari leave the tent. vio is a little taken aback at the sight of the visitor. "Oh." ro You recognise him? vio He is an oracle. ro Ah. Good. the oracle is very tall and does not appear deformed.

head up to one of the oracle's tents. go through a couple of curtains into a room with a large bed. big guy lying on bed. breath very laboured. muscles wasted, skin tight on his bones. ro vio, is he another oracle? vio Yes. ro If you do determine that it is a disease, let me know.

vio pulls out herbs from pouches starts grinding them up. uses healing wand. gives orders to get things ground up and turned into poultices and potions. ro and ari think that the concoctions are to reduce pain. ro vio is there anything that I can do? vio Oracles pass away, not very often, but historically they just die. Whatever it is that makes them special takes them when it is their time. Usually, whatever healer is called in is supposed to make them as comfortable as possible. This is the first time I have been called, It is a great honour. It is not the job of the healer to heal the oracle. absolutely not. Just make him comfortable until their time comes.

ari asks the oracle some questions about the top of the pyramid. The oracle's answers are vague. ari gets the feeling that the oracles experience many points of time concurrently. their tenure as oracles is not measured in time, it is measured in experience.

ro Do you mind if I examine the sick oracle? she is allowed. she thinks he is sick. ro vio, I am going to use a paladin effect to cure disease. Do you think that that might help, that what afflicts him is indeed a disease? vio You shouldn't heal him. ro No? That would be bad? Culturally? vio It is his time to go. We are here to make him comfortable, so he does not feel pain, so he does not give pain to others.

vio asks oracle whether she may ask questions of the guard. allowed. she steps outside. vio asks his name. Salu. He has been guarding oracles for most of his life. ari How often does the passing of an oracle happen? sal Not very. Hasn't happened in his time. ari Is there another person being called or prepared to become an oracle? sal No, not that I know of.

ari thinks that they have a splintered reality, spread across time and maybe even across worlds. and that they lose themselves when they become an oracle, consumed by the splintered realities. she thinks that there was a time when there were oracles but not a pyramid, which interests her. what is their purpose?

ora we are messengers, not prophets. ari Who do you get your messages from? ro The gods. ora As you say.

ro learns that no oracle that has entered this state has ever recovered from it. ari asks if the oracle knows if there was anything that helped those that were ailing as a result of going to the top of the pyramid. ora Healing. ro remembers that the oracle came to their tent asking for a healer, not for the oracle to be healed. ro Oracle, would it be your wish for this oracle here to regain his health? ora I don't think you understand. He is already dead. He is just passing now. ro So if he is already dead, then you wouldn't mind me trying something? would I offend you, would I be breaking some moral code? ora If your god deems something, would you work against their will? ro If it was clear to me that that was the case, then no. Are you saying that it is clear to you? ora And yet you would have me go against the will of my gods. ro You have answered my question. Forgive me. ora You are free to heal my companion, but I would not will it. ro Very well. vio, are you comfortable here alone? vio Yes. ro You know where we are.

ari closely observes one of the oracles: his height, skin, clothing, posture…

ro and ari return to the tent. cal casts Lesser Vigour on lio to heal some of his injuries. formulate plan to detect and remove poison: go to top of pyramid, cast Detect Poison on one party member to determine if they are poisoned, if they are then cast Neutralise Poison on them, cast Detect Poison again on same person to determine if they are no longer poisoned, then that person has two hours of vaccination. Cast Detect Poison on the room with the destroyed metal statue to determine if it is safe or not.

keep an eye on ro and ari, they appear fine.

take it easy for the day. towards the end of the day vio has not returned. ro visits her. dying oracle still doing that, vio still ministering to him. ro confirms that vio is being looked after. vio will still be able to prepare spells, e.g. Neutralise Poison.

go to tri before going back to pyramid? no, not yet. ask lio to do a flyby after dusk, to see if the entrance to the pyramid has iced back over. he flies up. cold winds. see stairs. flies through windy bit, lands on stairwell. snow and ice are starting to build up again, half covered over. descends to the room. the statue is where they left it. he returns and tells others what he saw. cal suggests being in the room with the broken statue and door when dawn breaks.

wait until ten minutes before dawn, spells prepared. ari and tr successfully Teleport everyone to the top of the pyramid. tr needs to burn through some snow to allow descent. two rounds. two damage each. go down. cal Detect Poison on 5' cube directly above exploded statue. detects no poison. lio Detect Poison on ro: she is poisoned. cal Neutralise Poison on ro. lio Detect Poison on ro: she is no longer poisoned. lio and ari are still poisoned. cal casts Neutralise Poison on lio. ari is happy to continue on untreated until tomorrow.

Five minutes before dawn. ro I think it would be good to have one of us up top when dawn comes. I am happy to do that. ro goes upstairs, the others stay below.

ro heads up. ari casts Knock on the door. it swings open. There is a straight corridor beyond that extends 45' and ends at a wall.

lio hey ro the door's open. ro But it's not dawn yet! lio ari cast a spell. ro Don't go through until the dawn comes.

The sun rises and the wind stops. ro There's the dawn! Anything happen down there? lio No. ro prays. nothing unusual. ro goes down.

ro You opened the door! With a spell! That was clever. Let's go. 5' wide, 10' high. single file. marching order: lio ro ari tr cal

get about half way down, hear a click. reflex saves: all but cal save and only take half damage (13hp), cal takes full (26hp). lots of razor-sharp 2" wide metal discs that embed into the walls, ceiling and floor - and the party.

ari Fuck! Ouch! I don't like this place. ro It's almost like someone doesn't want people to come in here… what triggered them? cal backs out of the corridor. hear another click. whoosh! more reflex saves. lio fails, everyone else saves (22/11dmg). ari Nobody move! tr What she said, I'm really hurting here. ro I can't reach you. cal Neither can I! ro Can you get on one of your discs? ari We don't know that casting a spell won't trigger it. tr I could just stand here for a while… I have the ring on. ro tr, can you detect magic? is this a magical or a mechanical effect? tr I can't see anything. ari Can you Dimension Jaunt out of here? tr Possibly. I can almost reach the chamber with the dead statue. cal notices that the discs are everywhere down the corridor, as far as he can see, including where tr intends to teleport to. They come out at all angles. cal Not a good idea. tr I can go farther with a Dimension Door, leave the corridor entirely. ro But you might trigger the trap again. ari How about I cast Gaseous Form on you? Or do we wait? ro Safer to wait, I think. cal I have a spell that will heal all of us. he casts Mass Vigour. 2.2 minutes later all heal 22 hit points, tr +2 for his ring. lio notes that the corridor ahead branches into a T-intersection. ari watches closely as tr casts Dimension Door. He disappears. Click! Four must save. 22/11 dmg. ari It wasn't the act of spellcasting, otherwise it would have gone off before his spell was finished. It must have been when his weight left the floor. I can try teleporting myself and ro out, but it is probably going to activate the trap again, and I then can't get anyone out. tr I have a Greater Disc… cal I can turn into a blink dog. ari Let me Teleport myself and ro out first. ro Before you do, wait. she Lays Hands on lio, healing all his wounds. ari then //Teleports. they appear in the chamber. Click! lio and cal are in a maelstrom of discs. cal fails for 26 dmg, lio succeeds for 13 dmg. cal Wild Shapes into a blink dog. Click! 9 dmg to lio, 18 to cal. lio braces himself. cal blinks out. Click! lio takes 8 more damage.

ro Let's see if ari is right… tr, give us one of your discs. tr creates a Greater Floating Disc and sends it into the corridor. nothing. lio has 35 hp left. he risks it. Click! 30 damage. tr calls the Disc back with a bleeding lio aboard.

cal wonders if there are any holes in the walls where these metal discs might be shooting out from. he can't see any. ro disbelieves illusion. no, the blood on her chest says it's real. cal casts Vigour on lio, ro tops him up. cal how is everybody else? ari I'm hurt, but not too badly. ro I'm fine. cal Vigours himself.

ari I think we might be OK going on that disc. How many people will it hold? tr Three. cal We don't know how far the trap extends. ro Throw something down? lio Shoot an arrow? the party reckon there must be a trigger point half way down the corridor that somehow livens up nearly all the corridor floor.

cal put some form of heavy weight on all the pressure plates? could use the remnants of the statue… overall, difficult and still dangerous. cannot see any obvious means to disarm the trap.

decide to scout using tr's Greater Disc and a sunrod. tr and ro climb on. cal flutters onto ro's shoulder, wanting to go along, but is denied by ro on the basis that it is better to risk less people. cal hops off morosely.

tr manoeuvres the Disc down the corridor. ro tenses herself for a barrage of metal discs… that never comes. get to the T-intersection. discs embedded into the far wall and to the sides. they only seem to fire from the corridor. the branches travel 20' then turn back to the original direction. explore left passage first. opens into a chamber after ten feet. go to right branch: same. go to entrance of right chamber: 25' x 25' room, ceiling 15' tall. passage in centre of left wall, door in centre of right wall with 12' tall stone statues either side.

ro gets tr to direct the disc to just before the corner of the right branch, then she steps off towards the centre. nothing happens. she jumps up and down: nothing. ro climbs back on and goes back to entrance of left chamber. mirror image of that on the right. head back, describe in detail to everybody else.

lio so we can stand on the ground? ro beyond the T, yes.

lio asks if we are trapped here if tr dies. No, but we are trapped in this land if either tr or ro dies. cal I have Stone Shape, that might

ari wants to have a look at these rooms, but only with a few party members. tr and ro go into the left chamber. venture into the right passageway: stairs leading down. head into the right chamber, keeping distance from both the statues and the centre of the room. neither door has an obvious opening mechanism.

cal blinks to the t. walks to the left, enters the chamber. senses no magic. sees light spilling from the corridor to the right. walks down.

ro hears something behind her and pivots. sees large dog. she has seen it before. ro cal? cal woof! don't do that! you nearly got your head blown off, you know that right? dog looks placative.

ro asks tr to ferry everyone into the left hand room.

1 = lio
2 = ro
3 = ari
4 = tr
5 = cal

go down, or investigate doors? ari doors. ro I don't like an unopened door at my back.

ari moves to right wall and Knocks the door. ro is beside her. it swings open. corridor to the left. ro goes up to the door, in front of right statue.

whirring sound. ro duck! see red lights appear in eyes of statue in front of ro. four voices: "Command… accepted."

ro run! ari I can look after myself, get the others out!

red lights in the eyes of the two statues in the chamber to the right also. cal barks.



lio what are we doing? ro leaving! I'm hoping they won't follow us out of these chambers. lio exits the chamber, readying his bow. ari casts Greater Invisibility on herself and moves to far right corner. statue in front of ro lifts arms and smacks at ro twice. 1 misses, one hits ac27 for 16 dmg (mitigated to 13). cal Splinter Bolt on statue in front of ro. three bolts. ac9 miss. ac8 miss. ac19 miss. moves out of chamber. second statue crits for 38 dmg, mitigated to 35. second attack ac24 misses. statue4 moves towards connecting corridor tr moves out of corridor, then becomes invisible. tr I'll meet you in the corridor! ro withdraws and doublemoves, ending up just inside the exit corridor.

lio delays until the end of the round. ari considers making ro gaseous: no, that would only worsen her lot. Leomund's Secure Shelter: no, it won't fit. moves adjacent to ro. ari ro, I'm gonna turn you invisible! Not gaseous, coz that would be bad! you can attack if you want to. ari casts Greater Invisibility upon her. statue wanders up to corridor, in front of ro. it stoops and peers in, not seeing her. cal thinks to secure their retreat path. he blinks towards end of right hand branch and Stone Shapes the walls (22 cubic feet), blocking the 5' x 10' corridor with a wall about 6" thick. statue tries to walk into the corridor but something (ro) blocks its path. it attacks twice and misses. cal hears pounding from the other side of his newly-formed wall. tr casts Wall of Iron, blocking the corridor where the two statues loiter. ro moves towards the T. Pounding has stopped. ari casts Gaseous Form and floats over the iron wall. statues stand motionless.


ferry back to room with iron statue.

ro Both statues said something as they came alive. What was it? 'Command… accepted?' I wonder if they can accept other commands. Do you need to command them, tr?


"We need to do something," ari says. "I get the feeling that these traps are only going to get more and more deadly the farther we go."

"You may be right," ro says. She looks at tr. "And the way we are going, we may end up wrecking your …" ro looks down to the ground. "…their stronghold."

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