Chapter 04:

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Session Number: 160
Date: Sunday 13 January 2013
Venue: Densial's
PCs & Players:

Ariel Sor12 (Fergus) (kills: 1 metal statue)
Calico Drd12 (Yeran) (kills: none)
Lionel Rgr6/Wiz1/ArcA5 (Ash) (kills: none)
Rowaine Pal12 (Craig) (kills: none)
Troll Wiz12 (Densial) (kills: none)
Violet Drd12 (Tammi) (kills: none)

XP Awarded: TBA

digging. ro tr, come here. tr steps atop the frozen platform and walks to ro. ro in the other two towers, you in some way identified yourself. talk to it! say your name, your full name. say your father and mother's name. try and get its attention. nothing. ro what about a spell? maybe there is something intrinsically Roulae about the way you cast spells. Cast a spell in the sky. tr lets loose a Fiery Burst into the ice. it melts a hole. nothing responds. ari I don't know what you're trying, but I think you have to do it in that one minute. ro thinks to herself. it has been unusually easy to access this place. I also wondered whether this place had a centrepiece that was unoccupied and flat, and I found one. I've seen this sort of thing before. I wonder if this is all a figment of my imagination. But is seems real to me. tr, could this be an illusion? we have struck it before. I suspect, but if it is, it is a good one. tr doesn't think it is illusory. ari what would you expect to see? ro something different. ari that's not very helpful. ro we don't know the answer to your question. all I can say is that we have searched for and found other such things. ari If this were an illusion, with people living around and on it, people surely would know about it. Eventually someone would see through it, wouldn't they? lio it depends how powerful the illusion is. ro it is quite possible that the people who built this were very powerful. even to the extent that the people we have interacted with might be illusory too.

Where tr's Fiery Burst exploded, the snow has disappeared. Underneath are stone stairs. The snow is opaque. at ro's request tr looses another Fiery Burst. the stairs level out and the far end of the globe of fire has revealed an end wall. ro descends the first half dozen uncovered stairs: the air is noticably warmer here. now she is there she sees that the Fiery Burst has also revealed a corridor to the right. ro guys there is a passageway here that isn't quite so cold. others rush in. vio dismisses wild shape. it is still cold, but bearable - at least for the time being. ro directs tr to clear away another 2'-3'. turns another 90 degrees and stairs descend. the melted water makes the stone stairs treacherous.

5' wide corridor. marching order: tr ro/cal(bird) vio ari lio

ro briefly considers setting someone on watch at the top, but is unsure who to ask. she cannot go herself; tr would not take direction from anyone else. ah, nothing will come that way, she thinks. ari lio, any tracks on the stairs? lio There is really no way of telling. the stair treads and edges are unworn. no markings on the walls. ro tr, keep burning. lio and ro light sunrods.

rectangular staircase does a full circle then opens into a chamber, clear of snow. far wall is 30' away. against which stands a metallic statue of a humanoid figure, twelve feet tall, bearing a large shield and some sort of weapon.

tr sees a door behind the statue/guard. vio elbows her way forward for a look. she gets past vio but ro holds her back. vio sees the statue. detect magic: none. ro tr, I'm going to peek in. keep your eye on the statue. ro peeks in, looking left and right. walls. no other exits. ro senses no evil in the room.

ro walks past tr and enters the room, her eyes never leaving the statue opposite. cal the eagle stays on her shoulder. Ten feet in, the statue's eyes begin to glow a dull red. It growls. command received. ro sees its articulated joints move as it lumbers forward. It is not hollow, like a suit of armour. There is something beneath. ro tr, identify yourself to it!

ari casts Greater Invisibility then walks into the room and heads for the near left corner. ari it doesn't radiate magic, not a normal construct. I don't think it's an illusion, either. I just knew you all would find me interesting things!. vio waits. lio moves forward. monster smacks ro with a large iron bar. 17 damage. tr acids the creature. ro tr, identify yourself to this thing! it might be a guardian that responds to a Roulae! tr I am Étella Roulae. nothing. ro full defence. cal flies around guard thing and lands by the door, then casts SplinterBolt. three missiles: one hits for 13 dmg.

ari casts See Invisibility then moves halfway along the left wall. nothing appears.

the damage to the creature looks real enough. vio moves towards the left wall. lio fullatt shoots into melee with rapid shot (he has precise shot). first arrow nat20 but crit is not confirmed. second ac33 hits third arrow misses - two hits for total 25 + 6 frost damage. monster hits ro with its bar (ac32) and its shield (ac33+). both hit for total 50 dmg, mitigated by armour to 44. ro has 10hp left. ro notes that it is cold in this room. were she not protected by Endure Elements, she would feel its bite. In contrast to the heat radiating from this thing that faces her. she wonders if that is why this room was free from snow. ro retreat! and hit it with cold if you can! tr steps 1 back and hits the creature with another acid thing. does some damage. ro withdraws and doublemoves into the corridor, behind tr. cal cannot see any magic from the creature. he believes there is something underneath the armour. he flies around creature, into the corridor, lands on ro's shoulder and casts Vigour on her.

Now that there is no one in the area, ari casts Cone of Cold aimed at the creature. 42 dmg (rfl save dc20 for half). it hurt the creature about as much as she expects. she then takes 2 steps further along the wall as quietly as she can. vio doublemoves back into the corridor, excuses herself and squeezes past tr and ro. lio shoots ac26 misses ac29 misses acmiss. then moves behind the gnome.

Hey, wasn't that a full attack action? Only a 5' step allowed!

creature moves to block the exit corridor but does not pursue. tr Saju, it's me! Étella Roulae! nothing but growling, bending down to look into the corridor. tr he retreats a few steps. ro heals 3 hp ro cal, get off. delays until after cal. cal moves backwards, off ro's shoulder. ro summons har immediately in front of her. her summoning fails - har cannot materialise here. ro steps forward, just out of reach of the creature. ro ari, I can't get you. teleport out!

ari casts Disintegrate ac16 hits for 97 dmg, or 5d6 if fort save dc21. ray hits the creature, blasts a large hole in its abdomen. creature shudders, shakes, then falls backwards to the ground. ari well that worked.

ari quietly moves over to it and examines it for regeneration. ro moves over towards its head.

vio follows ro and casts Cure Critical Wounds on her. heals 4d8+12 = 29. cal examines the creature. ari calls tr over for his opinion. the creature explodes, all caught in its blast for 23 dmg (rfl save dc20 for half). ari fuck! oops… knowledge arcana dc25 ari makes it. the dmg is from fire and radiation. she knows that they are poisoned. this type of poison is long-term, like leprosy. it doesn't kill you quickly but it kills you slowly and it does kill you. she tells the others. vio has 2 potions that neutralise poison and something that delays poison. druids are immune to poisons and are therefore not affected. ro is area poisoned? lio detects poison by virtue of his leather armour: sees poison all in the air. ari suggests that everyone leaves. she tries to teleport to the tent outside the city: her spell fails. ari let's get out of here! lio says poison extends along most of the lower level but as soon as they ascend they are out of its aoe. go up to just below the top. so far the poison has done nothing. ari asks for vio to cast delay poison on her. vio agrees. ro wait, suggests that she attempt to teleport from the top 20' away. if that works, memorise it as a destination. ari goes on top, tries a teleport. it works. vio hands ari a potion of delay poison. ari takes it then stays on top to memorise the area. tr does the same. vio gives tr a Neutralise Poison potion, which he consumes. she has another, and a Delay Poison spell prepared. cal goes back down into the poisoned area. lio goes with him as he is already poisoned. cal turns back into a human, looks at the door. iron bound wood, nothing to push/pull. lio quick scan then leaves. sees nothing more. he leaves and goes up. cal searches finds nothing. door does not budge. he has Speak with Stone memorised - shell he use it?

ro and lio still have active poison in their systems.

cal casts his spell. it has been touched by the makers and what the makers made. it conceals power. the power of the makers. cal is the power magical? wall I do not know. cal how does your power function? wall it is created and used. cal touches the wall. cal this dampness and this cold, is this the power? wall no. cal what uses the power? wall we all do. cal does the power emanate within the entire pyramid? wall I do not know. cal are you the edge of the pyramid as well? wall I do not know. cal are you touched from the outside as well? wall I am not touched. cal touches the wall wall now I am touched. wall is made of very hard stone. cal do you emanate cold and water? wall I do not know. cal where does this water come from? wall I do not know. cal where does the power come from? wall away. cal are you just rock or are you metal as well? wall I am rock only. cal how does the power go through you? wall I do not know. cal what is the power? wall I do not know. cal what were you before the makers? wall I was rock. cal is there anything other than power held within you? wall metal. cal anything else? wall No. cal is metal a part of you? wall no. cal do you conceal knowledge? wall I do not know.

cal heads back up, tells the others about his conversation.

tr and ari teleport everyone back to their tent outside the city wall. still poisoned, though. go back to Koryn the apothecary? speak to another oracle? oracles are healers too… vio can brew more potions, it takes her a day… or she can just prepare the spell.

ari asks for healing. cal gives ari Greater Vigour, healing all of her injury.

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